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Giant mistery figure captured by drone in russian forest1m01s

Giant mistery figure captured by drone in russian forest

Head on Koloksha, Moai of Kolokshinsky district, Piece of Easter Island in the Vladimir region, Kolokshinsky idol, Monument to drowned people in the Klyazma river ... This is a strange monument in the form of a stone head, arms and legs near the village of Koloksha. They say this monument was put on the territory of the complex "Rublevskie Zori" specifically to attract tourists. The sculpture stands on the bank of the Klyazma, at the place where the tributary flows into it. Height - a little less than three human height. On the back of the head is a strange symbol. Clean concrete.

Drone Captures Destitute And Abandoned Russian Village2m04s

Drone Captures Destitute And Abandoned Russian Village

Thousands of abandoned villages are scattered across northern Russia. Many have become uninhabited due to a lack of infrastructure and jobs. Poor quality roads make some regions unreachable, so people have to save food for weeks ahead, especially in early spring when the frozen rivers begin to melt and before ferries are operational. Although rapid urbanisation and industrial farming depopulate rural areas from China to Canada, the situation in Russia is especially catastrophic. Almost 36,000 villages, or one in four, have 10 residents or fewer. Another 20,000 are abandoned, according to Russia's latest nationwide census conducted in 2010. The construction of this village in the Moscow region was almost complete when it suddenly became abandoned. There were rumors of radiation here, but the real reason could be much worse. This ghost village will make you feel like a time traveller: old and ruined houses, and narrow streets are part of the everyday. They say that villages are the soul of a country and the people, and if that a village dies, then the whole country dies. It is very difficult no to agree with this statement. After all, this village is really the cradle of Russian culture and traditions, the Russian spirit and the Russian poetry. Unfortunately, leaving village life is not something that is uncommon in Russia today. More than often, people abandon villages because modern Russians show an increase in preference of urban way of life, breaking away from their roots. And in the meantime villages become degraded and they only appear on the map of Russia. There are thousands of photos with lonely villages which amaze us with their despondency and longing.

Trip to abandoned Soviet pioneer camp 4m27s

Trip to abandoned Soviet pioneer camp

In this camp I spend not one summer when I was a child. Now, after 20 years I returned here to see what happened to the camp. Now it is abandoned. There are no people at all like it was the first day I arrived here.

Russian military ghost city aerial 3m18s

Russian military ghost city aerial

Drone shows a former military camp, located on the old Volokolamsk highway, 25 km from Volokolamsk, Russia. The town population serviced the anti-aircraft missile systems. There are two five-storey houses in a completely abandoned town, a multitude of administrative buildings, a guardhouse, a store and other ancillary facilities.

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