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Silly Cat Has A Really Funny Way Of Telling Her Owner She's Tired24s

Silly Cat Has A Really Funny Way Of Telling Her Owner She's Tired

Let’s be real, cats are weird. Sure, they are the lovable, fluffy balls of sass that we adore, but deep inside, our feline furbabies are probably just a robot run by a bunch of minuscule aliens. How else would you explain their erratic behavior and constant mood changes? Beside being absolutely weird little buggers, cats are also natural-born manipulators. Their innate ability to observe and learn keeps them safe, but also with well fed tummies, ultimately making them the ruler of their house. You think it is your home? Think again! If a cat figures out that some specific behavior will make her owner go “aww” and bend to her every will and whim, she will stop at nothing to achieve it, even if that means she will look like a fool. Take this cat, for example. According to her owner, this silly cat is able to tell him she’s tired by sitting up on her back legs and begging with her front paws. The cat looks ridiculous, but it gets her what she wants, and that is to be taken to her bed like a queen and probably covered with a warm, fluffy blanket to stay nice and cozy. No cat in the history of cats was born with this knowledge. She looks the human dead in the eye and does this weird gesture over and over, until he can no longer watch his pet behave like a looney toon. Watch and learn folks, this is how you get your way!

Published: December 11, 201718,171 viewsVirality: 3%
Close Call on Crosswalk3m02s

Close Call on Crosswalk

Occurred on December 9, 2017 / Minsk, Belarus Info from Licensor: "Driver 'saves' pedestrian"

Published: December 10, 2017Updated: December 11, 2017
Woman Films The Moment She Gets Bit By A Nurse Shark36s

Woman Films The Moment She Gets Bit By A Nurse Shark

One couple’s happy honeymoon almost turned into a bloodfest, when the bride got bitten by a nurse shark while snorkeling. Evan Carroll took his bride Sarah Illig for a honeymoon on the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean on December 8 and they added snorkeling as a fun activity on their itinerary. Little did they know that it will be the one thing they will remember the most from their trip. Sarah says: “Mid snorkeling with the sharks I felt a whoosh of water, something clamp down on my arm and assumed my husband was playing a prank of me. Less than a second later I realized how much it hurt and looked past where my goggles were blocking my side vision to see the shark (bigger than myself) latched onto my arm. I pulled it away/the combination of the shark releasing and got out of there. [sic] Disclaimer: This is a five foot nurse shark that typically never bite unless provoked via tail pulling, feeding, etc. There was no tail pulling or feeding during my snorkel with them (as you can clearly see via video)." Normally, these creatures shy away from humans and are quite docile; there are no records of them attacking unprovoked, says George Burgess, a shark researcher with the Florida Museum of Natural History. Though nurse sharks are normally not aggressive, their bite is no joke. Luckily, the video shows that the shark stopped pursuit after the woman, as there is barely any blood in the water.

Published: December 11, 201741,624 viewsVirality: 33%
Gas Station Shows Poor Customer Service in Omaha6m36s

Gas Station Shows Poor Customer Service in Omaha

Occurred on December 1, 2017 / Omaha, Nebraska, USA Info from Licensor: "At the Kum and Go on 90th in between Fort and Maple there was a man that asked for a pack of swishers and they ID'd him, then tried to ID his friend behind him. So, the second guy went to go get his ID and came back he sold the first guy his swishers, then the second guy got to the counter they tried giving him a pack of Swishers. The clerk got frustrated and slammed the man's ID on the counter and told him he wouldn't sell him anything when all the guy was trying to get was a drink and some gas. The man behind the counter then called the police because the man was asking why he wouldn't sell him gas and a drink. The police then arrived and took the man out of the store and said there was 'NOTHING' they can do for him."

Published: December 10, 2017422 views
Jumping Kagaroos8s

Jumping Kagaroos

Occurred on December 1, 2017 / The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, Australia Info from Licensor: "1,2,3 jump, Rex, Milly and Tilly"

Self-Checkout Thief44s

Self-Checkout Thief

Occurred on November 27, 2017 / Cranston, Rhode Island, USA Info from Licensor: "We had a little bit of time before getting our son off the bus so we decided to get a sandwich at Subway. As we were eating we saw this woman pretending to scan most of her items and hand them off to her husband who was bagging them and putting them in another carriage. I decided to record her doing this and we then told a Walmart employee. The Walmart employee stopped them at the door and asked for a receipt. She stated it was a short receipt for so many items in their cart and asked them to follow her to customer service. Customer service returned the few items they paid for and told them to leave."

Published: December 10, 2017820 views
Cockatoo Can't Stop Laughing2m16s

Cockatoo Can't Stop Laughing

Occurred on December 4, 2017 / Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA Info from Licensor: "Snowman is a rescue bird. He is 24 and has been with me for 3 years. He does love to laugh and will carry on this laugh for 10 to 15 minutes at a time as long as he has someone to laugh with. He heard another bird on another video and that is what started this round of laughing."

Published: December 10, 201714 views
Flying Through A Sunset Storm Is One Glorious Experience23s

Flying Through A Sunset Storm Is One Glorious Experience

Sitting through a lightning storm is not a fun activity. The thick clouds stop us from catching those rays of sunshine that we oh-so-desperately need in the cold months. The lack of sun gives us the blues and those thunderbolts don’t help out either. Have you ever wondered what that dreary storm must look like from above the clouds? The sun is always shining up there, so if you ever get to fly above a lightning storm, then this is what you might see. This amazing footage of a lightning storm at sunset was captured by a mine worker from the airplane that was taking him home. The miners were traveling back from a remote mine site in the Northern Territory of Australia just in time before Cyclone Debbie was due to hit land in north Queensland. As the massive storm began to brew on March 27, the pilot diverted the plane around it. The thin could provided the extra prism effect, as all those microscopic water particles diffused the sunlight into all the colors of the visual spectrum. What a sight! The passengers were treated to this amazing view of lightning striking through the clouds during an amazing sunset storm. Lightning storms can be spectacular enough to watch from the ground but from above the clouds they are even more remarkable. After navigating around the storm the plane made it to its destination slightly late but safe and sound with the added bonus of a free light show.

Published: December 10, 2017278 views
The Blank Box Exploding 12 Gauge Bait Box1m05s

The Blank Box Exploding 12 Gauge Bait Box

Occurred on December 8, 2017 / Tacoma, Washington, USA Info from Licensor: "I was tired of seeing people run off with my Amazon packages while I was at work, so I made this device to deliver a message. It's safe, effective, and hopefully makes them think twice about stealing from someone else."

Published: December 9, 2017155 views
Little Girl Tried To Sneak Her Puppy To School38s

Little Girl Tried To Sneak Her Puppy To School

What are the things that every student needs to bring to school? Let’s see: text books, notebooks, pencils, erasers, the lunch, a puppy...Come again? You heard that right - one little girl in Praia Grande, Sao Paulo, Brazil decided that her tiny puppy is practically essential for her school day. So, she packed everything that she needed for a successful day at school and tucked the puppy in between everything else! Her dad caught little Alice right before she was about to hop on the bus for school, struggling to pick up her backpack. Not only that, but the whole bag was behaving a bit odd - something inside was moving! That’ when Flávio Leanderson started making this adorable video to show to the girl's grandmother. Trying to play it cool, Alice casually zipped up the bag like nothing is wrong here. But by then, it was already too late. "Take a look at this. No, ma'am, open your backpack," Leanderson is heard saying. "Are you taking the dog to school, Alice?" Like she is some sort of evil mastermind. Yes, papa, that is exactly what Alice’s plan was. Se might have been caught red-handed, but the attempted puppy-smuggler showed little remorse for her actions. Without missing a beat, she tossed her backpack, now puppy free, over her shoulders and continued on her way. It’s really hard to blame the adorable toddler for trying to sneak her pup to school. Why don’t schools allow them?

Published: December 9, 20177,167 viewsVirality: 12%
Skydiving out of a Car1m18s

Skydiving out of a Car

Occurred on August 12, 2017 / Eloy, Arizona, USA Info from Licensor: "Team MissionX is at it again. This time hurling the second car out of a perfectly good airplane. MissionX is behind the infamous Trump Car skydiving stunt that became an instant viral sensation. Not only did this daring team hurl cars out of an airplane, they rode inside the cars. This is an extremely dangerous stunt since the behavior of a car falling through 120 mph wind is completely unpredictable. There were some close calls, along with some short-term injuries, but all in all, it was a safe and successful mission."

Published: December 8, 201732 views
Florida Turtle Rescue54s

Florida Turtle Rescue

Occurred on December 4, 2017 / Venice, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "I saw a guy standing on the railing Fishing Pier and jump off. He was shark fishing and we saw him struggling in the water with something big. I ran out and it was a massive 350 Loggerhead Sea Turtle. After a long struggle the guy, finally removed the wires and fish hook saving the Sea Turtle"

Published: December 8, 201710 views
Hammock for the Win8s

Hammock for the Win

Occurred on December 9, 2017 / Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Info from Licensor: "Sometimes the dog climbs up to the hammock, looking funny and cute."

Human Rescues Drowning Puppy And Gets A Lifelong Friend25s

Human Rescues Drowning Puppy And Gets A Lifelong Friend

A footage has emerged of a confused and crying wet puppy, trying to find his way around. A man is standing next to a wet puppy, allegedly after saving him from drowning, trying to pet the tiny pooch. This video was filmed on November 28, 2017 in Binh Dai, Ben Tre, Vietnam. This cute rescue story will melt your heart and show you that there are still kind people in the world, willing to lend a helping hand. A man was fishing when he spotted a tiny puppy drowning and immediately went on a mission to try and rescue the dog. Fortunately, he managed to reach the dog and bring him back to shore. Luckily, the canine has quickly recovered and was nursed back to health. Dogs are naturally good swimmers on short distances, but sometimes they get too far from the shore and get in trouble. In an attempt to find their way around, they get tired of swimming and their limbs start getting numb, causing them to inevitably drown. You should always remember that you need to protect yourself when trying to rescue a drowning dog. The moments of preparation can save two lives, yours and the dog's. Make sure to watch for signs of shock, which include pale or white gums, a rapid heartbeat, or rapid breathing, when rescuing a drowning dog. Even if the rescue mission isn’t captured on camera, we can see that the dog is fine, other than being soaking wet. This man found himself a friend for a lifetime, dogs never forget the good deeds humans do for them!

Published: December 8, 2017353 viewsVirality: 10%
Rainbow Phenomenon1m01s

Rainbow Phenomenon

Occurred on November 24, 2017 / Buffalo, New York, USA Info from Licensor: "I went to move my ladder and when I looked up to set my ladder against the house I noticed a few rainbow colors in the sky but were different than a rainbow. I kept watching and in about two minutes it started to form a ring so I took pictures and decided to record it hoping it would form a complete ring. From watching a show on tv called extreme weather phenomenon or something like that, I knew that it was very rare."

Published: December 8, 201718 views
Car Crashes into Scooters39s

Car Crashes into Scooters

Occurred on December 6, 2017 / Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam Info from Licensor: "A car accidentally crashed into a bunch of scooters."

Published: December 8, 2017112 views
Brentwood Fires in Los Angeles1m27s

Brentwood Fires in Los Angeles

Occurred on December 19, 2017 / Brentwood, Los Angeles, USA Info from Licensor: "It was the second day of the current LA fires. I left my home in Santa Clarita Valley and headed on the 405 South towards Santa Monica which is my daily commute. I knew something was different about Tuesday because traffic was already backed up. As I approached the Sepulveda pass on the 405 south I could start to see the smoke to my left, even though it was still black outside. I knew of the surrounding fires in Santa Clarita, Santa Paula, and Sylmar and I knew the windy conditions outside made all of Southern California vulnerable to fires, but I never imagined what I was about to witness. As I approached Sunset Boulevard, I saw that the entire hillside of Brentwood was engulfed in flames, it was truly horrific and Armageddon-like."

Published: December 8, 201745 views
Crazy Approach to Fire Retardant Drop49s

Crazy Approach to Fire Retardant Drop

Occurred on December 7, 2017 / Fallbrook, California, USA Info from Licensor: "Video was taken at the start of the Lilac fire in North San Diego County. Calfire was attempting to contain the fire with these drops but the fire continued to progress. This particular aircraft came in below the height of the freeway that the aircraft was headed towards, and navigated the overhead wires to make the drop and pull up to avoid the hill."

Published: December 8, 201773 views
Alcohol Run gone Wrong1m28s

Alcohol Run gone Wrong

Occurred on July 24, 2017 / Santa Rosa, California, USA Info from Licensor: "I took the video at Safeway, this kid ended up getting away."

Published: December 8, 2017798 views
10-Year-Old Surprised with EnChroma Glasses1m18s

10-Year-Old Surprised with EnChroma Glasses

Occurred on February 17, 2017 / Johnston, Iowa, USA Info from Licensor: "Cayson is color blind. This video shows him trying on his new Enchroma glasses, which help him see colors, for the first time in February of 2017. The video shows the reaction and pure emotion of the situation."

Kitty Hears the Can23s

Kitty Hears the Can

Occurred on July 6, 2017 / Taiwan Info from Licensor: "My cat, Wang Choi, was asleep at my desk, but woke up at the dim sum."

Published: December 8, 20171,585 viewsVirality: 4%
Moose Invaders2m54s

Moose Invaders

Occurred on December 6, 2017 / Anchorage, Alaska, USA Info from Licensor: "I heard someone outside my home late at night. I thought it was someone trying to break in. I went downstairs and dialed 911. I looked through the peephole. There was 3 moose staring at me. I recorded the 3 moose eating my mom's plants. Then I recorded the moose 'trying to break in' on my home's CCTV security system. I told the moose I thought they were trying to break into my house."

Overturned Sewer Truck2m14s

Overturned Sewer Truck

Occurred on December 7, 2017 / Kharkov, Ukraine Info from Licensor: "A sewer truck overturned. No one was seriously injured."

Published: December 8, 201768 views