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Sudden Summer Storm Floods Train Station Subway14s

Sudden Summer Storm Floods Train Station Subway

Occurred on December 14, 2018 / Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Info from Licensor: "Sudden, heavy rain caused the subway areas of Flinders Street station to flood in less than 20 minutes. This video was taken an hour into the rainstorm."

Car Drags Muffler down Highway15s

Car Drags Muffler down Highway

Occurred on December 5, 2018 / Hawaii, USA Info from Licensor: "Some people like to run a car until the wheels fall off, or at least the muffler."

Krampus Parade Shows Scary Christmas Traditions1m31s

Krampus Parade Shows Scary Christmas Traditions

Occurred on December 1, 2018 / Reutte, Tyrol, Austria Info from Licensor: "Some countries in the Alps celebrate the birthday of Saint Nicholas, who will bring the children presents on the 6th of December. But, according to ancient legends, creepy creatures live in the mountains and they come and mountains naughty children prior to the Saint Nicholas feast. This so-called Krampus is a really creepy creature, with goat skins, loud cowbells, a whip, a lot of fire and noise and especially a head that is in-between a male-goat and a devil. They often look like creatures from hell or Uruk-Hai Orks from The Lord of the Rings."

Three Suns in the Sky59s

Three Suns in the Sky

Occurred on December 14, 2018 / Borlänge, Sweden Info from Licensor: "I was getting home from the hospital and just happened to see the sky through the bus window. I got out of the bus stop and ran into my apartment to get a camera to record."

Water Bottle Work Prank10s

Water Bottle Work Prank

Occurred on December 14, 2018 / Maclean, New South Wales, Australia Info from Licensor: "Keeping the boys entertained at work is a full-time job in itself."

Fire at Chester Zoo10s

Fire at Chester Zoo

Occurred on December 14, 2018 / Chester, England, UK Info: “The blaze was in the Monsoon Forest Habitat on the site, which is the UK’s largest zoo building. Due to the scale of the fire, this was declared a major incident. The zoo was immediately evacuated and a cordon was put in place.”

Malamute Pack Help Walk Owner25s

Malamute Pack Help Walk Owner

Occurred on November 11, 2018 / Bandung, West Java, Indonesia Info from Licensor: "I have eleven Alaskan Malamutes. I always make videos when I take them for walks and play with them. Everybody is always happy to see us."

Car Sandwiched Between Semi and Concrete Barrier1m28s

Car Sandwiched Between Semi and Concrete Barrier

Occurred on December 13, 2018 / Lake Station, Indiana, USA Info from Licensor: "I was heading eastbound on I-94 and there was an accident when four lanes went down to three. The driver of the car in the far left lane got pinched between the barrier and the trailer of a truck, lost control and spun across the highway in front of me. He collided with the trailer in the far right lane, then spun back to the far left."

Jumping a Bi-Plane on a Motorcycle4s

Jumping a Bi-Plane on a Motorcycle

Occurred on October 21, 2018 / Hammond, Louisiana, USA Info from Licensor: "Cody Elkins on the motorcycle and Skip Stewart in the Pitts perform their bike jump routine. Cody jumps over Skip while he is in knife edge flight."

Alexa Struggles to Understand Little Girl1m40s

Alexa Struggles to Understand Little Girl

Occurred on October 15, 2018 / Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Info from Licensor: "My baby girl loves to listen to music and dance when she comes home from school. I usually tell Alexa to play the music, but, Zoé wanted to try for herself that day. Zoé tried to communicate with Alexa for five minutes before I started recording. When she finally gave up and asked me for help, she was overjoyed to finally dance to her favorite song."

Fish Attacks Octopus31s

Fish Attacks Octopus

Occurred on April 16, 2018 / Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines Info from Licensor: "During a dive, I saw a mimic octopus. I followed it as I know they can mimic fish and some other sea creatures, but this time, a fish attacked the mimic octopus. Probably to protect its territory."

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Unexpected Game of Chicken with a Deer25s

Unexpected Game of Chicken with a Deer

Occurred on November 7, 2018 / Locust Grove, Oklahoma, USA Info from Licensor: "I was driving back home with my father going 71 mp/h on the highway. I suddenly noticed a deer right in front of me with barely any time to react, I stepped on my brakes and swerved right expecting the deer to go left but I was wrong and nearly hit it."

How To Gift Wrap  a Ball1m39s

How To Gift Wrap a Ball

Occurred on December 20, 2017 / Lyon, France Info from Licensor: "Wrapping awkward Christmas gift packages with this easy and fast method."

Parrot Has Best Seat in the House5s

Parrot Has Best Seat in the House

Occurred on December 11, 2018 / Kiev, Ukraine Info from Licensor: "This parrot enjoys the synthesizer so much it takes front row seats to watch."

Dog Helps Duck Reach New Heights12s

Dog Helps Duck Reach New Heights

Occurred on July 10, 2018 / Orange County, California, USA Info from Licensor: "Pippi, the Indian Runner Duck, loves the view from up high and Barclay doesn’t mind helping out!"

Dogs Make the Best Cuddle Buddies7s

Dogs Make the Best Cuddle Buddies

Occurred on November 13, 2018 / Orange County, California, USA Info from Licensor: "Rudy, the duck, is always trying cuddle up to his best friend, Barclay, but he ended up on the wrong end!"

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Christmas Tree Topples Onto Toddler3m38s

Christmas Tree Topples Onto Toddler

Occurred on December 8, 2018 / Listowel, Ontario, Canada Info from Licensor: "You know you have too many kids when you're calling the wrong name at a time like this. I actually thought he was my daughter because he was wearing her snow pants. I was wondering why she wasn't getting out of the way because it was a different kid. Bad mom moment. Everyone was okay."

Cat Plays with Dog's Ear36s

Cat Plays with Dog's Ear

Occurred on December 9, 2018 / California, USA Info from Licensor:: "My friend's cat and my dog met for the first time today and this is what happened.”

Three Car Literal Pile Up23s

Three Car Literal Pile Up

Occurred on November 22, 2018 / Tracy, California, USA Info from Licensor: "Taken on Thanksgiving day, a car smashed a parked car, in which it pushed the car on top of another parked car."

Deputy Sees a Different World3m17s

Deputy Sees a Different World

Occurred on November 16, 2018 / Eureka, California, USA Info from Licensor:"Humboldt County deputy got his first look at Northern California color when his unit came together to buy him a pair of EnChroma glasses." Credit: EnChroma