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Shadow the German Shepherd thinks he is entitled to everything he sees!58s

Shadow the German Shepherd thinks he is entitled to everything he sees!

Shadow the German shepherd has entitlement issues. This german shepherd and his chihuahua housemate sleep, eat and play fight together all the time but when it comes to sharing Shadow will not. Take a look at what he does when Poppy goes near him while playing with a stick see how he playfully teases her with it, she realises he is not going to let her have it so she moves on and finds one of her own, he will not let her have that either!! Shadow has a lot of growing up to do and learn how to share. It is just like children they do this all the time . We delight in seeing our children’s faces light up when they receive exactly what they want when we drop whatever we are doing to drive to someplace they have to be “right now!” or when we agree to finish their school project so they can get a good night’s sleep. Happiness Overdone Yet, when children receive everything they want, we feed into their sense of entitlement—and feelings of gratitude fall by the wayside. Today it is a “Me, Me, Me” epidemic brought on by parents doing everything so they can ensure their children’s happiness. “The entitlement epidemic usually begins with over-parenting—over-indulging, over-protecting, over-pampering, over-praising, and jumping through hoops to meets kids endless demands,". "Today’s generation of parents are overly invested in their child’s happiness, comfort and success. “Overly involved parents helicopter their kids’ every move and mow down the potential obstacles in their path,” “In an attempt to shelter our kids from adversity, we rob them of the opportunity to make decisions, learn from their mistakes, and develop the resilience needed to thrive through the ups and downs of life. It is time we taught Shadow a lesson in sharing!

 Horse Throws Tantrum When Owner Leaves Her Alone In Field1m26s

Horse Throws Tantrum When Owner Leaves Her Alone In Field

I'm sure you will agree that horses are one of the most majestic and beautiful animals on the planet. Despite the fact that they can easily crush us with their sized and immensely powerful hooves and therefore inspire fear, horses are very tender and beautiful creatures. And they show their tenderness in a wonderful way. Many people love their horses, take care of them and provide them with a natural life of the highest quality. But they cannot understand how horses communicate their gratitude, affection or even convey their reaction back to people who handle them. Just like a cat that folds on its lap, or a puppy that licks its nose, the horse has ways of saying that they love you. Each of the horses has a very different personality and brings a different specialty to the sessions. People gravitate towards a certain horse or, more often, a horse will gravitate towards them and then the real magic begins. The horses are exceptionally affectionate, playful and even patient. People describe their time at the Mane Intent differently but all agree that the ten gentle souls that make up this herd are truly unique. For many, the visit is a very moving and emotional experience that can drastically change their outlook. These horses are capable of connecting with people in a way that has to be seen to be believed. Phoenix the Friesian horse loves nothing more but to hit the ignore button for her owner. So, when it’s time for her to leave the pasture, her owner calls her saying it’s time to go. Phoenix pretends that the call has never got to her ears and goes on grazing grass. She acts like a spoiled horse and she doesn’t suppose that her owner would ever leave her alone. Her handler keeps repeating “Are you coming? Are you coming?” but when she realizes that this stubborn horse is nowhere close to obey her nice way of asking, she changes the tactics. Reverse psychology that is - a perfect way to make obstinate and cranky children do what they are asked to do. And guess what, it works miraculously. The moment her owner says that she would leave her and says bye, the bell rings in the mind of this headstrong horse and reality hits her hard. Of course, Phoenix doesn’t want to be left alone locked in the field so she starts acting crazy. She throws the funniest horse tantrum ever. Who would have thought that horses, just like babies, can throw tantrums like this. As Phoenix gets close to the gate, she shows her displeasure and feels agitated. She starts jumping with her high and long steps which gives her a gait that is straight and forward, with a spring to her step thanks to the strength of her pushing power within the legs. Once you have established relationship with this horse, it is something that creates an emotional connection between the handler and the horse. Just like you might have an argument with your best friend, a Friesian is likely to have an argument with you from time to time. Yet at the same time, Phoenix doesn’t like conflict at all. If she experiences a stressful situation, then she will attempt to use her owner as a shield against that difficult emotion. Lesson learned, don’t you think?

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Honey lays like a baby in her owners arms 1m01s

Honey lays like a baby in her owners arms

Meet Honey our very own brand new puppy, she is only 10 weeks old and she is very comical and entertaining. She is absolutely brimming with personality and she is very quirky. she loves snuggling up with her owner !! Chihuahuas adore warmth, oh, yes! They will seek out the tiniest sunspot in which to bask, and they tunnel under blankets and towels. You have to be careful whenever you sit down on your sofa or bed, as there could be a Chihuahua tucked under there! because they are so small you just do not see anything at all! but there are good things about them being so small they are so easy to carry around and very light. Chihuahuas come in several different coats and colors and they are naturally suspicious of strangers? But if you raise them properly, they can be suspicious without letting everyone within earshot know it, ow, although they do have a reputation of being nasty this is not always the case it is how you bring them up and if you start to teach them from an early age they should "get along peacefully" but not always just like humans Chihuahuas are not going to like and get along with everyone. On the contrary, many Chihuahuas are nat or without progressing to threats. It's up to YOU to draw and enforce the line. All in all, Chihuahuas are really funny and entertaining in quirky ways (hard to describe – you gotta be there!) and are loveable characters they are very loyal pets and are great additions to any family they don't really like to go on long walks, so these are great companions for people who cannot get about and only have small gardens, that should be all the exercise they need .

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Little girl plays Fortnite4m59s

Little girl plays Fortnite

Take a look at this little girl playing Fortnite, she is really funny and thinks she is going to be next Muselk. she loves to play Fortnite and really gets into it, she gets so excitable and shouts out when being attacked by another player she hides then calls herself a wimp for doing so, listen to her at the end how disappointed she gets when someone finally shoots her

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This Nosy Dog Wants To Keep Tabs On Everything Outside1m50s

This Nosy Dog Wants To Keep Tabs On Everything Outside

When people want to get a dog that will be a great companion, loving and loyal, that can keep burglars at bay, they usually get a German Shepherd. The breed is known for its versatility: leading the blind, chasing down criminals, sniffing out illegal substances, serving in the military, visiting the sick, even herding stock. Even though they can be very compassionate with their own family, German Shepherds are mostly aloof and suspicious towards strangers. It should come as no surprise that this one took it upon himself to stand guard in front of the house window for any suspicious activity going on outside. Watch this German Shepherd as he tries to look outside. He is really intrigued by something out there, and when his owner closes the curtain, he is not very happy! No matter what she does, Shadow will not turn his attention away from the activity happening on the other side of the window. She calls and pokes him, ultimately gaining no response from her nosy pet. He doesn’t even flinch! At one point, he turns towards the camera as the person recording moves, rustling the fabric of the chair they are on. But he quickly assesses the situation, concludes that there is no threat and turns back to surveying the exterior. But when the girl gets up and closes the curtain on the window, Shadow is furious she compromised his mission! He gets up and confronts her, stomping her with his front paws. The subject is getting away! He knows he must not let his subject get away, so he runs around, hoping to find another vantage point. We have no idea if he gathered enough intelligence though.

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German Shepherd simply won't share! 2m24s

German Shepherd simply won't share!

Shadow the German Shepherd will not share his toys and will not let his owner get hold of it no matter what she does or says, Shadow is not one for sharing his favorite stick! Take a look at Shadow with his toys he is very protective of them and pulls some really cute faces when his owner asks for his stick, those eyes are to die for! They are so funny and his eyes alone tell a story on their own they are hilarious!! When Nicole his owner cannot get his toy through persuasion she then has to try another tactic! She tries to be intelligent and tactical to remove the bone from her best friend possession. After some deliberation she pretends that someone is at the door, Shadow instinctively turns on his guard dog mode and darts for the window, subsequently dropping his toy to shout at anyone who may be at the door! It worked..... At that moment she remarks "Who's that Shadow?", in true Shadow fashion, he lets his toy plummet to the floor as he leaps up on the sofa to see who is there. Alas, there is nobody at the door and when the realization hits he runs back to his owner to retrieve his toy, she has tricked him! She managed to steal his toy so he jumps back down and retrieves the toy from her pulling funny face's all the while. A little later she tries again just to see if he has learned from the first time she pulled it off. Although Shadow is very intelligent she manages to trick him once more. She is too smart for him! Shadows has bags and bags of character, and we definitely wouldn't have him any other way. The face's he pulls has many people amused and everyone who meets him adore's him and love his mannerisms and his typical German Shepherd behaviors. He really is mans best friend.

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Needy German Shepherd makes it difficult for owner to exercise32s

Needy German Shepherd makes it difficult for owner to exercise

German Shepherds are extremely loyal and smart dogs. This is why police services use them. Although, you should know that German Shepherds are made of velcro... Well not literally, but they certainly are very clingy indeed, so much so that Shadow in this video will not let his owner exercise at all!

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Little girl plays adorably with her doll until she realizes she is on camera! 41s

Little girl plays adorably with her doll until she realizes she is on camera!

There is nothing more adorable than watching a child play, watch this little girl as she plays with her doll happily until she realizes she is being filmed with a camera phone, Her face changes immediately and is so funny to watch and she is so adorable! This little girl loves to play with her Elsa doll and as done since she was bought it at Christmas time, she loves the film Frozen, she also loves the characters Elsa and Hannah and pleaded with her parents for them to buy her the dolls, which they did, and she hasn't stopped playing with them since. Watch how she interacts with the doll It is so cute. When she plays she is in her own little bubble and doesn't hear or see anything around her at all.Children's imaginations are amazing and they have the ability to become part of the game maybe, Elsas best friend? her mum or dad? They seem to go off in her own world of make-believe, just watch how engrossed she is and doesn't really see what is surrounding her .....She hears nothing apart from her own voice she blanks everything out and just carries on playing with her toys, ignoring noises and anything else she may see from the corner of her eye. Then all of a sudden something takes away that train of thought something that makes her turn around, a small bang or the creaking of a door perhaps? whatever it is, it certainly got her attention this time! She turns around to see what is going on? It is then that she realizes she is being filmed and is now on camera her face is a picture as she looks over and she stops playing immediately The little girl's parents love to watch her play, and have captured a piece of footage that I'm sure the little girl will love to look back on when she has grown up !!!!

German Shepherd Beautifully demonstrates how to play with his Chew toy! 1m15s

German Shepherd Beautifully demonstrates how to play with his Chew toy!

A dog's life is filled with simple pleasures. There's you. There are treats, and then there are toys. But some keep it even more simple: There's just the one toy. We've certainly seen one-toy pets before dogs like Shadow, who loves his orange bone toy this is because he gets it filled with peanut butter, which he cannot get enough off. Shadow the German Shepherd is so funny. Watch him demonstrate to his owner that he wants to play and he shows her just how it should be done, firstly he picks up the toy, to show her which toy he wants to play with, he then throws it to her before picking it up and shaking it around he then points to it with his paw, he is so funny . This is really unconventional but, Beautifully done Shadow! Try a few different dog toys to see which ones your pet likes best these help them stay happy, alert and energetic! Chew toys and puppy teething toys are great for your dog. These are often made from heavy-duty rubber and give your pup a way to exercise his jaw and keep his mind occupied. Tug toys Pulling games are fun for both you and your dog, items with plenty of grip and rope's specially made for dog toys, are not just fun they help you and your dog bond, toy's can help both you and your dog communicate eye gaze, facial expression, vocalization, body posture (including movements of bodies and limbs) and gustatory communication (scents, pheromones, and taste). Humans communicate with dogs by using vocalization, hand signals and body posture.Domestic dogs inherited complex behaviors, such as bite inhibition, from their wolf ancestors, which would have been pack hunters with complex body language. These sophisticated forms of social cognition and communication may account for their trainability, playfulness, and ability to fit into human households and social situations, and these attributes have given dogs a relationship with humans that has enabled them to become one of the most successful species on the planet today.

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German Shepherd scolds Ring Neck Parakeet for trying to nip his owner. 24s

German Shepherd scolds Ring Neck Parakeet for trying to nip his owner.

Watch as Shadow the German Shepherd scolds Charlie because she tried to nip his owner, he was not happy so he runs over to the cage and scolds her, but Charlie does not take to kindly to his scolding and she gives as good as she gets and tries to peck him through the bars and they both end up squabbling with each other! Hilariously funny!! Understanding birds If you are novice you are sometimes quick to misjudge your bird's behavior and wonder why you received a bite or why the bird fluttered off your hand. Does the bird want you ..... Affect Behavior. Mature birds tend to become hormonal once a year in the spring, when the amount of natural light is longer than the amount of darkness.-Birds learn very well. Young birds learn to recognize predators by observing the behavior of other birds. Many species of birds make loud, scolding calls when they discover predators such as owls, cats, or snakes. Birds also use display as a way of settling disputes over food or territory, and to maintain a dominance hierarchy. Aggression between species is common. For example, a blackcap will intimidate a greenfinch, but will itself be seen off by a larger bird such as a great spotted woodpecker. In the case of the dog however whether you already own a dog and you are considering a pet bird, or you already have a bird and are considering a pet dog, you are sure to have your work cut out for you in terms of integrating them into the same household. While it can be a challenge to train dogs and birds to get along, it can be done ... Birds and Dogs Living Together: Is It Safe? Even if your dog doesn't exhibit predatory behavior, he can still accidentally injure your bird, just so long as you make sure that both dog and bird are fully seperated and can not get to each other then this is a sure way of protecting all your pets.

Shadow loves to play in the snow 1m50s

Shadow loves to play in the snow

Shadow clearly loves playing out in the snow, he gets so excited he can hardly contain himself, take a look at how he prances around playing and trying to catch the snow he is so adorable !! He even gets a face full of snow , so funny to see !

Phoenix the Horse cannot stop giving hugs and kisses to owner! 2m33s

Phoenix the Horse cannot stop giving hugs and kisses to owner!

Horses are intelligent although some are undoubtedly more intelligent than others. They have the ability to learn but also the ability to work things out for themselves such as opening stable bolts, freeing themselves from accidents in the field, etc. A horse is a fast learner with correct and consistent training.This video is adorable and you must see it believe it that a horse can actually pull her owner in for huge hug's one after another, she reels her owner in and gives kisses in-between, her owner has no treats and she has not been taught to do this, she just does it to be close to her owner, This is so Adorable!! Let us know what you think of this video ?

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The beast from the east catches German Shepherd by surprise 22s

The beast from the east catches German Shepherd by surprise

This snow has come all the way from Siberia then to top it off along came storm Emma to blow all the snow to form blizzards, Shadow absolutely loved it! but he is certainly not used to it, Watch Shadow's surprise, when his owner calls him over, when they are out walking in a snowstorm see how he leaps into the snow drift and almost disappears! he has a shock !It is so funny! look as he tries to wade out of it, He has never seen weather like this before!

Dogs just love peanut butter 3m53s

Dogs just love peanut butter

Watch shadow has he licks this peanut butter from this fork he loves it so much, its so funny to watch, he just does not stop until its gone

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Siblings! big sister teasing little sister, then in comes the German Shepherd 1m01s

Siblings! big sister teasing little sister, then in comes the German Shepherd

When big sister is trying to tease her little sister just for fun, and your German Shepherd puts a stop to it. The elder sister tries to block her little sisters vision from the TV when she is playing a game to tease her but then Shadow does not think this is fair and puts a stop to her fun by jumping up at her watch him when he sees her doing star jumps in front of her little sister so she cannot see the television, Shadow steps in and stops her. so funny!

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Play fighting Lady vs German Shepherd 52s

Play fighting Lady vs German Shepherd

German Shepherd and his owner are play fighting which one will submit. Shadow and his owner love nothing more than to play fight they both really enjoy it but the owner thinks Shadow will give in first but she is mistaken, it does not take him long before he pounces on her and knocks her on to the chair,so funny

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Shadow does not like snowmen 2m32s

Shadow does not like snowmen

While out walking,Shadow the German Shepherd, take's a disliking to a snowman and decides he doesn't like it and want's to trample and destroy someone's lovingly built snowman, he start's to play with the head that he had knocked off then totally destroy's the rest by pawing the snow until there is nothing left.