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Attempted Bridge Jumper in Minnesota1m23s

Attempted Bridge Jumper in Minnesota

Occurred on August 8, 2017 / Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA Info from Licensor: "I was taking a break from work and happened to walk down Robert St bridge. I arrived as the police and Fire Chief arrived and began recording. Very glad she's ok! The lady was taken into custody safely and left by ambulance."

Published: August 11, 201711 views
Semi-Truck Stuck on Tracks18s

Semi-Truck Stuck on Tracks

Occurred on August 10, 2017 / Locust Grove, Georgia, USA Info from Licensor: "Train crashed into semi tractor trailer that was stuck on the railroad tracks where low clearance signs were clearly marked to caution semi-trucks not to cross. No one was harmed as the driver of the truck was out safely prior to the incident."

Find the Flipper47s

Find the Flipper

Occurred on August 9, 2017 / Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia Info from Licensor: "Diving off Double Island Point yesterday when we had a surprise visit from a few pretty curious whales. We had the boat tell us some whales had just surfaced near us so we were keeping an eye on them and watching for them but lost sight of them about 10 seconds before this all happened. We were free diving at the time with nothing but our camera's to get it all. As soon as we saw the whales had a calf we immediately tried to get as far as possible, knowing from previous experience that it's best to keep your distance when whales have calfs because they're so unpredictable. But when they come straight for you there's not much you can do."

Ford Focus Wreck3m02s

Ford Focus Wreck

Occurred on August 9, 2017 / Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Info from Licensor: "Distracted Ford Focus Driver Wrecks Several Cars."

Published: August 10, 201718 views
Laughing Gas Car Party49s

Laughing Gas Car Party

Occurred on July 29, 2017 / UK Info from Licensor: "Seeing some crazy people taking laughing gas on the motorway!"

Bridge Jumper Rescue in Minnesota35s

Bridge Jumper Rescue in Minnesota

Occurred on August 8, 2017 / Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA Info from Licensor: "Happened at 3:00 pm on Robert St Bridge in downtown Saint Paul. The video was recorded in the building of human resources close to the incident."

Neighbor Under our Fence3m08s

Neighbor Under our Fence

Occurred on October 26, 2016 / Eugene, Oregon, USA Info from Licensor: "Caught my next door drug user neighbor tripping high as a kite reaching her hand under my fence. Long story short - she's been told many times not to cross the property line. I called the cops immediately following this and they were not interested in even taking a report. I tried to explain that there have been several arrests next door, this is an ongoing issue and so on. So I posted it on Youtube thinking that if I can make this go viral I will then send the link to the police and show them this is a real issue. Less than 24 hours later they called me and said, 'We saw this video. Would you like us to come arrest your neighbor?'"

Published: August 10, 201716 views
Cockatoo Thinks he is a Dog37s

Cockatoo Thinks he is a Dog

Occurred on May 27, 2015 / St. Albans, Vermont, USA Info from Licensor: "My greater sulpher crested cockatoo Triton likes to bark like a dog and I captured this on video. He was barking at the cars driving by from the front window of our apartment."

Published: August 10, 201711 views
Old Man Tubing in Jeans4m09s

Old Man Tubing in Jeans

Occurred on August 5, 2017 / Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA Info from Licensor: "We shot this video at my friend's lake house and part of a joke saying we will get a million views."

Licking Deer1m15s

Licking Deer

Occurred on September 25, 2016 / Bear World in Rexburg, Idaho, USA Info from Licensor: "The deer shown here turned her attention to my face where I was wearing makeup that included chocolate in its ingredients list. We got more than we bargained for in this close encounter with nature."

Drifting Fail38s

Drifting Fail

Occurred on July 20, 2017 / UK Info from Licensor: "Some guy thought he could show off in front of his friends but ends up making a big mistake."

Published: August 10, 201711 views
Speeding Camera Bust23s

Speeding Camera Bust

Occurred on August 9, 2017 / Perth, Western Australia Info from Licensor: "Guy chooses a poor place to initiate a street race. The dashcam driver and passenger share a giggle once they see a flash from a speeding camera."

Published: August 10, 20174,160 views
Mormon Missionaries Playing Street Ball2m19s

Mormon Missionaries Playing Street Ball

Occurred on Jul 31, 2013 / Dallas, Texas, USA Info:" My cousin a missionary in Dallas Texas, has been dying to play some street ball and got the chance. After playing it cool asking to play because they are "Just some white boys", they were allowed to play and tried to make it look like they weren't that good. That is until they started to play. Turn up the volume and laugh hysterically. The best part of the story is that one of the guys' daughters ended up getting Baptized." Note: Action starting at 1:10-minute mark

The Biggest Catch of the Day2m29s

The Biggest Catch of the Day

Occurred on July 27, 2017 / Florida, USA Info: "Two men attempt to catch a giant Goliath Grouper in a canoe. The giant Grouper capsizes the small canoe which flips over but they still continue to catch some mighty big fish."

Published: August 10, 201714 views
Roundabout Side Swipe1m29s

Roundabout Side Swipe

Occurred on August 7, 2017 / Izhevsk, Russia Info from Licensor: "Accident on a roundabout, all those involved walked away with minor injuries."

Unexpected Storm in Maryland1m44s

Unexpected Storm in Maryland

Occurred on January 7, 2017 / Salisbury, Maryland, USA Info from Licensor: "I was leaving a property in Princess Anne Maryland, and I decided I was going to stop for lunch on my way to the next job. Instead of getting on the Salisbury bypass I decided to take the business route. I noticed conditions seemed odd so I decided to document the weather conditions."

Published: August 10, 201714 views
Milly Loves her Pouch44s

Milly Loves her Pouch

Occurred on June 1, 2017 / The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, Australia Info from Licensor: "Milly is the sweetest kangaroo you'll ever meet and she gets excited to hop into her pouch."

Monkey Grooms Herself35s

Monkey Grooms Herself

Occurred on July 31, 2017 / Moscow, Ohio, USA Info from Licensor: "After a bath 20-year-old Java Macaque Angel Bullock tends to groom herself. She brushes her teeth and then carefully licks and dries herself just like a kitten. She enjoys hanging out with her cats more often than she does the other monkeys and often thinks she is part cat, part human, and part monkey."

Cockatoo Bedtime Drama2m28s

Cockatoo Bedtime Drama

Occurred on August 7, 2017 / St Louis, Missouri, USA Info from Licensor: "We were up way too late on a Monday night. He sang his good girl song, which is how he winds down before going to bed. This happens almost every night. I was actually trying to get him jumping in my bed which he was doing moments before while I was brushing my teeth, but as soon as I turned the camera on and started talking to him, he started singing."

Cop Arrest Shoot Out in Philadelphia1m30s

Cop Arrest Shoot Out in Philadelphia

Occurred on August 6, 2017 / Philadelphia, USA Info from Licensor: "A man was high on drugs and resisted arrest and attempted to shoot the cop when the cop shot back."

Published: August 9, 201716 views
Tourist Taunts Bear and Gets Mauled as a Result1m41s

Tourist Taunts Bear and Gets Mauled as a Result

Occurred on August 2, 2017 / Mueang Phetchabun District, Phetchabun, Thailand Info from Licensor: "On-lookers were horrified when they saw a Thai tourist get mauled by a bear in a temple. Allegedly, the tourist was teasing the bear with food so it became defensive and dragged him down into the arena with him. Please be advised this video contains graphic footage and images.

Published: August 9, 201730 views
Paraglider Falls out of the Sky1m21s

Paraglider Falls out of the Sky

Occurred on May 28, 2017 / Belgium Info from Licensor: "I decided to do a flight with no wind and the flight time is normally 2 minutes in Coo without thermals and dynamic wind. So I started at last with one other pilot. After a minute flying the wind had come up with really hard bumps and at that moment I got a really big collapse on the left side when I was making a right turn. My wing was directly in a stall with a hard twist and after that was the crash."

Published: August 9, 201710 views
A Drunk Driver Strikes a Bus Stop1m42s

A Drunk Driver Strikes a Bus Stop

Occurred on August 2, 2017 / Warren, Michigan, USA Info from Licensor: "A driver of a Dodge pickup struck this bus stop, hitting 6 people, trapping 4 people underneath the pickup on August 2nd, 2017. Thr driver of the vehicle was seen stepping over the victims and walked into a subway restaurant to use the bathroom. All 6 people struck by the vehicle survived. The driver was arrested on scene."

Published: August 9, 201745 views
Tone Deaf National Anthem (Different Angle)2m15s

Tone Deaf National Anthem (Different Angle)

Occurred on August 5, 2017 / Coalville, Utah, USA Info from Licensor: "The lady started to sing the National Anthem, the crowd looked at each other in disbelief not understanding what was going on. We all figure that she was probably drunk or something, so I ended up recording it and this is what we ended up."

Just a Horse in a Hallway14s

Just a Horse in a Hallway

Occurred on May 29, 2017 / Miyazaki, Japan Info from Licensor: "My hobby is photographing the ruins. When photographing I ran into something I have never experienced."