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Sapphire finds herself an unlikely sparring partner !!!!!1m21s

Sapphire finds herself an unlikely sparring partner !!!!!

Take a look at sapphire, she is 12 years old now and can get a little moody at times especially when she thinks you may have a treat that you are withholding from her. Look at how she seems to be in a mood and starts to push her owner's head around, think she just wants a sparring partner? firstly she feels her face with her mouth and starts to push her head but.....she goes a little too far !!!!! she nearly knocks off her owner's head

Dogs just love peanut butter 3m53s

Dogs just love peanut butter

Watch shadow has he licks this peanut butter from this fork he loves it so much, its so funny to watch, he just does not stop until its gone

Published: January 24, 201863 views
Siblings! big sister teasing little sister, then in comes the German Shepherd 1m01s

Siblings! big sister teasing little sister, then in comes the German Shepherd

When big sister is trying to tease her little sister just for fun, and your German Shepherd puts a stop to it. The elder sister tries to block her little sisters vision from the TV when she is playing a game to tease her but then Shadow does not think this is fair and puts a stop to her fun by jumping up at her watch him when he sees her doing star jumps in front of her little sister so she cannot see the television, Shadow steps in and stops her. so funny!

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Play fighting Lady vs German Shepherd 52s

Play fighting Lady vs German Shepherd

German Shepherd and his owner are play fighting which one will submit. Shadow and his owner love nothing more than to play fight they both really enjoy it but the owner thinks Shadow will give in first but she is mistaken, it does not take him long before he pounces on her and knocks her on to the chair,so funny

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Shadow does not like snowmen 2m32s

Shadow does not like snowmen

While out walking,Shadow the German Shepherd, take's a disliking to a snowman and decides he doesn't like it and want's to trample and destroy someone's lovingly built snowman, he start's to play with the head that he had knocked off then totally destroy's the rest by pawing the snow until there is nothing left.

Needy Horse Pulls In Caretaker To Give Her A Giant Hug1m00s

Needy Horse Pulls In Caretaker To Give Her A Giant Hug

This is the heartwarming moment when a needy horse shows affection to caretaker by demanding a giant hug. Phoenix is a three-year-old Friesian horse who loves to give and receive hugs and kisses. Footage shows the incredible bond this pet and his owner share! Footage shows a horse and his caretaker standing in a stable and having a nice time. Moments later, Phoenix starts pulling the lady close to him, but she doesn’t know what it means. He demands love and affection by resting his head on woman’s shoulder several times in an attempt to share a huge and snuggle with the human. How adorable! Watch as these two clutch heads and engage into one, big, sweet "hug"! The needy horse is desperately seeking affection from caretaker and isn’t afraid to show it! After chimpanzees, dogs and dolphins, horses are actually considered to be one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and they sure know how to give love and hugs. Sweet! Reportedly, horses recognize different people and have an emotional bond with their caretakers. In addition, they recognize not only the look of their owners but the sound of them too. That type of intelligence is exactly why Phoenix is able to recognize his owner and pulls her in for a big hug, to show her love and affection! What a loving creature! Of course, the first time Phoenix did this, his caretaker was baffled and wondered whether Phoenix was irritated or nervous! When he continued with this behavior, she realized that her needy horse actually wanted to come closer and give him a hug! Apparently, this physical display of affection is common between horses and their humans with whom they share a close emotional bond. These two are the best of friends and they now hug all the time!

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Super excited German Shepherd, gives his mom a big welcome home with hugs and kisses 1m00s

Super excited German Shepherd, gives his mom a big welcome home with hugs and kisses

Shadow the German Shepherd is super excited to see his mom when she comes home from work. When he hears the door, he just cannot wait to give her the biggest welcome home she has ever had. Firstly he hears her car so he stands by the door then he hears the door unlock. He cannot contain his excitement as he prepares to pounce! The moment she walks in his excitement bursts out allowing insight into the special bond they have together. He smothers her with hugs and kisses, she feels so loved by him !!!

Horse is so cold her lip quivers 55s

Horse is so cold her lip quivers

This is Phoenix, my 3 year old Frisian, she is not used to seeing snow and when she puts her nose in it she lifts her head and her lip starts to quiver, watch her as she investigates the snow when she lifts her head just look at her face. So funny!!

Playing hide and go seek with your German Shepherd 45s

Playing hide and go seek with your German Shepherd

Shadow the German Shepherd loves nothing more than to play hide and go seek with his little friend, only problem is he is very good at it and the little girl does not understand how he has found her she states that "It must be the trail of sticks that i laid that's how he found me" When if fact he has a great sense of smell and he knows where she is instantly. These dogs are regularly used by the police because of their great abilities and there is no place to hide unfortunatley for the little girl, she doesn't stand a chance .Very Funny!!

German shepherd naughtily  pops little girl's ball 1m30s

German shepherd naughtily pops little girl's ball

Shadow the German Shepherd does it again! When the little girl realizes that Shadow has popped her ball she is not very happy in fact she is so upset that she throws her ball on the floor to show him it will no longer bounce! Shadow doesn't seem to care at all he just look's at her! Shadow is a very naughty boy and his owner's are getting quiet accustomed to his behavior, as they are begining to realize that he like's to chew things and in general, be a very naughty boy. Watch as the little girl throw's the ball on the floor to prove to Shadow that it no longer works it's hilarious, the owner quickly say's she will buy her another one but the little girl sits down and sulk's because the ball is no longer any use. The owner says to the little girl Shadow may as well keep it. So funny!!

Little Girl Preciously Demonstrates How To Train Your Dog To Do Tricks4m43s

Little Girl Preciously Demonstrates How To Train Your Dog To Do Tricks

Every kid that ever got to grow up with a dog and their best bud can consider themselves privileged. Dogs are the best friend any kid can have, not just because of the playtime and the endless amount of love they have to share, but also because they can teach kids some invaluable lessons in life. Now, while we do think of our dogs as members of the family, the difference between animals and humans does require for at least some basic training. The simplest commands, like ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘heel’ will make a world of a difference with you dog, but teaching your dog to fetch a beer might come in handy sometimes. This girl, although still so very young, already knows the best way to train your pooch and in this adorable video, she will ‘learn’ us how to train our dogs to do tricks, with Shadow the German Shepherd as her trusty side kick. Her first advice is to have treat in a bag, or in this case, a jar. “If you don’t have one of these, then buy a container. And if you don’t have a bag of treats, then buy one." she says. Sounds simple enough. “But before you do anything, make sure the dog is trained." she adds. We guess she’s thinking about the basic commands. She shows us well mannered her buddy Shadow is, by sitting still with a treat on his head while waiting for his cue. In the end, she wraps her presentation with a disclaimer that you should ask your mom and dad if you want to try this with your doggie! She is so adorable!

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Girl confuses German Shepherd 4m41s

Girl confuses German Shepherd

This little girl is really confusing this German Shepherd??? Watch this little girl as she tries to give this German Shepherd commands but Shadow is only getting really confused as to what she wants him to do, he really tries to please her!! but just keeps getting it wrong the little girl gets extremely frustrated by his disobedience and that he is not following her every word, she keeps repeating herself until he finally gets it . FUNNY!!

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Ninja Cockerel attacks 1m47s

Ninja Cockerel attacks

Watch this ninja Cockerel swoop in to attack, it really has taken a disliking to this guy!! and all the video-er can do is laugh the Cockerel doesn't seem to mind him! but he really does not like the other guy, just watch how it seems to be waiting for him to attack, has soon as he leaves the stable its there, ready to swoop in and attack him' the guy cannot understand why and locks himself in the stable, he realizes he has to come back out and tries to scare the Cockerel away first but the cockerel is afraid of no one and refuses to budge .This is so funny !!!

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German Shepherd puppy meets 12 week old blue Staffordshire bull terrier1m58s

German Shepherd puppy meets 12 week old blue Staffordshire bull terrier

Look at these two puppies, German Shepherd and staffordshire bull terrier meeting for the first time. They are trying to get to one another to play! Look at the playfulness of them both, but because we were unsure how they would react to one another we kept them separated just to see how they acted. Turns out there was no need to worry, they absolutely adored each other!!

Published: October 24, 201784 views
Cute Monkey's rummaging for food!!42s

Cute Monkey's rummaging for food!!

This video was taken in Tenerife and fruit could be bought to feed the monkeys Take a look at these Monkey's taking food out of our hand,it is absolutely adorable

Published: October 24, 201791 views
German Shepherd makes Human disappear!! 31s

German Shepherd makes Human disappear!!

When you get a German Shepherd make sure you realize how big they can get. Take a look at the sheer size of this German shepherd!.He's huge, watch as he lies next to his owner, she disappears! Shadow is very big even for a German Shepherd and when his mom calls him over to pet him, he decides it would be a great idea to jump up on her lap,he then decides he wants to lay down next to her, this German Shepherd weighs around 95lb and is around 2ft 3 inches tall so has he lays down his owner actually disappears in his presence and she looks tiny next to him. This is hilarious to see.

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When your German shepherd does not comprehend the game fetch!! 3m07s

When your German shepherd does not comprehend the game fetch!!

Trying to play a game of fetch with my German Shepherd while out in the fields, unfortunately he doesn't realize he has to bring the stick back, I think he may need a little more practice!. When we take Shadow out for walks we always try to get him to play fetch , after all is that not what dogs are supposed to do? Well take a lòok at this German Shepherd he just cannot grasp the game in fact he is quite selfish with his stick and just will not let his owner get it at all! let alone bring it back to her. I think he much prefers to be chased around. Look how cheeky he is, as the owner tries to sneak the stick away from him so funny!!

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Horse Won't Respect Owner's Privacy, Keeps Opening Door2m25s

Horse Won't Respect Owner's Privacy, Keeps Opening Door

The owner of this horse named Sapphire cannot get any private time at all! When she closes the door to get changed, Sapphire has none of it - she just flings open the door to see what is going on and nearly knocks her over in the process! Sapphire is an Anglo Arab and she is 14 years old. She has become accustomed to being with her owner all the time! Usually, when we think of an animal that has zero respect for personal space, we think of cats instantly. Those things can really step on you! But maintaining personal space with any animals that you keep as a companion is crucial, both for safety and for bonding sake. Maintaining the integrity of personal space when working with horses is also crucial for these same reasons. It helps ensure a successful partnership with these animals. Uninvited penetration of a handler’s personal space is a behavior that is preventable and manageable yet often overlooked. Likewise, awareness of the horse’s personal space is just as important as defending our own. In the wild horses are generally well spaced out with at least a body’s length between them. Crowding of handlers is common in horses considered to have behavior issues or a lack of training. Handlers unknowingly reward crowding behavior with treats or scratches. Crowding is more often a case of poor handling or training rather than disrespect or ill intent. Asking the horse to move out of one’s bubble requires the horse to move away from a stimulus. The stimulus could be pressure from your hand, a tap from a whip, or a swinging lead rope. It is considered a good practice to move the horse away twice as far as it came in while refusing to give ground by keeping one’s feet still. This type of training is good for any horse as working with humans dictates that horses must learn to move away from pressure when prompted. (source:

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