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Breast milk shot1m46s

Breast milk shot

I know some people will critic this video, but the amount that was left in that bottle of breast milk was actually no more good for my baby. Instead of disposing it, my friend drank it as a shot mixed with Vodka.

Ticklish baby57s

Ticklish baby

Tickling my daughter for the first time.

Published: April 9, 2016122 plays$0.46 earned
Cat attacks owner for poor singing skills14s

Cat attacks owner for poor singing skills

Check out what happens every single time this woman attempts to sing in front of her cat. It looks like this harsh feline critic is not a fan of her musical talents!

Published: April 9, 20161,673 plays$2.33 earned
Cleaning baby57s

Cleaning baby

Baby helping mommy clean up

Published: January 19, 20165,618 plays$5.40 earned
Laughing Baby33s

Laughing Baby

Laughing at a popping sound

Published: January 17, 20165,753 plays$13.69 earned
Most adorable faceplant of all time?31s

Most adorable faceplant of all time?

When this baby realizes her mom is filming her she makes an effort to get closer. After she spits out her pacifier she attempts to start moving, only to immediately fall forward on her face! Not to worry, she wasn't hurt at all during this video.

Published: January 14, 2016223 plays$0.47 earned
Baby loves her cat so much she tries to eat him!1m49s

Baby loves her cat so much she tries to eat him!

Have you ever loved something so much that you just wanted to take a bit out of it? Well that's the case here as a happy little girl attempts to nibble on Max's ear to show her affection. It goes without saying that this cat's patience level is something to be admired!

Published: January 14, 20162,438 plays$6.97 earned