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Two Energetic Dogs Play A Fun Game Of Hide-And-Seek With Their Fennec Fox Friend 1m24s

Two Energetic Dogs Play A Fun Game Of Hide-And-Seek With Their Fennec Fox Friend

Whether you're a person, a dog, or even a fox, hide-and-seek is a very fun and entertaining game. It's a great way to break the ice, and get more comfortable with people around you. These two little dogs play hide-and-seek with an unexpected animal, their fennec fox friend. This isn't something you see every day, two dogs and a fox playing hide-and-seek, cool! These dogs don't care who you are, they are just ready to play around and have some fun! Lucky for them, this fox wants to join in on their fun games, awesome! This fox is a great at hiding too, the two dogs are never quite sure which pillows the fox is hiding under, awesome! The fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world. Like dogs, male fennecs mark their territory with urine. The fennec is also able to survive without water for long periods of time. Their long ears are great for listening to their prey. They tilt their head from side to side which allows them to listen and find the exact location of insects, rodents, and other tasty meals they like to eat. Their big ears not only help them listen to prey, but also keeps them cool in hot climates like the desert. Such incredible animals! Check out this video of a fennec fox and two adorable little dogs playing a fun game of hide-and-seek together. Too cute!

Mini Australian Shepherd plays with baby fennec fox50s

Mini Australian Shepherd plays with baby fennec fox

We have an abundance of clips about inter species friendships here on Rumble. Dogs and cats, cats and mice, cats and birds and so forth, the list is endless! So why should we be surprised to see the two heroes of this clip having the time of their lives? This mini Aussie tries to be patient with a tiny but rambunctious fox cub in this adorable clip. Dare we say a best friendship in the making? Being able to witness a unique animal friendship is truly a privilege. Although some of them look like they might be hunter and prey in the wild, these pairings stand the test of faith and make believers out of all of us!