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The most attractive funny match boxing planet58s

The most attractive funny match boxing planet

Match of the 2 shortest men in the world. Quyenf he is a good and fierce fighting sport, always attracting a large audience. This is a very special match that has attracted a lot of viewers. And the final result is also surprising to viewers

Giant python1m41s

Giant python

while gardening he caught a huge python. Immediately, everyone complained about the python. It is dangerous. How long has this chicken and pet gone away and today I just know the cause is probably eating this big python. now he can be more reassured

dangerous crocodile care career 1m45s

dangerous crocodile care career

It is a "attractive" job, but in recent years, due to unstable prices, unstable output has made many crocodile farmers in Phung Hiep district fall into losses, even lose all white Investment funds. While crocodiles are aggressive animals, but for high economic efficiency, lightweight care so the family chose this model, intended to take short-term raising. In fact, after two years of farming, the fish ponds are running out of fresh water, so they have to buy more food, but the crocodile has not sold yet, because the price is too cheap.