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Angry Dog Hates The Mailman But Tries His Best Not To Bark1m24s

Angry Dog Hates The Mailman But Tries His Best Not To Bark

It’s a common thing that when the mailman arrives at your door, the dog starts viciously barking and growling like crazy. Barking at the mailman appears to be a dog’s favorite hobby. This situation is so frequent that mailmen have started going on seminars on how to deal with this issue. It seems like dogs are intimidated by mailmen are feel like they are stepping into their own territory, so it comes naturally to them to stand up and defend it. Dog’s biggest problem with mailmen seems to be the curious reason why they keep coming back. From a dog’s perspective, his barking is what makes the mailman leave, so when he comes back the dog will stick to his barking behavior in order to chase him away! Take a look at this funny dog holding off his barks in front of his owners! It’s hilarious! This dog looks through the window and sees the mailman approaching. As soon as he comes closer, the dog starts to produce funny noises. He tries hard not to bark, because he is not allowed to do that in front of his owners. But the struggle is real. This dog is aware that he is not supposed to bark. In fact, he is being trained not to. But when the mailman shows up on the front door, it is so hard for him to resist! In the end, the disturbed dog finally releases his full-blown voice and barks loudly. Watch this video where one funny canine despises the mailman and does his best not to bark. His owners are testing his discipline and he's forced to produce a new kind of sound. It is so unfair!

Published: November 23, 2016346,136 views