Mini Pig Throws Temper Tantrum While Waiting For Breakfast4m28s

Mini Pig Throws Temper Tantrum While Waiting For Breakfast

Check out how Sammy reacts when his breakfast isn't ready on time. So spoiled! No one wants to wait for their food, right? That is why going to a restaurant can sometimes be such a traumatic experience. You go there, you sit down, order your meal and then have to wait for the allotted amount of time for that meal to be prepped, while sitting in a room where other people are already deep in their dishes! Sammy here probably feels just like that. Sure, there are no piggies around him that make him slobber, but just the thought of the meal that he is about to down makes him foam at the mouth. He’s not hungry anymore - he is HANGRY ! So much so, that he is even banging the coffee table in the living room in protest. His owner scolds him each time, but the pig is having none of it. Where is his breakfast? He looks like a rabid dog, saliva dripping from his mouth, growling at his owner. Faster, woman! She lowers Sammy’s placemat for him and serves him his meal, to which he doesn’t waste a second, he just jumps right in there. If any one of you ever wondered where the saying “eating like a pig” comes from, boy, are you in for a treat! Obviously you have never seen these animals eat, but you are about to! With that big, sloppy nose, Sammy keeps pushing the dish that holds his food and smacks his mouth in delight, sending chunks of grub all over. Thank goodness for that placemat and the towel beneath it!

Published: March 8, 20181,997 plays$3.99 earned