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Guy Slides Down A Handrail On His Behind9s

Guy Slides Down A Handrail On His Behind

Sometimes, some people tend to live episodes of madness, at least that's how people around them perceive it, but many times madness is a great friend of art, and mostly of adrenaline, but... What happens when madness, adrenaline, and art come together? Maybe the answer lies in this video, which shows us this guy sliding down the handrail with his butt, then continues to jump and run in quite a style; showing us how good he is in this sport that is often compared to martial arts, the so-called "Parkour". People like this guy can feel the need to do something fun at a given time, if the environment is tempting as in this case, where the boy could not stand the urge to see the clear handrail and set out to slide his butt through them, sliding in a fast and impressive. Hilarious! In what seems to be a lonely Sunday, it was the perfect setting for this guy to do his own thing and drain his adrenaline somehow. This guy saw no better way than to slide along the railings that were in his path, the acrobatics were excellent! He did not need a skateboard to show us his agility and the balance he possesses; finally, when falling to the ground, this boy continues to impress us with some surprising jumps in the best Parkour style. Behind this impressive acrobatics there are many hours of training, to dominate this sport that many times is considered art for the perfection and execution of each movement ; which includes calculations from the gravity, angles, weight, speed and sometimes "luck", is something that requires work and previous hematomas, to be able to demonstrate acrobatics to us like those of this boy, who luckily did not have an accident and his virility remained intact; after rising several times and falling down again in the handrail while he slid in them with great speed. It is evident that the boy is good at Parkour, which is characterized by the use of the individual's motor skills, in order to overcome urban obstacles in a straight line, as quickly as possible. In contrast, Freerunning is more focused on performing acrobatics regardless of speed. In Freerunning the obstacles can be random so that the person who moves can do it freely, while making more aesthetic movements and focusing mainly on the tricks and not the speed. Did you find these urban practices surprising? In addition to being an extreme sport and discipline, it also has its own philosophy of life, framed in efficiency, speed, strength, and beauty. If you have something to tell us about this amazing video, I invite you to comment below. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about this curious way of knowing the cities, which goes beyond a simple common walk. Don't forget to give your thumb up, and share it with your friends so that they too will be surprised, they will surely love it. It may be the best part of your day. Enjoy it!

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Playful Dog Slaps Owner With Chicken Toy In His face17s

Playful Dog Slaps Owner With Chicken Toy In His face

Dogs never cease to amaze us as they always find new ways to entertain their owners and the wider audience. There are tons of videos with dogs showing their unique abilities to pull some tricks that we could never imagine. And they are successfully doing these tricks. Sometimes, it is dogs chasing their own shadow, other times it is dogs trying to catch fireflies. Regardless of their mission, we still love them equally. They light up the days when we feel blue and they add a touch of excitement to the days we find ourselves stuck in the rut of the routines in our life. Pet dogs can bring so much joy into our lives and we absolutely love them to bits pieces for that. Even though, sometimes they develop some unbelievably weird attention seeking habits. Don’t get us wrong but jumping up, random barking, and face licking, it can all get a little annoying after awhile. In this video, we have a case of a dog that terribly wants the attention of the owner because his is totally soaked by the TV screen. Oh, please, how can the TV be more interesting than his pet? This goofy dog, which seems so peaceful, at one moment and out of nowhere, decides to take things into its own hands and provokes its owner’s attention. It is then that it grabs the rubber chicken, hops to the owner and slams his face with a full force. Ouch, that hurt a lot! The man lets a long loud cry as he sits up in pain from the blow . The dog is somehow not aware of what it has done and it just looks around naively until it realizes that it actually hurt his owner. In order to apologize, it goes next to him and jumps around making futile attempts to alleviate the situation. However, the guy is very angry at his pet and he tells him to “get out now”! Dogs are adorable. They’re furry and cuddly and full of so much love, but they’re not perfect. Dogs are capable of doing things out of their character just like humans. The first, and perhaps most important, the result is that overall pet owners tend to laugh more frequently than individuals who are not living with companion animals. And why is that you ask? Because they always find themselves in a funny situation or they make something that makes us laugh! So what is it that dogs are doing which makes us laugh? Here is one hilarious video of a dog who runs as fast as lightning! It made us laugh so much we hope it will make you laugh too! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

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Subway Passenger Lets Adorable Little Boy Play On His Phone1m00s

Subway Passenger Lets Adorable Little Boy Play On His Phone

Life is full of simple moments that can bring a smile to your face, such as a baby’s laughter, a great joke, or seeing a loved one or friend you haven’t seen for a long time. The video shown above is such a simple act of kindness between a stranger and a young boy commuting on the same subway together. Riding on the subway can be a long and boring journey for some people; while many others will find a distraction by bringing a book or newspaper to read. In the modern world however, more and more people are satisfied with only bringing a mobile phone along for the ride of their journey. The mobile phone has come a long way since its humble beginning to keep in touch with the office and loved ones. It is now a super powerhouse for working and entertainment used almost everywhere, every single day. Many commuters riding on the bus, train or even plane can now be seen watching streaming videos, reading news articles or simply just playing video games every day whilst travelling for work or going home. Perhaps the giant grin on the face of this cute young boy and the over excitement he shows watching a man play video games on his phone next to him might make you smile or at least warm your heart. A young man riding on the subway is sitting quietly on his seat with his headphones on while playing a video game on his phone. After only a short while into the video the man notices a small young boy watching him play games with much amazement. The boy’s face is lit up with glee as he watches the man play on the mobile phone, mouthing words like wow as he watches all the excitement unfolding on the man’s phone screen. He can barely contain his enthusiasm watching the video game from the next seat as you see him eagerly trying to get a better angle to view the screen. The man noticing how much amusement the boy is having by only watching him play, then looks at the boy, unplugs his headphones from the headphone jack and hands the phone over so that the young boy can have a turn and experience the game for himself. The young boy immediately takes the mobile phone in hand and begins to play without any hesitation. The boy is then seen playing on the phone with such concentration and purpose he doesn’t look up again. The video ends showing the man sitting now without his phone in hand while he waits very patiently for the young boy to finish having a turn on the video game. Viewers, what would you have done in the same situation, would you have shared your phone even though it’s the only source of boredom ridding entertainment you have with you? Or would you have only let the boy watch your screen from afar? Here’s hoping the man managed to get his phone back before he had to depart at his station.

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These Kids' Costumes Can Successfully Modify Into Transformers 1m11s

These Kids' Costumes Can Successfully Modify Into Transformers

We don’t think there is a franchise that has created such a cult following like the Transformers. They actually have a line of toys that transform from a vehicle to a robot in just a few swift moves. But despite what the brand intended, Transformers became something much more than just a line of awesome toys; they provided kids all over the globe with the inspiration to be imaginative! Their influence persists to this very day and these kids are proof of just that! We can only guess that they are attending some kind of Con, judging by the outfits of the army of people that gather ‘round them to take photos. All three kids are dressed up in colorful suits of armor , looking pretty impressive as they are. They strike a few poses here and there and the adults that watch are clearly having a blast. But then, all three kids get down on their knees, rearrange their suits and lay face-down on the ground, immediately transforming themselves into a Corvette, a fighter jet and a semi truck, i.e. Bumblebee, Starscream and the mighty Optimus Prime! Whoa! Now, when we were dressing up, way back when we thought our costumes were awesome. Now, all we can do is hoot and cheer for the kids’ imagination and their parents’ nerves of steel, while we silently weep inside, because we never thought of this! One kid - and by a kid, we mean his grandpa - did think of this for one Halloween night and he built his nephew a fully transforming Bumblebee costume , lights and everything! Who said homemade costumes are lame? The outfit sits on their bodies like suits of armor, and when they hunch into the correct position, the bigger elements fall in place, transforming these children into what are sincerely entirely perfect vehicles. At the point when the children are in position, they genuinely do look like straight-up autos, trucks, and jets. Isn't this the best costume you have ever seen? Or then again is there some different Transformers cosplay out there that is good to the point that it trumps the adorableness of these kids to claim the crown? If you are a fan of Transformers you will love this video! Or you are one of those people who has never heard about them? A long time ago, far away on the planet of Cybertron, a war is being pursued between the honorable Autobots (led by the savvy Optimus Prime) and the sneaky Decepticons (instructed by the feared Megatron) for control over the Allspark, an enchanted charm that would give boundless capacity to whoever has it. The Autobots figured out how to carry the Allspark off the planet, however, Megatron launches looking for it. He, in the long run, tracks it to the planet of Earth (around 1850), however, his rash want for control sends him directly into the Arctic Ocean, and the sheer cool powers him into a deadened state. Are you a fan of Transformers? Tell us an interesting fact about them in our comment section!

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Little Girl Has A Hilarious Reaction To Galloping Moose On The Road12s

Little Girl Has A Hilarious Reaction To Galloping Moose On The Road

A driver stopped at a stop sign at an intersection in Fort kent, Maine, had to wait for an unusual pedestrian to pass by before proceeding. Now, this pedestrian wasn’t some poor old lady, struggling to cross the street, oh no. It was one of Maine’s most common wild animals. Justin Babin posted video of a moose trotting down the road at a decent pace Saturday night. "Only in Fort Kent," he captioned the video. The little girl's voice can be heard on the clip, saying, "Is that a moose ?” We love how inquisitive she sounds, as if this is some laboratory experiment, set up to confuse little kids with random ungulates galloping on remote Maine roads. “That's a horse or a donkey!" she says. She solved the mystery! Said with such cool determination, the girl is evidently convinced that this is some domesticated animal that went rogue on its owner and is now gallivanting around the town. It may look like a moose, but that is just a disguise to fool anyone who might recognize him and take him back to the farm! "It's a moose," the dad is heard saying, barely holding back his giggle. “It’s a girl moose?” the child repeats, almost in disbelief that an animal like that would ever think of running down a street . Babin also posted video of him following the moose as it traveled down the roadway, eventually changing lanes. A car is seen coming down the two-lane road, but Babin says the moose is just fine.

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Puppy’s Radiant Smile Is A Sure Recipe To Brighten Your Day5s

Puppy’s Radiant Smile Is A Sure Recipe To Brighten Your Day

We’ve all been there. That moment when you look at your dog and you see their face, their tongue sticking out, looking like they just heard a silly joke. You think, “Awwwww my dog’s smiling !” But are they really smiling the way we humans do? Are their smiles an expression of happiness like ours is? Life sure is grand when you don't have any responsibilities. Dog lovers are usually pretty confident that they know their best friends. But this confidence is based on hunches and past experience with our canine counterparts, since we can't ask our pups what they're feeling, even when they look like they're all smiles. And when a dog feels content, he has relaxed body language - this means that his facial muscles are relaxed, making his mouth open and the corners of his mouth turn upwards. Funny images can make you giggle, but when it’s an image of a smiling dog, it’s simply irresistible. This happy-go-lucky canine decides to express his feelings of joy toward his beloved owner showing his radiant smile in front of the camera. This pup really has the ability to imitate his human. What’s more, his smile will put a smile on your face, tool. His face is full of emotions. Whether he is sitting, standing or staring, he can always bring joy to his owners. If you’re having a bad day, try watching this video again to brighten up your day and transform your mood quickly. The smile this puppy gives seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through us. We are undoubtedly waiting for more videos with this carefree dog!

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This Dog Is Not Happy To Go Out7s

This Dog Is Not Happy To Go Out

It really is hard being a dog these days, you know? People never seem to understand you. All they ever think is that you are cute and loyal and that you like to chew on their sofa cushions, but what about your hopes and dreams? What happens with all of your aspirations? Does anyone care that you want to become an astronaut like Laika or that you want to be the best piano player that ever lived? That’s right. The answer is no. Ah, those humans, when will they ever understand dog language? It would make things way more easier. But no, they can’t get past the woof-woof. A dog can’t seem to cough or sneeze these days. Sheesh. It’s hard to explain it, but sometimes we think that they don’t want to understand the meaning of no. No, we don’t want to go out every day at 9 a.m. Ideally it would be 5:30 in the morning, but 9 is definitely not acceptable. And sure, we can chew on dry dog food, but it tastes worse than Soldier Fuel, and we’ve tried that, too. You should work on your menu, human, because a juicy steak every now and then is definitely good for our figure. But all complaints aside, we know that you only mean the best for us and you want to take care of us as if we were your human babies. We know that you care about us getting enough exercise and eating healthy, but please, next time you see us giving you this horrified look when we’re in front of the door, opt for a cosy night, in front of the TV, cuddling with us until we fall asleep. Thank you!

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Underprepared Man Turns Parasailing Experience Into Complete Failure23s

Underprepared Man Turns Parasailing Experience Into Complete Failure

This hilarious footage shows us just how challenging it is to successfully pull off a powered parasailing session. Footage shows the unfortunate moment when a man trying parasailing for the first time fails to relax, resulting in one disastrous takeoff. This parasailing student should take several more classes before he makes for one successful takeoff! Footage shows a man standing on a beach, all geared up and seemingly ready to takeoff, having the parasail parachute behind him. As the man is preparing to takeoff, he instantly loses courage and fails to relax, hence stopping the process and ending his parasailing session with an epic fail! Apparently, this unfortunate guy got more than he bargained for when he signed up for a parasailing experience. This hilarious video was captured on camera for us to share a good laugh and reconsider before we engage in this extreme sport! Many times, parasailing is mistaken for paragliding. The main difference between paragliding and parasailing is that parasailers are attached to a vehicle, usually a motor boat, that generates enough momentum and connects the parasailers to safety, while paragliding is a flying sport using a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft called paraglider . In parasailing , the person is towed behind a vehicle, usually a boat, while attached to a specially designed parachute called parasail. There are two types of parasailing: aquatic, performed over water using a motorboat, and terrestrial, performed over land using a jeep to tow the parasail. Unfortunately, in this video, the man fails to run efficiently and gain extra jolt of speed, therefore he slips and fails to takeoff. Instead, the man falls in the water and his adventure ends up in complete fail!

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Friendly Pooch Enjoys Relaxing Massage From A Dog Mascot16s

Friendly Pooch Enjoys Relaxing Massage From A Dog Mascot

A heartwarming footage has emerged of a needy dog demanding some neck scratches from a mascot. The glee of meeting what it seems to be a real-life stuffed animal brings this dog into ecstasy. Watch as the pooch totally gives up on them scratches and enjoys the unusual massage treatment! Cuteness overload! Footage shows the adorable moment when one obedient canine meets a dog-like mascot and demands endless body scratches. Watch as the overly affectionate dog enjoys the long massage strokes on his body. Funny thing though, the moment the mascot stops the massage treatment, the needy pooch requests more scratches by raising his front paw and signalizing to the dog mascot that it is time for more! When the four-legged fellow met the dog mascot he shared an instant bond. Watch how happy this canine is to befriend his canine companion, in the shape of a gigantic dog mascot! Footage shows the hilarious moment when the dog happily wags his tail and enjoys the relaxing moment as the camera captures this endearing moment. The ‘awws’ from onlookers can be heard in the background as a proper reaction to this adorable sight! Apparently, this dog just met his hero in real life! Pets are amazing creatures that bring joy into our lives and make the world much better! They should be treated with the utmost respect and care because they are a valuable member of your family! They may be hard to raise, but the memories that they bring heavily out way the challenges! This is the adorable moment when a dog experienced a magical experience upon meeting his favorite dog mascot. Receiving endless neck scratches and body massages was a dream come true for this friendly canine. What an enchanting moment to cherish!

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Cute Dog Caught Playing Fortnite On Playstation 47s

Cute Dog Caught Playing Fortnite On Playstation 4

We love to dance, especially after winning at Fortnite. Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you'll know that free-to-play survival game Fortnite is taking the gaming world by storm. Sure, the real objective is to be the last one left standing at the end of the match, but our favourite part of the whole game might be all the dances and emoticons. It may seem random, but people can't get enough of boogieing their way around the game - with many real-life moves inspiring the various dances. But some of them are harder than they look! It is not only popular with kids but dogs, too. A dog is caught red-handed sitting in an armchair, headphones on his ears and the game console between his paws. He looks exhausted, like he has been playing for hours and he only feels like he has to catch his breath for awhile. So, he rests his long body in the comfortable armchair and just goes on watching the game. He has spent enough time playing. He will leave the console to his owner. Playing Fortnite is fun and it has a very silly, offbeat sense of humor and it has a very bright, almost cartoon-like graphics as well as loads of ridiculous items and costumes, such as space suits and dinosaur outfits, which makes us wonder which part of the game does this dog love the most? Maybe next time, this dog has to team up with a friend of group of friends and compete as duo or a squad. This adds a social element, so the dogs will be able to bark and howl in their teams as they play using headsets and microphones. It is a great way of spending some of dogs’ free time playing and practicing the game together!

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Lazy Corgi Hitched His Wagon To A Pony For A Bumpy Ride33s

Lazy Corgi Hitched His Wagon To A Pony For A Bumpy Ride

A curious video has emerged showing the funny moment when one lazy Corgi pooch decides to hop on a pony and go for a ride. How did the Corgi dog ride the pony? The answer is finally revealed in this video! Footage was filmed by Callie Schenker who saw this unusual sight when she came back home. Apparently, while she was out and about, her lovely one-eyed pony Cricket was outside mingling and making friends with new animals. The animal in question is actually her neighbor’s dog. The sight that greeted Callie was so hilarious, so she decided to take a video of it. The footage shows the little pupper, a beautiful Corgi, struggling to perch atop Cricket, looking as if it has no care in the world. Watch as the friendly pony accepts the uninvited intruder to stomp on his back, while the doggo is comfortably nested on pony’s back, riding it like human . According to Callie, the pupper is an almost regular guest in their house, although they don’t see much of his owners. The Corgi is actually used to roaming the land around his house, making himself at home everywhere, even on her pony’s back . Ever Since she posted the video online, it went viral, along with the many questions about the state of the doggo and the pony. People wanted to know if the pup was well taken care of or if he was abused and they also wanted to know whether the missing eye on her pony had anything to do with the Corgi. Callie responded that everything is absolutely fine and that the only thing happening is that these two have become the best friends no one ever expected them to be.

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This Mom Used Her Little Daughter As An Umbrella8s

This Mom Used Her Little Daughter As An Umbrella

When you encounter rainstorm in the outdoors, your instant reaction may be lifting something to protect your head. However, a mother chose to use her baby girl as a human 'umbrella' instead. This woman is caught on camera using her daughter as an umbrella during a rainstorm. This is probably one of the most outrageous videos that has sparked a lot of anger on social media. The video is recorded at night and we can see this lady in summer outfit, black shorts and a red T-shirt, how is holding a little girl above her head as she runs towards a car in a parking lot outside a shopping mall. She then hesitates and darts back towards the shops, still holding aloft the poor child, who is wearing matching pink T-shirt and shorts, to protect herself from the <a href=" " target="_blank">downpour</a> . And instead of covering the little girl’s head, she only minds about her head covering it with the girl’s body. It is not known whether the woman is her mother but she clearly is not concerned about the child catching a cold - just as long as her hair is kept nice and dry. This clip is shot by an astonished <a href=" " target="_blank">onlooker</a> in a car, who simply exclaims: 'Bruh!’ The couple in the car, probably taken aback by what they see, let out an exclamation of amazement and shriek with an audible laughter. Not surprisingly, the rainstorm clip has generated different sorts of storm on social media.

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