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How To Know If He Loves You According To Esther Perel2m31s

How To Know If He Loves You According To Esther Perel

How to tell if your man loves you (when he doesn't say it often): Have you ever been so in love with someone that just being around him was enough to make you smile? From the way he rubs your feet after a long day at work to how he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better. There's no greater feeling in the world than finding the person that you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. But not hearing the words "I Love You" can make things nerve racking. Just what are the signs he loves you?

Tips On The Right Time To Let Children Have A Facebook Account1m32s

Tips On The Right Time To Let Children Have A Facebook Account

Most parents struggle with the idea of letting their kids browse freely on the internet. The growing amount of technology in the world today is vast, and most kids can work it better than many adults. Unfortunately, the internet can be a very dangerous place if you are not careful, and most kids are totally unaware of the dangers of the Internet. As parents it is your job to keep them safe and that applies to the internet as well. Social media platforms are very popular amongst people of all ages. There is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter that have been very popular for a long time. Since they are so popular, they are very appealing for young adults to use. The big question ends up being, “How young is too young to have one of these social media accounts?” These platforms can expose your child too much to the Internet and the different people who occupy it. This video discusses how young is too young for a social media profile. This is very informative for any parent who is currently struggling with this decision, or maybe a parent who will soon go through it. Tara Kennedy Kline, a life coach, initiates the question if a viewer should let their daughter have a Facebook account. Facebook, as one of the most popular social media sites around, it is used for sharing photos, status updates, and communicating with friends. Kline claims that you should know the rules and terms of use for a site like Facebook and of course, be well informed about the age limit. You will still have to so dedicate your time to monitor how your child uses Facebook. She says to have it set up through your own email address so you can get the notifications from this Facebook account. This will make it so much easier to closely follow the profile. Another great tip that Kline offers is to be friends with your child on Facebook. If they are against the thought of you being their friend, they might be hiding something. This is a cause for concern because you might not know what they are up to on this site. It is very clear they do not want you to know what they are up to. If they do not agree to these conditions, then they can’t have a Facebook account. Everything that is posted online is never removed, so they must be careful and responsible with how they act online. Their actions could eventually affect future job positions or future education endeavors. It is a great idea to have a talk with your child and discuss what is appropriate and what isn’t appropriate for sharing online. The internet can be a very dangerous place, and the more information you disclose about yourself, the more dangerous it can become. Especially with kids who can be irresponsible and can become easy targets, it is important for them to be aware of situations like this one. Kline gives great tips that should be discussed and thought about within all families when considering this difficult question.

Distinguish Pre-Wedding Jitters From Wrong Choices2m29s

Distinguish Pre-Wedding Jitters From Wrong Choices

Everyone has at least a few second thoughts when they're getting married. But how do you know if your cold feet are pre-wedding jitters or something much more serious? Karin Anderson discusses if you need to take a deep breath or become a runaway bride. Weddings and marriage can be a super stressful part of life. This is a big step someone is taking and it definitely should not be something that one is rushed into. This is a person you will be spending the rest of your life with and you have to be fully committed to each other. Most marriages end because people didn’t seem to function well together once they got married. Obviously, they didn’t know each other the way they thought they did. If you want to avoid these mistakes, you better be sure that getting married is the right decision. This video discusses whether those pre-wedding feelings are just jitters or something bigger that you have to think about. Is this person the right person, or are you just really nervous, excited, scared, etc. Karin Anderson discusses the possibilities behind these feelings whether you are nervous with jitters or you are making a wrong decision. Karin Anderson has her PhD in psychology and studies humans very closely. Karin claims that it is very easy, especially for woman, to have envisioned their wedding day since they were young. If they played with dolls and set up nice weddings or dreamt of being princesses, this fantasy of a nice wedding is very common. It can be easy to get caught up in the moment, in the planning, and in the extravagance, that you might not consider their own feelings on the choice of spouse. After the wedding and the fun is over, you are actually married to this person for a long time so it better be the right choice! Lots of people get cold feet, but if these fear increases the more you think about it, then the problem should be seriously revised. This is a big life changing situation and should be well thought out. Karin poses some questions to ask yourself to see how committed you are to this marriage. “Am I more in love with getting married than being an actual spouse?”, “Am I getting married to avoid loneliness?”, or “Can you honor your vows?”. These are all big questions to ask yourself and depending on the answer, you can find out if you are in the right or wrong situation. These are pressures we put on ourselves to what the ideal marriage before a certain age is, or how to have the perfect wedding. These pressures can lead to wrong decisions, bad marriages, broken vows, and an unhappy life. Karin talks about the people she has spoken with about this topic and some of those people are runaway brides. Although in the moment, running away from your wedding is a big mistake since you should have thought all this through before that point. Even though they ran away, they avoided making a bigger mistake in jumping into the marriage not fully committed. Karin says these runaways are very happy with the decision they have made it saved them from future troubles. She says it is much better to cancel a wedding then live your life in a bad marriage or something you are not happy with!

Expert Explains How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship In A Book4m58s

Expert Explains How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship In A Book

Sue Johnson, author of Love Sense, describes the science behind maintaining a long-term happy, healthy relationship. We also discuss what EFT (emotionally focused therapy) is and how that can help you and your spouse. Check it out! Relationships can be very tumultuous and rocky. They can be very fragile at times or they can be strong. There is a science behind maintaining a happy relationship and it is discussed in the book Love Sense. Author Sue Johnson wanted to make a book to show that. Sue and others gather to discuss this idea and emotionally focused therapy, also known as EFT, and elaborates why it is vital in a relationship. Many people go through relationship problems and difficulties in their love life. Relationships and love are very important in life and having troubles can be one of the most stressful things. It is always a work in progress, and maybe this video and book can help you and your significant other have a healthy and happy relationship! Sue Johnson, author of Love Sense, decided to write her book because it seems that now science has become more prevalent in relationships . Scientists seem to pay more attention to relationships now more than ever. Sue being a psychologist is all about the study of people. This science started to develop as people have become more interested in human interactions. Love is a fascinating subject and it is no wonder people have taken interest in studying more behind it! Sue decided that while this was going on between researchers, doctors, and scientists, no one really decided to tell people about what they were learning. She created the book to give couples and people insight into the science behind love. Instead of fighting and being lost in a relationship you can shape your love and handle it how you want. Emotionally focused therapy, EFT, has been around for nearly 30 years and it has been a big help for relationships around the world. It is the only therapy that is actually centered around the science of love and what exactly it is about! Most couples wait until things are bad in a relationship to visit EFT, but it would be best if they tackle the problem before it grows. Once things become rocky in a relationship, help should be sought out if both parties feel like the relationship is worth saving. It can be difficult to admit that the relationship is bad, wrong, or getting turbulent. Once you allow that reflection to happen, you can get help. This therapy gives the couples the insight to why these things are happening in their relationships. They can leave as a stronger unit and be able to solve their issues on their own with this knowledge. Love Sense is a book that can be and should be read by everyone. If you are having relationship problems or are in a relationship now, it is never too early or too late to get ahold of your relationship. There is all this science about love and relationships that is finally being researched. It is great that there are people, organizations, and readings that can help you through this and explain to you about their findings. Love is such a powerful emotion and it only makes sense that you should be in control of this emotion!

Cyber Dating Expert Shares Tips On How To Avoid Catfishing 2m36s

Cyber Dating Expert Shares Tips On How To Avoid Catfishing

What's the biggest fear about online dating: people misrepresenting themselves. The scourge of catfishing has been all over the news but is it really that big of a problem? Cyber dating expert, Julie Spira, discusses this issue in detail. Nowadays, most people on the Internet are aware of what online dating or chatting means and what problems can come with it. Most of them are aware of the term catfishing as it has become a popular term on the Internet. It has become more popular as more stories have surfaced on national level and in popular shows discussing the whole concept of catfishing. You might have heart of the popular show, Catfish, which involves two man introducing different stories from people who think they are being catfished. Catfishing is the act of luring a person into chatting or a relationship using a fake persona online. This can include lying about your age, job, personality, and most commonly using other people’s photos! This has become very popular with online dating sites or chat forums. In this video, Julie Spira, a cyber dating expert, discusses what catfishing is and how to avoid it. The dating expert elaborates what being catfished is and how it happens. Most people probably have been catfished but probably don’t know it. People use an attractive picture to lure people in and start chatting. Obviously, this plan falls apart once a meetup happens and the person doesn’t appear the same as in their pictures. Spira claims that most people think about the possibility of being catfished but they are in love with the idea of being in love so they go along with these long-distance relationships. These people usually start off as pen pals from different sides of the country that would probably never meet. They are never really sure if the person they are talking to is actually the person they say they are. Scary! You can often tell if you are being catfished if the photos they send you seem unrealistic. If they use model type pictures or somewhat sensual pictures, this can be a sign that they might not be the person they say they are! A great way to solve this issue is to search the picture they used online. Google has a feature where you can use a picture and see how many other places it comes up on. If their photo is seen on different sites and has been circulating around the internet for quite some time, you are most likely being catfished! Another way to solve the catfish problem is to plan some kind of hangout such as a skype or facetime call. Obviously, you will be chatting live, chatting face to face, and there will be no way to fake how they look like. If many excuses are given as to why they can’t skype, you should be concerned! This also applies for in-person hangouts. If the person avoids to show up their face, they are most likely hiding something. Beware! This is one very informative video and will definitely come in handy especially if you are into online dating . It is always important to stay safe on the Internet and use all the necessary precautions when talking with strangers. Julie Spira gives you some great piece of advice that can help you avoid catfishing! Good luck!

How To Insult Anyone By Their Zodiac Sign1m07s

How To Insult Anyone By Their Zodiac Sign

Well, the stars may know much, much more about us than we could ever have suspected. For all 12 Zodiac Signs, here is how you hurt em (or avoid these things if you'd rather not hurt anyone's feelings). Comment and share on:

Being Rejected Actually Makes You Better At Dating2m07s

Being Rejected Actually Makes You Better At Dating

Being rejected is a bummer, right? No one likes being romantically interested and then being jilted but according to Justin Kelly McClure, being rejected actually makes you stronger and more ready for a relationship. Weird, right? Everyone hates and fears rejection. Whether it be at a job interview, for college, and definitely in the world of dating. No one enjoys being rejected by the man or woman they are interested in. Of course it hurts but there is always some upside to this happening. You often hear people saying that you miss all the shots at dating that you don’t take. This is supposed to mean at least you gave it a chance and took a shot instead of never taking a shot at someone you are interested in and forever regretting what it would have been like. In fact, getting rejected could have lots of benefits. It can actually make you better at dating in general. This video is all about why being rejected can make you a better dater. This advice comes to you from Justin Kelly McClure, an author and comedian, and it is definitely a great video for anyone who might have just been dumped or looking to improve their dating skills! McClure will be answering about whether or not rejections can be good for you. The moment of rejection sure stings and hurts, but rejections can definitely have some upside as well! Often times when you want to approach someone, you get scared and think too hard about what to say. The best thing to do is to just go up and not think too much. He says you can never lose if you just be genuine with someone and help up lift their day, and being very confident helps as well. The expert, gives great advice stressing that making someone laugh is often the key to approaching someone. Even if you don’t end up with the results you’d like, such as get their number or set a date, at least you made that person’s day a little bit brighter and funnier! McClure mentions that it isn't all about you, there is another person involved and sometimes impacting their day or life is worth trying! He shares his personal story which is always great to hear. He talks about how he approached a woman and said he read an article that encouraged him to approach someone he found attractive to chat with. This made the woman appear and he sparked a conversation with her and eventually got a date! You wouldn’t know everything about what not to do if you don’t go through a couple failures first! The more you get rejected the more you learn how to act, maybe what not to say or what to say. The main thing is removing fear of being rejected or fear of looking dumb. The moment you do that it will be much easier! If you get rejected, it shouldn’t be a failure, at least you tried. The real failure is when you do not try at all! Justin definitely gives some great expert advice and some good tips to follow. Rejections make you stronger in the dating scene as you have learned through experience. You know how to approach situations and you are ready to attack any situation. Always remember it is ok to be rejected it happens to everyone and it is nothing to be ashamed of!

The 25 Saddest Quotes And Love Song Lyrics3m21s

The 25 Saddest Quotes And Love Song Lyrics

To paraphrase the book and film High Fidelity, was it heartbreak that made pop music so relatable or pop music that made heartbreak so understandable? Either way, here are the top 25 quotes and song lyrics that will make relive the sad times and appreciate the good times you have ahead of you.

4 Warning Signs The Guy You Love Does Not Love You Back52s

4 Warning Signs The Guy You Love Does Not Love You Back

The biggest insecurity in almost all relationships is "what does my partner REALLY think of me?" Good thing that there are some classic tells in modern relationships. Brenda Descamps breaks down the 4 biggest signs that he's just not that into you and you can move on. Comment and share:

Why Do Men Like Oral Intimacy?1m01s

Why Do Men Like Oral Intimacy?

All men like sex, right? Maybe. But let's say they do but why do some of them prefer oral sex to intercourse? What does it feel like? Our cool banana has some advice.

How To Avoid Marrying One Of Your Parents5m57s

How To Avoid Marrying One Of Your Parents

There's an old adage that we're destined to marry our parents. Couple that with the modern psychology idea that we're constantly trying to outrun or overcome trauma from childhood and you have a recipe for a difficult life. John Gray and our panel of experts have advice on how to avoid living in a loop and how to have a truly satisfying and healthy romantic life.\n\nComment and Share:

Are Couples Who Always Fight Destined To Get Divorced?6m56s

Are Couples Who Always Fight Destined To Get Divorced?

Some couples are more high-spirited than others. And sometimes we fight more during stressful stretches. But what should couples who constantly fight do? Are high-conflict couples destined for divorce? Harville Hendrix and our panel of experts discuss what you can do to take the edge off and really thrive in harmony.