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Tips On The Right Time To Let Children Have A Facebook Account1m32s

Tips On The Right Time To Let Children Have A Facebook Account

Most parents struggle with the idea of letting their kids browse freely on the internet. The growing amount of technology in the world today is vast, and most kids can work it better than many adults. Unfortunately, the internet can be a very dangerous place if you are not careful, and most kids are totally unaware of the dangers of the Internet. As parents it is your job to keep them safe and that applies to the internet as well. Social media platforms are very popular amongst people of all ages. There is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter that have been very popular for a long time. Since they are so popular, they are very appealing for young adults to use. The big question ends up being, “How young is too young to have one of these social media accounts?” These platforms can expose your child too much to the Internet and the different people who occupy it. This video discusses how young is too young for a social media profile. This is very informative for any parent who is currently struggling with this decision, or maybe a parent who will soon go through it. Tara Kennedy Kline, a life coach, initiates the question if a viewer should let their daughter have a Facebook account. Facebook, as one of the most popular social media sites around, it is used for sharing photos, status updates, and communicating with friends. Kline claims that you should know the rules and terms of use for a site like Facebook and of course, be well informed about the age limit. You will still have to so dedicate your time to monitor how your child uses Facebook. She says to have it set up through your own email address so you can get the notifications from this Facebook account. This will make it so much easier to closely follow the profile. Another great tip that Kline offers is to be friends with your child on Facebook. If they are against the thought of you being their friend, they might be hiding something. This is a cause for concern because you might not know what they are up to on this site. It is very clear they do not want you to know what they are up to. If they do not agree to these conditions, then they can’t have a Facebook account. Everything that is posted online is never removed, so they must be careful and responsible with how they act online. Their actions could eventually affect future job positions or future education endeavors. It is a great idea to have a talk with your child and discuss what is appropriate and what isn’t appropriate for sharing online. The internet can be a very dangerous place, and the more information you disclose about yourself, the more dangerous it can become. Especially with kids who can be irresponsible and can become easy targets, it is important for them to be aware of situations like this one. Kline gives great tips that should be discussed and thought about within all families when considering this difficult question.

I'm A Woman, How Do I Ask Another Woman Out?1m41s

I'm A Woman, How Do I Ask Another Woman Out?

People throw around the term "gaydar" but does anyone really have it? If you're a newly out of the closet lesbian, how can you tell if another woman is gay? How do you approach her? How do you ask her out? Mary Malia discusses.

How Do I Become Irresistible To Men?1m57s

How Do I Become Irresistible To Men?

Panache. Je ne sais quoi. The IT factor. Whatever you call "it," it's an attractive quality that we just can't put our finger on. How do you get that "it" factor? Laurel House explains.

What Is The Key To A Happy Life?1m31s

What Is The Key To A Happy Life?

The biggest question of them all: how do I have a happy life? Easier said than done, right? Maybe not so. Lisa Kaplin discusses the small steps and attitude adjustments needed to make yourself happy.

How Can I Change My Man?1m11s

How Can I Change My Man?

Out of love, we often want to change our partners. Maybe women are more interested in changing their man. How can you do it? Charles Orlando's answer may surprise you.

How Can My Husband And I Get Over His Infidelity?6m06s

How Can My Husband And I Get Over His Infidelity?

Cheating. Stepping out. Infidelity. Adultery. Whatever you want to call it, it can wreck even a great relationship. But it doesn’t have to lead to divorce. Sue Johnson and emotionally focused therapy may be able to help you and your family battle through this incredibly tough time.

How Do I Ask For A Raise?1m24s

How Do I Ask For A Raise?

Some things in life are incredibly stressful and one of them happens to be asking for a raise. YourTango's Lisa Kaplin discusses the best way to ask for what you deserve.

I Fall In Love At The Drop Of A Hat, Help!1m50s

I Fall In Love At The Drop Of A Hat, Help!

Do you fall in love too quickly? Are you convinced that every budding relationship is going to be "the one"? Great work on the optimism. Now it's time to be slightly more realistic. Amy Schoen has advice on how to be pragmatic but not lose the magic.

You SHOULD Talk About Your Ex On A First Date1m54s

You SHOULD Talk About Your Ex On A First Date

Conventional wisdom tells us never to talk about your ex on a first date but maybe conventional wisdom is wrong. Laurel House tells you why you should talk about your ex on a first date and let your potential new guy know what you do and don't like in a partner.

Being Rejected Actually Makes You Better At Dating2m07s

Being Rejected Actually Makes You Better At Dating

Being rejected is a bummer, right? No one likes being romantically interested and then being jilted but according to Justin Kelly McClure, being rejected actually makes you stronger and more ready for a relationship. Weird, right? Everyone hates and fears rejection. Whether it be at a job interview, for college, and definitely in the world of dating. No one enjoys being rejected by the man or woman they are interested in. Of course it hurts but there is always some upside to this happening. You often hear people saying that you miss all the shots at dating that you don’t take. This is supposed to mean at least you gave it a chance and took a shot instead of never taking a shot at someone you are interested in and forever regretting what it would have been like. In fact, getting rejected could have lots of benefits. It can actually make you better at dating in general. This video is all about why being rejected can make you a better dater. This advice comes to you from Justin Kelly McClure, an author and comedian, and it is definitely a great video for anyone who might have just been dumped or looking to improve their dating skills! McClure will be answering about whether or not rejections can be good for you. The moment of rejection sure stings and hurts, but rejections can definitely have some upside as well! Often times when you want to approach someone, you get scared and think too hard about what to say. The best thing to do is to just go up and not think too much. He says you can never lose if you just be genuine with someone and help up lift their day, and being very confident helps as well. The expert, gives great advice stressing that making someone laugh is often the key to approaching someone. Even if you don’t end up with the results you’d like, such as get their number or set a date, at least you made that person’s day a little bit brighter and funnier! McClure mentions that it isn't all about you, there is another person involved and sometimes impacting their day or life is worth trying! He shares his personal story which is always great to hear. He talks about how he approached a woman and said he read an article that encouraged him to approach someone he found attractive to chat with. This made the woman appear and he sparked a conversation with her and eventually got a date! You wouldn’t know everything about what not to do if you don’t go through a couple failures first! The more you get rejected the more you learn how to act, maybe what not to say or what to say. The main thing is removing fear of being rejected or fear of looking dumb. The moment you do that it will be much easier! If you get rejected, it shouldn’t be a failure, at least you tried. The real failure is when you do not try at all! Justin definitely gives some great expert advice and some good tips to follow. Rejections make you stronger in the dating scene as you have learned through experience. You know how to approach situations and you are ready to attack any situation. Always remember it is ok to be rejected it happens to everyone and it is nothing to be ashamed of!

My Husband Had An Affair, Will Divorce Mediation Work For Us?2m11s

My Husband Had An Affair, Will Divorce Mediation Work For Us?

Of course you'll be mad when one partner has an affair but can you get over that anger for a swift divorce? Divorce mediation can still work even if one party has been cheated on? YourTango Rachel Green discusses.\n\nWatch it on YourTango:

Did Your Parents' Divorce Scar You For Life?5m02s

Did Your Parents' Divorce Scar You For Life?

It's said our parents are our model for our relationships but what happens when they have a bad one? Our Experts discuss what children of divorce can do to thrive in their love lives.\n\nWatch it on YourTango:

How Can I Tell If A Guy Is A Pickup Artist?1m56s

How Can I Tell If A Guy Is A Pickup Artist?

Do you know what a PUA is? It's a pickup artist and there are specific techniques they use to meet ladies. Julie Spira explains the difference between a pickup artist and a very interesting guy. Watch it on YourTango: