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Daughter Is Surprised With The Arrival Of Brother And Father On The Same Day2m04s

Daughter Is Surprised With The Arrival Of Brother And Father On The Same Day

Have you ever been double surprised on the same day! Girl has a lovely reaction to the arrival of her baby brother, and expresses her emotions with tears of joy. Kaydence rushes in to see her mother in the hospital after she gave birth to her little brother. From the moment the girl sees her baby brother she bursts into tears of joy. She is so excited that she cannot hold her emotion any longer so tears come rushing down her cheeks. The mother suggests that the girl touches the soft little pink cheeks of her baby brother, after which she sobs in disbelief saying "he is so precious". Little Kaydence is overwhelmed and continues to cry out of joy, and cannot even look at the baby, she just stands there, as if she is scared to look at him. The girl is up for a second surprise. Check her reaction as her eyes go wide open when he mom says that she has to meet another one. As she gazes over the room, her daddy walks in and the girl falls in his arms, now crying even louder. Kaydence was not only surprised with her baby brother being born a week early, but also by her dad coming home 4 months early from Afghanistan. What a nice overlap. This will sure be a day to remember, the day when they were all united to celebrate the arrival of new family member.

Published: October 4, 2017332,285 views