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Adorably Tiny Hummingbirds Snuggle In Their Nest21s

Adorably Tiny Hummingbirds Snuggle In Their Nest

These teeny tiny baby hummingbirds are so cute snuggling in their nest. Like a crown jewel, the nest of a hummingbird is one of the great wonders in all of nature. They are so tiny, yet so perfect. Few of us have ever seen a hummingbird nest . This is because they are nearly impossible to find. From the ground, they look like another bump on a branch. From above, an umbrella of leaves conceals them. And from the side, they look like a tiny knot, quilted with lichens, plant down and fibers. Hummingbird nests are amazing architectural creations that protect and nurture some of the world's most delicate birds. It may only be 5-8 weeks from the time nest construction begins until the maturing birds leave home, but observing hummingbird nests can be a rewarding and enchanting experience for birders. Hummingbirds build velvety, compact cups with spongy floors and elastic sides that stretch as the young grow. They weave together twigs, plant fibers, and bits of leaves, and use spider silk as threads to bind their nests together and anchor them to the foundation. Hummingbirds choose safe, sheltered locations for their nests, ensuring that their hatchlings are protected from sun, wind, rain, or predators. The most common nest locations are in the forked branch of a tree, along thin plant branches, or sheltered in dense bushes. Thicket-like areas or thorny bushes are especially preferred for the extra protection they provide. Hummingbirds are resourceful, however, and may build nests in unique locations.

Published: May 11, 20181,142 views
Silly Pup Loves Playing Hide And Seek With His Owners37s

Silly Pup Loves Playing Hide And Seek With His Owners

Usually, when the game hide-and-seek in mentioned, we think of little kids running about the neighborhood, hiding in bushes, behind cars and sometimes even in plain sight, while there is always that one kid that keeps being the seeker. Yeah, that wasn’t very fun… But in recent years, we keep seeing more and more canine companions getting so invested in the harmless game, they are even better that children! One such adorable game of hide and seek is captured on camera as Tank the Pit Bull enthusiastically searches for his hiding owner. He patiently sits in the doorway of his owner’s bedroom, stoically watching his owner dead in the eye, waiting for his cue. “Okay, you ready? We go find daddy?” says the woman to her curious pup , being welcomed by an enthusiastic look on his sweet face. “Okay, go!” is Tank’s signal to lunge at the hallway, slipping on the tile floors, looking for his other favorite hooman. He stops in the living room, taking a quick look around. He’s not there...Maybe the kitchen? Dang it, he’s not there either. Letting out a bark of disapproval, Tank turns right back to the living room, only to circle around in despair. Where IS daddy? But then, he hears a thud behind the sofa, which means that daddy could not let his happy boy look too long. Oh, the joy when he finds him...Priceless!

Published: April 11, 201819,559 views
 Sleepy Pit Bull Snores As Owner Stacks Cereal On His Head1m41s

Sleepy Pit Bull Snores As Owner Stacks Cereal On His Head

Between the blanket stealing, snoring, and unidentified farting, there is never a dull moment when t comes having a dog pit bull at home! If you’re lucky enough to share your life with a pit bull, or a dog who falls under the bully breed category, you know it takes a special kind of person to take on the challenge of loving a breed that has such an undeserved bad rep. Even though they’re the best pups ever. There is nothing like a Bully cuddle! This woman has that luck to share her life with a lovable pit bull! His dog’s favorite activity besides hugging and kissing with his owner is sleeping! Puppies might spend a little more time sleeping because their bodies are busy growing, but when they’re awake they are usually more active than older dogs. A puppy could be very similar to the human toddler who objects to nap time , calling out “I’m not sleepy” right up to the moment she passes out where she’s playing! Well, this dog is probably not passed that toddler phase! This amazing video shows us how her owner has fun with this sleepy head! This dog is in such a deep sleep that he doesn't even notice the Fruit Loops being stacked on top of his head! Spending time with our pets is precious! Even when they are sleeping and snoring most of the time! They fill our hearts with love like no one else!

Published: March 26, 201816,504 views