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Tragic infant deaths can be prevented!2m48s

Tragic infant deaths can be prevented!

Unsafe sleep practices may have contributed to many tragic infant deaths. Co-sleeping is extremely dangerous for your new born infant. Experts also strongly recommend laying baby down on his or her back, never on the stomach. The tendency might be to keep baby very bundled up. But it’s actually safer to place baby down with no blankets, with a comfortable room temperature.

Didn't Hit the Paper18s

Didn't Hit the Paper

My friend shooting my pistol. He looks so serious and confident until he tells the camera he didn't even hit the target.

Kid adorably falls asleep at the wheel57s

Kid adorably falls asleep at the wheel

This aunt captures an incredibly cute moment in the backyard featuring her tired nephew. The little guy can't keep his eyes open and starts to fall asleep at the wheel while driving around in his Powerwheels truck!