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English cream golden retriever pups decide to play under mist spray 45s

English cream golden retriever pups decide to play under mist spray

Neighbors: Are you watering your flowers? Me: Na. I'm watering my puppies 😂 This started as a joke as they were chasing around the water. So I set it to mist and held it in one spot away from where they were. Within seconds, they were all happily soaked. No puppies were sprayed directly and it was their choice. Clean fluffy puppies or happy puppies? I'll always pick the second 😁

English Golden Retriever Tests Mom's Patience 1m12s

English Golden Retriever Tests Mom's Patience

Just a few hours old, this little female English Golden Retrievers decides to have some up close one on one mom time. The litter had just finished eating, everyone fell asleep, except one girl. Even though they have only known each other a few hours, the love and tolerance bond is already there.

Golden Retriever Puppy Playtime Will Brighten Your Day1m22s

Golden Retriever Puppy Playtime Will Brighten Your Day

We can all probably agree that babies of any species are cute in their own way. It probably has to do with the fact that they are a mini version of their bigger, scarier siblings, and they are incredibly adorable. It’s always fun to watch them learn how to take their first baby steps, learn what they like or dislike in this world, and even let them be tiny goofballs that don’t entirely know what they want out of the life they are given. As it is said, babies are born with clean slates, and their purity and will to do only good is what makes them so special. However, if we had to choose one baby species that holds dear to our hearts, it would surely have to be tiny puppies. Their cuddly furs and heavy bums make them the ultimate goofballs. They try to run around, full on adrenaline, but every few seconds or so slow down so they can relax. At least, that’s the case with these English Golden Retriever pups. We could get lost all day looking at their waggly tails and their head on collisions with toys. The way they always turn to the camera and give a smile and a happy yap will surely make your day. If that doesn’t help, just look at the way they play-fight with their siblings for a whole of 0.5 seconds, and voila, you’ll have a smile on your face. Seriously. These puppies are a cuteness overload!

Watch What These Two Best Friends Do In Front Of The Camera44s

Watch What These Two Best Friends Do In Front Of The Camera

Our best friends are our partners in crime. A kindred soul that will always be there to have your back, in good or bad, to create mischief and cover the whole thing up later. We love our best friend to bits and we can’t stand to be away from them. These two might be just a stall wall away, but they will not accept it. A stallion named Mac and a gelding named Cal will go to great distances to stay together, walls be damned! Watch their hilarious and goofy playtime. No stall can keep those two away. At first, it is Cal who starts teasing his stall mate from the other side, inviting him to play. Mac doesn’t seem all that interested at first, but when Cal pulls back, Mac pokes his head in his pen and starts nibbling his lips and jaw. Cal endures it for a while, but Mac might have taken it a bit too far, so the proud beast warns his mate that he had taken it too far! All if fair in love and war and especially with your best friend. If they don’t endure us in our wackiest, who will? What is the wackiest thing you have done with your best friend? Let us know in the comments below.