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Stubborn vocal cat refuses to go inside 57s

Stubborn vocal cat refuses to go inside

Timo the Ragdoll cat must have been hanging out with some huskies lately, because that is one stubborn cat! Just listen how he talks back to his owners, after they tell him to come inside. We think that this isn’t a cat, but a husky puppy undercover, in disguise, attempting to see what is it that cats do differently for humans to let them perch on the couches and sleep in their beds. Ragdoll cats are often called “puppy-like cats”, because they like to follow their owners around the house and they really like to be handled. They are called “ragdoll” because they tend to go limp in the hands of their handlers when they pick them up.

Published: June 8, 2017403,404 views
Workout tips for cats!1m10s

Workout tips for cats!

Timo the Ragdoll cat showcases a few helpful workout tips! Check them out and let us know what you think of them.

Published: August 7, 201526,245 views
Kitty Meets Parrot For The First Time. Just Watch His Reaction! 46s

Kitty Meets Parrot For The First Time. Just Watch His Reaction!

If you think that cats have it easy, think again. They don’t ask for a lot in life. They want to have their food delivered to them in their favorite bowl at the exact time, and not a nanosecond later. Don’t bother bringing it earlier either because no one wants to eat stale food, alright?! They also want to sleep wherever they please , and if it just happens to be your face, then don’t bother moving. If there is one thing which you shouldn’t do at any occasion, ever, it’s to wake up a cat for no apparent reason which as it turns out is exactly what this owner did. Looking at this Ragdoll kitten we can’t help but be reminded of the cartoon animations with Sylvester the Cat and Tweety. Granted, Sylvester was a bicolored cat and not a Ragdoll, but its fascination with the toy parrot he is presented is very similar. At first Timo the Ragdoll isn’t even aware of the fake FurReal parrot. He is happily dozing on the living room couch when his owners activate the fake green bird which wakes Timo up. At first Timo doesn’t understand the new creature, but slowly, bit by bit, he gets curious, and incredibly funny while he’s at it. He starts sniffing the cat and poking it with his paw, but the stubborn toy doesn’t even budge. He starts swiping at his opponent but doesn’t get a reaction. Poor Timo doesn’t know that it isn’t a living, breathing thing . It’s safe to say that he has found his new obsession for the next week to come.

Published: August 7, 20151,396,509 views
Adorable Cat Loves To Make Friends With Koi Fish 51s

Adorable Cat Loves To Make Friends With Koi Fish

No one likes to be lonely, friends are always there to make your day more exciting! They love to make you smile and they love to go on exciting adventures with you. Timo the curious cat loves to make new friends, it doesn't matter who you are, whether you're another cat, a person or a Koi Fish, Timo is ready to say hello! In this video, Timo befriends a Koi Fish, so cute! You can't help but smile while watching adorable conversations like this. Timo loves to be social, as you can tell from this video. Timo isn't afraid at all and is observing every movement of the Koi Fish. He is one lucky cat, we doubt there are many cats who have become friends with a Koi Fish . As some of them approach Timo, he even gets to pet one, that's so cool! He is very gentle with them, such a smart cat. It looks like Timo want's to jump into the water with them, that may not be the best decision, he will probably regret that after. I'm sure the Koi Fish are excited for Timo's next visit, so cute! But it seems that it isn't just cats that love making friends with these fish. In another instance, a Koi fish came to the surface of the pond to give a curious cat a peck on the whiskers ! Have you ever seen Koi Fish before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: August 6, 20151,974,144 views
Timo The Ragdoll Cat Loves His Hammock59s

Timo The Ragdoll Cat Loves His Hammock

Now this right here is not typical cat behavior. Most cats love to stay in one spot and hate to be bothered by anyone, but not this adorable cat! Richard the Ragdoll cat can't get enough of his owner sliding him across the floor. He keeps coming back for more! Hilarious! This is one amazing video that you are not going to want to miss! Credit to 'cabezonication'. This cat is adorable! Who would have thought that a cat like this liked to be slide across the floor? It looks like it is having so much fun that you cannot help but to want to try that as well! Most cats are just lazy and just like to sleep, but this cat just wants to have fun! It seems as if this is not a regular occurrence in this household as heard by the surprise in the woman's voice in this clip. It seems that she is just as shocked as we are! This really does seem like one happy cat! His owners must take great care of him; playing with him everyday, properly grooming him and giving him the best cat food! After all, you should treat your pets as if they were your family because they really are your family! One month after being given this hammock , Timo the Ragdoll cat just can't get enough of it! How cute is that?

Published: April 7, 2014304,283 views