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Baby's Hilarious Reaction To First Time Trying Peas55s

Baby's Hilarious Reaction To First Time Trying Peas

The thing about babies is that everything is so new to them. We've all seen their reactions to their first lime, first sour grape and so on, but have you seen a reaction to some peas? An absolutely priceless moment is captured on camera when this baby tries peas for the very first time. Watch this adorable little baby give an incredibly animated reaction, and in an instant everything seems OK! After making a face of disgust, this baby is ready for more! As soon as the spoon is near the baby's mouth, they open wide and take in the next load of sweet potato. How adorable! Now you have your people that like peas, and others have a strong dislike towards them. Clearly this baby isn't exactly the biggest fan of them, but they know that they need to eat it to get big and strong! Are you a pea love or a pea hater? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to stop by https://rumble.com/ for more adorable and viral content, and if you have your own clips, feel free to upload them as well. Baby Mason makes funny faces while trying peas for the very first time. This baby is way too cute!

Published: June 20, 201738,467 views
Tiny Puppy Clearly States How He Feels About His Owner3s

Tiny Puppy Clearly States How He Feels About His Owner

We all know that some birds can talk, right? Well, they can’t have long, meaningful conversations with humans about life and existence in general, but they do have this awesome ability to repeat words and phrases with incredible accuracy! Surely you have heard of Einstein, the talking Texan parrot and his attempts to win his owner’s affection for Valentine’s day ! He keeps repeating “I love you”, but there seems to be no reciprocation from his owner. He tries to offer her apologies, asking her to come closer and offering her a nut or some popcorn. Such a hardened romantic, that one! Talking back is nothing new for Einstein, but we have yet to see a puppy say “I love you” to his owner! Listen as Bosley the French Bulldog puppy clearly says "I love you." How cute is that?! It could just be a coincidence, but we love to think that yes, this French Bulldog puppy is a clever little individual and has managed to find out what “I love you” means and how to express it himself! It may just be the roaring of the car he is into, all strapped in the back seat and eagerly expecting to arrive at his destination. Or maybe - just maybe - Bosley is so happy to be taken somewhere exciting, that he just can’t help but say how much he loves his owner!

French Bulldog puppy throws cutest tantrum ever8s

French Bulldog puppy throws cutest tantrum ever

One little pup had a lot on his mind while driving in his puppy seat in the back of his owner's car, but he had so few ways to say it! In this adorably hysterical video, we see a black and white Frenchie puppy desperately trying to make himself and the way he felt about the car ride known. This vocal guy's name is Bosley and he is clearly upset about something. He is making his best efforts to tell his owner something, yet all that comes out of that cute, stubby mouth are whimpers and squeals that will make you shudder from the thought that you can't reach into the screen and pinch those cheeks!! Listen to the hilarious noises being made, with a surprise cameo from someone else at the very end! Frenchies are one of the cutest dogs ever, and even though their temper tantrums aren't as vocal as those of huskies, they can also throw a fit when they don't get their way! These two surely brighten their owner's day by doing cute stuff like this. So precious! Frenchie Throws A Temper Tantrum In The Car Adorable Frenchie Has A Temper Tantrum In The Car A bonus surprise at the end of the video Cuteness overload <3

Published: July 6, 20161,725,186 views