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15 unexpected celebrity couples1m28s

15 unexpected celebrity couples

Brad and Angelina, Kurt and Goldie, Jay-Z and Beyoncé… These couples seem so perfect together that you cannot imagine them with anyone else. But they weren’t always together, and many have paired up with unexpected partners before finding their perfect match.

8 celebrities with near-death experiences40s

8 celebrities with near-death experiences

We’ve all heard about near death experiences and how there was a tunnel, light, and all that jazz; it’s never real until we can relate. Luckily, Hollywood royalty have shared some of their own experiences with us, so we can.

17 celebrities who died before their time1m40s

17 celebrities who died before their time

When tragedy strikes we are reminded of just how precious life really is and are inspired to appreciate the good things about everyone we know. When our favorite celebrities pass, it can be equally as sorrowful and touching, which is probably due to their lasting impact on the world they lived in.

16 celebrities with ADHD1m26s

16 celebrities with ADHD

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is not as rare as was once believed, and more people are learning that they have children with it or are suffering from it themselves. As such, celebrities are starting to come out of the woodwork with their own diagnoses.

Top 10 highest earning movies of all time1m02s

Top 10 highest earning movies of all time

Popcorn, soda and a good movie have always been a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night, and when you end up going to see a blockbuster it's all the better! Everyone loves the movies, so we’ve rounded up the ones that people loved the most — based on total sales and adjusted for inflation.