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Drone Camera Flies Through Fireworks And The Footage Is Spectacular1m55s

Drone Camera Flies Through Fireworks And The Footage Is Spectacular

There isn’t quite a scene that can bring chills down a person’s spine. Be it Fourth of July, New Year’s Night or just a random event, a few sparkling blooms accompanied by thunderous explosions can really put a proper end to a marvelous evening. Of course, being among fireworks is a terrible idea, gives all the volatile substances and, well, the fire, but that has not spotted us from wondering what it must be like, several thousand feet up in the air, as the rockets combust and explode into a world of color? Now we do get to see fireworks from a new perspective, as 'OZZO Photography' takes you up to the sky using a quadcopter (attached with a GoPro) during a recent fireworks show in Iceland. Thanks to the endurance of both gadgets, we literally got to see what it looks like to be right inside the belly of the sparkling beast. Drones equipped with cameras have been in use for a very long time in the movie industry, but now that they have become widely available, people have been testing their limits every which way. Going down the sinkhole in Lake Berryessa might be an impossible feat for a human, but for a sturdy drone and a good quality camera, nothing in impossible. Same goes with going the impossible heights and witnessing fireworks firsthand. We get to experience the glorious display and light and color, without suffering a single burn. Thank you! Music by: Heavyweight - Fireworks. Aerial footage by: OZZO Photography. Camera used: Gopro Hero 3+, Sony A7S.

Published: September 8, 201496,052 views
Drone kayaking in Iceland: What a view!1m13s

Drone kayaking in Iceland: What a view!

These guys put their DJI Matrice 600 to the test to see how much weight it could pull on its own. They hook it up to a Romany Kayak and pull it through Lake Thingvellir in Iceland. Awesome!

Published: January 17, 20172,094 views
Northern Lights shot with a drone in Iceland1m46s

Northern Lights shot with a drone in Iceland

Exploring the Northern Lights in Iceland with a drone, flying over epic landscape in Reykjanes Peninsula. Filmed with: DJI Matrice 600 Camera: Sony A7sii Lens: Sigma 20mm 1.4 Music: “The Spectacular Quiet” by Lights & Motion By Arrangement with Deep Elm Records (deepelm.com) More music by Lights & Motion: bit.ly/spotify-lightsandmotion Location: Reykjanes Iceland Filmed and edited by: OZZO Photography www.ozzo.is

Published: August 30, 2016452 views
This is Iceland: Breathtaking drone footage4m00s

This is Iceland: Breathtaking drone footage

For the past few months, OZZO Photography have put their DJI Inspire to the test by covering over 1,500 km and 80+ hours of flying over Iceland's most exotic places. Join them for this unbelievable ride into this stunning country.

Published: October 13, 201561,148 views
Real time footage of Aurora Borealis over Iceland1m56s

Real time footage of Aurora Borealis over Iceland

OZZO Photography recently captured stunning real time footage of the Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky over Iceland. What an incredible sight! Music by: Instrumental Core - Evolving. Credit to 'OZZO Photography'.

Published: September 12, 201533,950 views
Drone captures midnight sunset over Iceland2m21s

Drone captures midnight sunset over Iceland

Experience a stunning fly over of Reykjavik, Iceland and enjoy the midnight sun. Shot with DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter. Music by: Tony Anderson / Eyes Wide Open. Credit to 'OZZO Photography'.

Published: June 4, 2015102,727 views
Drones capture extraordinary sights of Iceland4m14s

Drones capture extraordinary sights of Iceland

OZZO Photography takes us on a journey over some of the most stunning sights in Iceland in this short feature, titled, "The Arctic Light". Locations include: Glacier Lagoon, Blue Lagoon, Skogafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Reykjanes, Thingvellir, Ice Caves in Vatnajokull, Thorsmork, Fjadrargljufur Canyon, Svinafellsjokull, Nesjavellir, Keifarvatn, Gardskagi, and Hvitserkur. Drones used: DJI Inspired 1 / DJI Phantom 2 / TBS Discovery Pro Long rangee. Credit to 'OZZO Photography'.

Published: April 29, 201519,741 views
Jaw-dropping flyover of Iceland waterfall35s

Jaw-dropping flyover of Iceland waterfall

We take you over one of the most famous waterfall in Iceland - Gullfoss - see it from a birds eye view! An absolutely stunning sight! Shot wit a Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition. Drone used: TBS Discovery Pro - Long Range. Credit to 'OZZO Photography'.

Published: December 31, 2014119,176 views
Stunning sights of Iceland from the South3m39s

Stunning sights of Iceland from the South

Experience a collection of jaw-dropping sights featuring the landscapes of Iceland. Flying from South to North through Dyrholaey, the south peak of Iceland, followed by few stops on the way: Erupting volcano at Eyjafjallajokull, gliding up Solheimajokull, with stops at Seljalandsfoss, Skogarfoss, Myvatn and the Blue Lagoon. Footage by: OZZO Photography. Music by: Lindsey Sterling - Crystalize. Shot with Gopro Hero 3+ and 5D MKIII. Drone used: TBS Discovery Pro / Long range quadcopter.

Published: August 5, 201415,774 views
Captivating Footage Of Iceland Filmed From Above2m55s

Captivating Footage Of Iceland Filmed From Above

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that there is nothing about Iceland that looks even remotely ugly. We’ve said it, every way you turn, you are bombarded with the most incredible natural sights you’ll ever see. The funniest thing is that the territory of Iceland can’t really boast with having forests filled with all sorts of animals and plants. On the contrary, Iceland has been trying so hard to repopulate the vegetation on the land, but to no avail. It it believed that at one point in history the people inhabiting the land, mostly consisting of Vikings, cut down so many percents of the trees, that it is almost impossible to return the forest to its former glory. Paired together with the volcanic ash that is in abundance in Iceland, the land is made almost completely barren. But even though we don’t see that many trees in the Icelandic landscapes, it is still undeniably beautiful. There is something to be said about the mossy plains and volcanic rock terrains paired with the breathtaking sunsets, and the geothermal activity of the island makes it look all the more mysterious. Check out these stunning sights of Iceland from a different perspective, as the team from OZZO Photography flies over Reykjanes peninsula in the south west corner of the country! Places visited: Gunnuhver, Reykjanesviti, Blue Lagoon, Geysir, Gullfoss, Skogarfoss. What do you think? Is Iceland on your bucket list yet? Filmed with TBS Discovery quadcopter and GoPro Hero 3+ camera. Footage by: By OZZO Photography. Music by: Ah2 - Warriors Glory. Credit to OZZO.

Published: August 5, 2014141,422 views