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Having an Argument with my Cat Part 2 1m00s

Having an Argument with my Cat Part 2

Caesar is a sweetheart and he's strictly indoor. He likes to go outside to eat some grass but sometimes the weather is not permitted. Occasionally I have to come up with an explanation to why I can't let him out.But because Caesar is so smart, he talks back.

Cat Receives Much Satisfying Petting 42s

Cat Receives Much Satisfying Petting

Caesar has a favorite spot where he likes to be petted. Our routine is to go in the kitchen to Caesar's favorite rug and I scratch his neck then he flops down and let me give him a good petting.

Clumsy Kitty Drops His Toy, Complains To Owner About It53s

Clumsy Kitty Drops His Toy, Complains To Owner About It

Caesar loves to play and hi favorite toy is the sparkly teaser wand. Whenever his owner forgets about play time, he would search for his favorite toy , grab it and drag it over to his owner’s feet, making a clear statement that she is falling behind on her obligation. How dare she? It would seem that Caesar's owner had forgotten about play time yet again, so he does his same old ritual. Grabs the wand and starts dragging it along the living room floor to where his owner is resting, to remind her that, yet again, she forgot about play time. But when Caesar jumps on the ottoman to really stick it in her face, the handle of the wand catches on the furniture, causing the cat to lose control of his belongings and the toy falls on the ground. Caesar looks down towards the endless abyss that took his toy, but instead of going after it, he turns to his owners and starts meowing very persuasively. “I brought it this far, pick it up" is what we could understand from all that. The woman giggles behind the camera, but the tom is not having it. Pick it up! If this were another cat, all Caesar would have to do is shoot him an angry look and it would pick the toy up. But this is a human we’re talking about, and they are ignorant of a cat’s body language .

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