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Funny Cockatoo Want's It's Tongue Pierced! 2m01s

Funny Cockatoo Want's It's Tongue Pierced!

Onni, a baby cockatoo, seems to want his tongue pierced! Every time he see's his friend, Erin, they play an funny game. His friend waggles her tongue piercing across her teeth and he copies her. The problem? Onni doesn't have a piercing, so he can make the cool sounds she makes with the piercing against her teeth. That's another thing. Birds have no teeth. But this silly cockatoo doesn't care. He won't give up trying to make the same sound with his tongue and beak. After he's done copying his friend with his mouth, he walks over to his mother seemingly to ask for his tongue to be pierced. When his owner firmly says no, he flips his head around walks off in defiance. Onni is a two year old umbrella cockatoo. This type of cockatoo is native to Indonesia. Sadly, they are endangered in the wild due to loss of their environment. However, it's good to know that this species of bird has been captive bred for many generations so that they will live on in spite of human encroachment.