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A Horse Run Amok5m00s

A Horse Run Amok

Occurred: January 10, 2017 / Chelyabinsk, Russia Info: An enraged horse storms the square and runs into traffic.

Published: January 17, 20173 views
Smash and Run3m01s

Smash and Run

Occurred: January 1, 2017 / Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA Info from Licensor: "I was driving home on New Years 2017. I stopped at a red light at an intersection and a truck turning left lost control and hit my driver side and drove away. My SUV was totaled."

Published: January 17, 20171 views
Snow Digger8s

Snow Digger

Occurred: January 15, 2017 / Iron Mountain, Wisconsin, USA Info from Licensor: "Couple of friends kids messing around in the woods between the main runs of Pine Mountain. There is a ditch they usually just barely jump over. He tried to slow down but hit a small tree with the back of his ski and did a faceplant. Only his pride was bruised. Tough kids."

Published: January 17, 20172 views
GGBY Slacklining Event (Recap)3m05s

GGBY Slacklining Event (Recap)

Occurred in Moab, UT, USA Info From Licensor: "In the remote desert of Moab, UT exists a playground like none you’ve ever seen. This is the annual GGBY slacklining event. The main attraction is the infamous Spacenet… a giant spider-web like contraception woven together by thousands of elastic bungie cords. Each of the 5 slaclkines is securely anchored to the rocks. The net, which is suspended by 5 slack lines, hovers 400 feet above the canyon floor The Spacenet is the brainchild of world famous slackliner “Sketchy Andy”. Each year Andy hosts this amazing slack line and BASE jumping event. Accessing the net is done so by traversing one of the 5 anchored slacklines. Once on the net, you can see down the canyon for miles and miles . The net can safely support 20 people at any given time. Once on the net, your imagination is the limit. You can to pull-ups, or simply dangle off the edge. But of course the real fun is jumping off!! Jumpers have a 4-second free fall before their parachute deploys And if jumping off the net isn’t your thing, you can always fall through the middle of it. At GGBY, there are about a dozen different slack lines to walk. Slacklining and BASE jumping aren’t the only two sports here at this amazing playground. Enthusiasts also rock climb. And if you have the balls to try this insane rope swing, you hurl yourself off the cliff’s edge and swing hundreds of feet through the canyon like a pendulum. It’s not for the faint of heart! The slack lines can also be used as a base jump exit. All you really have to do is let go! Whether it’s paragliding, slacklining, BASE jumping or climbing… the annual GGBY has something for every extreme sports enthusiast." - Negative4 Productons Credit: Negative4 Productions /

Published: January 17, 20174 views
Can't Stop, Won't Stop1m03s

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Occurred: January 15, 2017 / Chiang Mai, Thailand Info: A convoy of Lamborghinis drive through a red light.

Published: January 17, 20173 views
Mom Stole My Dance Moves1m25s

Mom Stole My Dance Moves

Occurred on December 20, 2016 / Palista, Brazil Info: A teenage girl dances for a video she's making and without her realizing, her mom starts dancing in the background.

Published: January 17, 20173 views
Reckless Mini Cooper Gets Served2m36s

Reckless Mini Cooper Gets Served

Occurred on June 30, 2016 / Norway Info: A Mini Cooper is rear-ended after illegally passing and cutting off a 50 ton truck, then coming to a complete stop. Due to the weight of the truck, the driver was unable to stop quickly. The driver of the Mini Cooper was issued fines and his license was suspended for 11 months.

Published: January 16, 20173,125 views
Raptor 13 Cop Refuses to Give Real Name2m35s

Raptor 13 Cop Refuses to Give Real Name

Occurred: January 15, 2016 / Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Info: A motorcyclist was pulled over after a police officer spotted an alleged defect with his helmet. The driver claimed the officer grabbed his helmet out of his hands to see if it was defective. When the driver tried to grab the helmet back, the officer and driver pushed each other and the officer returned to his car to call in back-up. The police officer refuses to give his real name, and calls himself "Raptor 13" instead. Raptor 13 is later seen flicking the man's driver's license on the ground instead of handing it back, an act the driver claims was deliberate.

Published: January 16, 20173,909 views
Carpet Python with a Full Belly39s

Carpet Python with a Full Belly

Occurred in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Info from Licensor: "Wow check out the size of this Carpet Python's belly, he sure has eaten a decent size meal and was enjoying resting in a home's garage."

Published: January 16, 20175 views
No Crew Cab, No Problem19s

No Crew Cab, No Problem

Occurred on January 14, 2017 / Naples, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "I was out for a drive, almost home and noticed a guy on the back of a trailer riding on a lawnmower. He was riding back there like no big thing and looked as if he didn't have a care in the world. First thought came to my mind was "Keep Calm & Mexican On" and also figured there wasn't enough room in the cab for him so he had to ride in the back which he probably wasn't thrilled with but he kept his cool and rode on the mower on the trailer."

Published: January 16, 20173 views
Jimmy Loves to Follow Mum16s

Jimmy Loves to Follow Mum

Occurred: March 8, 2016 / The Kangaroo Sanctuary, Alice Springs, Australia Info from Licensor: "Another cute video of Jimmy when he was just a tiny baby almost a year ago. It's important for baby kangaroos to stay close to their mum for safety."

Published: January 16, 20171 views
Kitesurfing with Jaws1m11s

Kitesurfing with Jaws

"I was kitesurfing when I saw a BIG shadow around me. I realized that it was a great white shark, one big enough to kill me! I was trying to escape, but the wind was so light. This big shark was following me and each time I fell in the water, I was sure it was the end for me."

Published: January 16, 20175,856 views
Road Rage Knockout Punch in #ABQ  - ALBACRAZY - ABQ RAW11m37s

Road Rage Knockout Punch in #ABQ - ALBACRAZY - ABQ RAW

Road Rage Knockout Punch in #ABQ - ALBACRAZY - ABQ RAW The man wearing all black in the silver truck cased the young man victim to his home. Albuquerque Police were called and the victim who got knock unconscious was taken to jail because he blew over the legal limit. The man in the black shirt was let go because the young victim did not want to press charges. Watch the full altercation video: When you encounter bad drivers sometimes it's better to let things go. And just say have a nice day! --- From licensor notes: Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico Date: 07/15/2015 Additional Info: "On July 15 at approximately 7:28 PM my wife and I were sitting in the backyard talking and we heard what sounded like cars racing through the neighborhood at a very high rate of speed along with the sound of screeching tires. We then heard people yelling and arguing loudly. We ran to the front yard and found my neighbors Greg Allen and his son Ryan Allen (26) arguing with a man in a silver dodge truck. Quickly, I went inside my house and grabbed my video camera and began to video the altercation. While my wife was on the phone with the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) 911 operator, I videoed what begin as a road rage altercation that then escalated to a knockout (KO) punch delivered by the man (Mike Tull) in the silver Dodge pick-up truck who cased my young neighbor Ryan home. Shortly, after the KO punch was delivered as the man in the silver truck drove away. Just as the man in the silver truck made it past the stop and turned the corner APD arrived on scene and questioned both parties involved. The APD officer asked to watch the video as the officer watch he said, "There was no need for him (man in truck) to get out of his truck." The APD officer asked for me to provide a copy of the video. When I asked him what was going to happen he said the victim of the KO Ryan Allen was going to be going to jail because he blew a 2.1 which is twice the legal limit. When I asked if the man in the silver truck would be getting arrested the APD officer said no because the victim Ryan Allen didn't want to press any charges. I told the officer I can't believe that. The APD officer said I know I can't believe it either. What amazed me is that only after my wife another witness to the event said they need to have young man check out because he hit his head very hard. Only then was a fire department called to check Ryan out medically. Instead of first taking the KO victim to the hospital the APD officer took Ryan straight to jail. The following day after being released from jail, Ryan told me that someone in jail asked how did he get a cut on the side of his head. I then told Ryan he should go to get check out by medical professional because what happened is he hit his head very hard on the cement. I then showed him the video of the event and he had his sister take him to the hospital. After, being check out it was determined that the young man (Ryan) did receive a head injury from the hit and fall to the ground. When I asked Ryan the victim why he did not want to press any charges he said, "The APD officer had never asked me if I wanted to press charges." Ryan seemed to be upset about that and said he was going to press charges and possibly seek legal action against the man who hit him."

Published: January 16, 201717 views
Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Attacks Car4m01s

Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Attacks Car

Info From Licensor: "We came across two grizzly bears on the Beartooth Highway grazing at the side of the road. We shot video and photos for about 20 minutes when one bear climbed on the car across the street from us. He then dropped down off of the car and came straight for our vehicle. He climbed on the hood, and Valerie Peters shot video of the encounter. In the car were David and Valerie Peters (husband and wife from Billings, MT), their niece Sage Crofts (from Cody, WY - age 12)and a friend's daughter - Elise Beal (from San Jose, CA - age 7). We were not really fearful as the bear did not act in an aggressive manner. After the encounter, I asked Elise if this would give her nightmares, and she said "Are you kidding? This is the best day of my life EVER! The children had been eating beef jerky all morning and the open bag was sitting on the seat, which explains the comment Elise made about the bear smelling the beef jerky. At no time did we feed the bear. I should be noted that this incident took place about 30 miles outside of Yellowstone National Park on Highway 212, on the Beartooth Highway." - Valerie Peters Location: Beartooth Highway, Wyoming Occurrence Date: June 20, 2015 Credit: Valerie Peters /

Published: January 16, 201722 views
Dashcam Captures Head-on Collision1m13s

Dashcam Captures Head-on Collision

Info: A driver traveling down the narrow roads of Thailand gets into a head on collision causing the a small car to roll over. Location: Bangkok, Thailand Date: August 24, 2014

Published: January 16, 20176 views
Police Stop Turns Violent41s

Police Stop Turns Violent

Two men were stopped by the police on their way home from a restaurant. The police obtained ID from one of the men, but when he attempted to leave, the stop turned into a fist fight.

Published: January 16, 201710 views