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Long-Haired Woman Undergoes Complete Makeover For Short Hair3m33s

Long-Haired Woman Undergoes Complete Makeover For Short Hair

Angela went from very long hair to extremely short hair and was completely up for it. She had worn her hair long since she was ten years old, so she decided that it was finally time for a change. Long to short can be fun! Before bringing this tough decision, she was second-guessing her idea, hesitating and double-checking what she likes. However, after the makeover, she looked at herself in the mirror and said that she never felt more beautiful! In addition to her new hairstyle, she also learned how to wear makeup, and after the complete transformation she looked so much more like her inner personality. Christopher Hopkins did her hair, Margaret Bodensteiner created the color and Kami Kleven did her makeup. This wonderful team of professionals worked their magic fingers to give Angela a brand new look! Not many people would dare to make drastic changes in their look, however change is good from time to time, because it makes you feel refreshed and in control of your life. Breaking the old habits and patterns can be hard, but it takes a real courage to make that call! It is usually that ‘eureka’ moment that forces people to throw out the old and beckon in the new. Angela had one such moment when she turned 40 years of age. She came to the conclusion that her long hair wasn’t as beautiful as it once was, and made the tough decision to let her go! After three decades of having the same hairstyle, she decided it was time to buck the trend! Angela contacted Minneapolis-based hairdresser Christopher Hopkins, also known as the ‘Makeover Guy’, and asked him to change her appearances. Angela knew what it meant to cut off two-feet of hair, but she was ready for the challenge. She had a friend who was looking for a wig, so all that hair wouldn’t go to waste. The moment Christopher cut off her hair, a smile spread across Angela’s face. She instantly felt better! Subscribe: : MAKEOVERGUY : Minneapolis, 612 377 2711

Woman Flies From England to Minneapolis For Makeover2m25s

Woman Flies From England to Minneapolis For Makeover

For those of you who still have not seen or heard about this super popular artist, Christopher Jon Hopkins, or better known as "The Makeover Guy" is an entrepreneur, public speaker, ultra-popular media personality, artist, singer and makeover artist. He comes from Redwood Falls, Minnesota. He first opened a studio in 1990, the “Christopher Hopkins Salon” in the Hubbard Broadcasting building, the same building where KSTP, KSTP-FM, and KSTP-TV are. And the location was not a random choice, he had to be near to his clients: he was responsible for the image of the on-air talent. This is how he became a regular contributing guest on “Good Company”, local daytime talk show. Later, he was a beloved guest at TV shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Today Show. Hopkins has also worked with celebrities including Hillary Clinton. As a baritone vocal soloist, from winning countless awards, he performed with the Minnesota Orchestra, the Erie Philharmonic, the Grand Teton Music Festival and the Hannover Radio Philharmonic in Germany. Christopher began a series of makeover videos in June 2010, showing drastic makeovers of real men and women from all around the world. These were originally entitled “The Makeover Guy Reveals” but then the series name was changed to “The Power of Pretty®” in 2013. This video is a tidbit of what Hopkins does: this woman flew all the way from across the pond for one reason thing – a makeover with Christopher Hopkins. He has an entire team behind him, taking care of every aspect of the client image. Watch his video and see the woman blossoming with her astounding new image all around.

Woman Flies From Texas to Minneapolis For A Makeover3m36s

Woman Flies From Texas to Minneapolis For A Makeover

You must have heard already about Christopher Jon Hopkins, aka ‘’The Makeover Guy’’. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Christopher is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, media person, singer and a makeover artist. Christopher sees the beauty within and shows it outside! Some people just seem to get you immediately, and vice-versa. That's what happened in this, one of Christopher's favorite makeovers. You must see it! Helping people express their inner spirit through heir outer image. When who you are inside express itself in how you appear, you are beautiful. This is Christopher’s motto. His makeover saloon is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All the way from southern Texas, there comes a woman named Donna Sue. She wanted a change in her life. Her hair was lifeless and her look was tired. She reached to her old friend Christopher in hope to get a better physical appearance and confidence in herself. He accepted the challenge and here is the result. Christopher explained: This is perhaps one the most fun makeovers I've done in a while we just had a blast. She was up for anything without fear and away we went. LOVE! We lifted the brunette out of the hair to help her grow out her gray. Dramatic eye makeup really captures her theatrical side. We'd have been great friends in high school and know we'd have been kicked out of class plenty. The haircut was great, but this time the special birdcall is greater! Donna said it: Christopher brought her personality out in her hair. What a 180-degree change and looking absolutely fabulous! Watch this amazing video and comment your thoughts below!

Indian Woman Cuts Her Hair and Husband Loves it, by MAKEOVERGUY3m13s

Indian Woman Cuts Her Hair and Husband Loves it, by MAKEOVERGUY

Subscribe: : MAKEOVERGUY : Minneapolis, 612 377 2711. I can die now. Just having such loveliness in my chair with the reaction of her husband makes me smile. Even though I was dying from the flu, suffering through cold sweats and trying to stay upright, (I didn't know what was wrong yet) Saati brightened my day. She has a very small , flat head and which needs back combing to help balance. A narrow forehead was actually shaved and waxed to help give more width as well as the removal of brow hair between the brows with a gentle arch. Audrey gave simple carmel highlights to the stacked, inverted one length bob that I cut. By allowing it to airdry in clips she can avoid Roseanne Roseannadanna hair.

Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy, Turns One Man Into A Real Hottie2m47s

Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy, Turns One Man Into A Real Hottie

There are popular TV show series that focus on makeovers people go through. Popular shows such as "What Not To Wear" and "Extreme Makeover" have taken over the world. It seems that the audience is really interested in this kind of programs and lately, the world is truly embracing that trend with open arms. Take a look at this hair and shaving makeover by the famous Christopher Hopkins. The world knows him as The Makeover Guy® from his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show and other national TV shows. Christopher Hopkins believes that women get better with age, but they often feel less attractive. For more than 20 years now, he has been encouraging people, men and women to come out of the shadows and take a center stage. The guy in this makeover video named Alex was in a rut. He hasn’t been feeling well for quite a while, suffering emotional pain from previous bad relationships, and it all reflected his personal appearance. He had worn his hair very long for many years and had never shaved his face with a razor. Young and attractive, he wasn't feeling it and decided to cut it all of to boost his spirits and his image. He was reading an article that a haircut can make you feel better and lucky for him he ran into Christopher Hopkins who has decided to help him. The makeover he provided to Alex will definitely change his whole life. When he entered the restaurant where he is working, all the workers there were surprised in a good way. Their reactions were priceless.

Mom Removes Her Makeup For The First Time In Public In Over 50 Years For A Makeover4m48s

Mom Removes Her Makeup For The First Time In Public In Over 50 Years For A Makeover

This makeover hits close to home for Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy. Christopher had the chance to give his own mother, Joann Hopkins, a hair makeover, because the woman is a makeup pro, having never removed her makeup in over 50 years! Joann doesn’t even remove her makeup when she goes to bed at night, saying “why would I want to go to bed at night, with the person I love, looking like hell?”, adding that she doesn’t even come down for coffee before touching it up in the morning. Christopher says: “If you've read my book, Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival For Women Over 45, you know I watched my mother put her face on every morning for years. No one sees her without makeup. She's always said she'd rather answer the door without her clothes than without her makeup. Of course I think she's beautiful with or without, she's just not “who she is” without it. When who you are is expressed by how you look, you're beautiful. She's not the woman without the makeup. Just the way it is. “Of course we do know the song is tongue and cheek. I’m not exactly sure how this video went viral. I guess she probably didn’t expect that or she’d have never done it! Well, Mom. It might bring some new subscribers and maybe I’ll sell another couple books. So you helped me out.” The end result makes Joann look like she is young again. Just wow! Subscribe: MAKEOVERGUY : Minneapolis, 612 377 2711 -

Now What?! Episdode 276m41s

Now What?! Episdode 27

Subscribe : MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis - 612 377 2711 The direction we are going has been greatly enhanced by Sue from Kansas. She lived through all the strangeness that is this transition and we went out for dinner and had a blast. Oh i we could get paid to make someone glamorous and have dinner together and make a moment very special all around. That would be pleasant.

MAKEOVER: I Feel Really Really Very Good , by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®5m09s

MAKEOVER: I Feel Really Really Very Good , by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

Subscribe : . MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis - 612 377 2711 Not everyone can pull of a very short choppy pixie type cut. With a square face many women think it will be too masculine. But Laura had the head shape, bone structure and personality to do less rather than more. How fun to cut! The eyes just came to full focus with a the makeup, cut and color. SHOW MORE

Now What?! Episdode 262m06s

Now What?! Episdode 26

Subscribe : . MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis - 612 377 2711 And it's Labor Day Weekend! We are having our baby next week. This means, to those who have not had the opportunity to follow along in the process, we are opening a new Makeover Studio

Now What?! Episode 253m16s

Now What?! Episode 25

Subscribe: MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis- 612 377 2711 When it comes down to it, moments like this remind us that we have a lot to be grateful for. And... Things are turning out nicely as we speak!

Now What?! Episode 2414m04s

Now What?! Episode 24

Subscribe: MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis - 612 377 2711 .Published on Aug 20, 2017 August 17. Just a typical day. Running on empty, making it fun.

Now What?! Episode 233m28s

Now What?! Episode 23

Subscribe : . MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis - 612 377 2711 . August 14-15. Interestingly enough, exactly 29 years to the day where we first met. Makeoverguy, Minneapolis, here we come, right back where we started from... Exciting! Stay tuned.