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Anaconda Crossing!2m40s

Anaconda Crossing!

Occurred on June 18, 2018 / Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil Info from Licensor: "An anaconda snake approximately 3.5 meters long crossing an avenue that crosses an important green area of the city."

Boat Gets Away From Captain25s

Boat Gets Away From Captain

Occurred on June 17, 2018 / Panama City Beach, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "The guy was driving through the bay, then hit something in the water. He was leaning out of the boat and then fell out of the boat. The skiff was running wide open and ran in a seawall. It flew in the air 10-15 feet into someone’s back yard."

Antique Pencil Sharper11s

Antique Pencil Sharper

Occurred on June 3, 2018 / Rogers, Arkansas, USA Info from Licensor: "My kids and I were shopping at the Time Antique Mall when my 13-year-old son fashioned a fishing reel out of an old pencil sharpener. Who knew the two items were so similar."

Hedgehog Rescue1m11s

Hedgehog Rescue

Occurred on June 20, 2018 / Zelenograd, Russia Info from Licensor: "From my window, I saw a hedgehog run with a cup of ice cream on his head and crash into various obstacles. The poor fellow was disoriented and the cup was very tight and without help the hedgehog would not have got out. I helped it and filmed it on video."

Monkey Rides Motorcycle19s

Monkey Rides Motorcycle

Occurred on March 25, 2018 / Surat Thani, Thailand Info from Licensor: "A monkey rides a motorcycle with a human."

Clouds Rolling off Lake Superior4m19s

Clouds Rolling off Lake Superior

Occurred on June 17, 2018 / Houghton County, Michigan, USA Info from Licensor: "Check out this awesome cloud bank as it rolls onto land from Lake Superior near the Redridge Dam near Houghton, Michigan. The Salmon Trout River is raging as it comes out into the lake, all those branches came down river!"

Mama Deer and Fawns37s

Mama Deer and Fawns

Occurred on May 15, 2018 / Half Moon Bay, California, USA Info from Licensor: "It was early spring and I had hoped to catch a glimpse of a baby deer when we came around the corner and I saw a mama with her three little ones. T they were extremely young, must have just been a few days old. This one was brave and came to play, then ran back to its mother and two other baby deer around the corner."

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Aftermath of Historic Flooding10m16s

Aftermath of Historic Flooding

Occurred on June 17, 2018 / Houghton County, Michigan, USA Info from Licensor: "We almost got stranded on M26 in the Keweenaw of Michigan! Check out the water across the road! This is crazy!"

Whirl Pool Taking Water Under Road37s

Whirl Pool Taking Water Under Road

Occurred on June 17, 2018 / Houghton County, Michigan, USA Info from Licensor: "Check out this spinning pool of water undermining the road! This was filmed on Rauhala Road near Superior Road in Houghton County, MI after epic historic flooding! This was draining under the road where there was no drain pipe. I would expect this road may soon give away."

Man in Wheelchair Reverses into Two Elderly Women24s

Man in Wheelchair Reverses into Two Elderly Women

Occurred on June 14, 2018 / Welling, Kent, UK Info from Licensor: "This incident happened today in Upper Wickham Lane, Welling. It was either deliberate or accidental. Please watch and decide yourself. Either way, the person in the wheelchair didn't stop. This has been reported to the police. Both ladies, one in her 90's, said they were okay. The man has now been charged with 2 counts of actual bodily harm (ABH)."

Pulling out Three Year Old Stitch58s

Pulling out Three Year Old Stitch

Occurred on March 5, 2016 / Memphis, Tennessee, USA Info from Licensor: "I was in an accident in 2013 that required over one hundred stitches in my leg. For the next three years my leg itched in one spot so bad that I would break the skin scratching. One day I noticed something that looked like a plastic wire sticking out of my leg. I pulled it out and realized it was a stitch. I ended up removing eight in all. This video is of the removal of one of those stitches."

Crocodiles Soaking up Some Sun1m16s

Crocodiles Soaking up Some Sun

Occurred on June 9, 2018 / Daly River, NT, Australia Info from Licensor: "Top End dry season mornings can be quite cold and a low tide at daylight exposed the sand bank for crocs to be out gathering some sun to warm up."

Road Destroyed After Fooding49s

Road Destroyed After Fooding

Occurred on June 17, 2018 / Houghton County, Michigan, USA Info from Licensor: "This was filmed near Rauhala Road & Superior Road after what was described as historic flooding on Father's Day. Check out this road that is completely destroyed from flood waters! This is just minor compared to many of the places I saw in person."

Hail Storm Pounds Colorado4m12s

Hail Storm Pounds Colorado

Occurred on June 19, 2018 / Fort Collins, Colorado, USA Info from Licensor: "I started hearing these enormous ice balls hit the roof of the house. My immediate response was to run out onto the front porch with my phone camera activated and record this video. The hail starts off slow, with just these sparse enormous golf balls slamming into the street and cars. Shortly thereafter it becomes a wall of white pebbles ranging from dime-sized to quarter-sized, then tapers off to light pea-sized hail after a few minutes. I deemed it safe enough to go out into the garage for some cardboard sheets that I then draped over the car to stop any further hail damage, although it was far too late at that point. I can then be heard saying how much I hate Colorado (although that's not entirely true, the weather can just be a bit stressful sometimes)."

Street Fireworks Aimed at Police40s

Street Fireworks Aimed at Police

Occurred on June 17, 2018 / Huntington Park, California, USA Info from Licensor: "It was a Mexico victory parade for winning against Germany. This took place on Pacific Blvd and Florence Ave. A guy was throwing fireworks at the cops and ended up getting caught and arrested."

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Device Covers License Plate While Going Through Toll15s

Device Covers License Plate While Going Through Toll

Occurred on June 10, 2018 / Miami, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "While driving on Highway 836 East bound in Miami, my husband and I spotted the driver of the Pacifica covering the License Plate with an automatic black cover while driving through the Tolls. I was able to capture the entire violation on my phone. The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating this driver and I was told by the Florida State Troopers, that this is not the first time this driver has committed this crime."

Toddler Climbs Pool Safety Ladder41s

Toddler Climbs Pool Safety Ladder

Occurred on June 15, 2018 / Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA Info from Licensor: "My 2-year-old, Cody, was climbing a lock pool ladder door in seconds. I had him try it a second time to record it to show how fast he climbs it to bring awareness to everyone owning a pool."

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Florida Fisherman Rescue12m17s

Florida Fisherman Rescue

Occurred on June 17, 2018 / Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "We were returning from our day off celebrating parents day, on the way, my son with his jet ski meets this fisherman in a kayak. My son thought I should stay away from him to avoid hitting him with the jet ski, but quickly found out he was trying to survive the kayak sinking. The rest of the story can be seen in the video. When we returned to the beach again to see if he was all right, he was with his family, wife and two children. We asked him again if he needed any more help, he just felt very exhausted after 3 hours of floating. In the end, we were all watching the sunset, we had all survived one more day. A lot of learning we got that day."

Parrot and Owner Cute Duet50s

Parrot and Owner Cute Duet

Occurred on June 6, 2018 / Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Info from Licensor: "Milo has been singing Bacon Pancakes for 6 years. He used to just bob his head up and down when I sang it to him, then after several months he started singing it himself. He slowly got better at pronouncing the words and knowing what the next part of the song was, resulting in a sort of 'duet'. I started replacing the word 'bacon' with his name in some parts of the song, which he has picked up as well - 'Milo Pancakes'."