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Rescued baby bird is heartbroken after mother kicked him out23s

Rescued baby bird is heartbroken after mother kicked him out

Larry the Bird fell out of a tree and into a yard. He was placed back in the nest only to be pushed out again by his mother. Two of his siblings didn't survive the call but Larry Bird held on. No Kill Kern dog rescue picked him up and found rehabilitation space for him at California Living Museum. He will be raised and hopefully one day, released back to the wild. Credit to 'NoKillKern'.

Wild dog learns to love again - What an inspiring story!3m32s

Wild dog learns to love again - What an inspiring story!

No Kill Kern captured a dog living by a gas station approximately 30 miles from the closest town. She was completely feral, but over the course of a week the trainers were able to make major strides in her rehabilitation. Check out her inspirational story in this amazing video!

Puppy heroically saves Pit Bull's life2m18s

Puppy heroically saves Pit Bull's life

Prince is a Pit Bull who was trapped in a canal. He did however have a tag, so Lindy the puppy stepped up and made a new friend in order to allow the people at No Kill Kern to approach Prince in order to read his microchip number. This allowed Prince to once again be reunited with his owner!

Heroic Pit Bull Saves Dying Dog From Starvation1m49s

Heroic Pit Bull Saves Dying Dog From Starvation

When Bakersfield-based animal rescue organization No Kill Kern received a call about a German Shepherd living in a field, they knew they had to rescue the poor dog. They headed out to the field and brought their trusty pit bull Lucy along to help them. Lucy is the official mascot of No Kill Kern and a vital part of the rescue team. Lucy was the one who spotted the German Shepherd in that field and led the team of rescuers to her. When they approached the dog, she ran away; clearly never having experienced kindness. In desperate attempts to remove the scared pooch from her terrible life, the No Kill Kern team placed a cage with some food, hoping the dog will come for it. Surely enough, they returned to find the German Shepherd inside. They gently lifted the cage and took the dog, who the named Queen, to the safety of their shelter. Lucy has been instrumental in helping Queen get more comfortable at no Kill Kern. She also helps nervous or aggressive dogs get social, being patient with them and eventually winning them over with her super-sweet personality. After getting more comfortable around human, Queen was transferred to Marley’s Mutt Dog Rescue to participate in their unique Pawsitive Change program. There, she was renamed Reina and finally got adopted into a loving forever home.

Dying dog who got a second chance reunites with her puppy1m42s

Dying dog who got a second chance reunites with her puppy

Ellie was dying from starvation and diabetes and it was very possible she wouldn't make it. After her rescue it was discovered that she had a puppy who was also at the No Kill Kern animal shelter. See their incredible story and their first reunion in this heartwarming tale.

Published: December 21, 2015123,785 views
Loyal Friend Refused To Leave The Body Of Her Dead Companion, Until She Was Rescued3m06s

Loyal Friend Refused To Leave The Body Of Her Dead Companion, Until She Was Rescued

Rescue group out of Bakersfield, California, 'No Kill Kern' shares the unbelievable story of their encounter with a stray dog's loyalty never seen before. Appropriately named Hachika, she refused to leave her fallen companion who was struck down by a car. Each night she would sleep with the bones. No Kill Kern received a call about a dog that had been living in a field for over two months. Volunteers had a hard time finding the dog in the corn fields, but when they eventually did find it, the sight their eyes fell upon was both beautiful and heartbreaking. A female dog lost her best friend when they were hit by a car, and she faithfully stayed by her fallen friend’s side, even after she had been reduced to nothing but bones. Her loyalty has earned her the name Hachika, after the famously loyal dog of legend from Japan. It would appear that Hachika was cut from the same cloth as her namesake. There’s isn’t a lot known about her past, but what is known is that she has absolutely refused to leave her friend’s side. The dog that she palled around with had apparently been hit by a car at some point, and died either because of her injuries or because of the exposure, dehydration, and starvation she faced as a result of them. Regardless, Hachika’s love for her friend meant that she wasn’t leaving her body until they both could be rescued. Today, she has been adopted and is part of a loving forever family.

Published: November 26, 20151,547,465 views
Three legged rescue dog befriends tripod puppy26s

Three legged rescue dog befriends tripod puppy

Rex recently had his leg amputated. Since then he's become a little shy about meeting new dogs, but that is until he is introduced to another puppy just like him. Watch the heartwarming interaction between these two survivors.

Published: November 26, 201528,178 views
Dying dog gets a second chance at life2m15s

Dying dog gets a second chance at life

Simon was saved from a kill shelter in Kern County, CA. He was starved and developed pneumonia as a result. No medication was working and it looked like Simon wasn't going to make it. All anyone could do was love him and hope for the best. This is his inspirational story.

Published: November 21, 201538,892 views