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Cute Spitz in the harsh Russian snow 14s

Cute Spitz in the harsh Russian snow

A miniature pomeran named Busya, going out for a walk, found that everything was covered with snow. Although small, he fearlessly prevailed drifts, like the Russian icebreaker Lenin

Persian cat catches tail fish 1m10s

Persian cat catches tail fish

My cat Marcel does not like to stay without me, so he accompanies me everywhere, including in the bathroom. A loving cat reconciles with all the inconveniences of water procedures. He funny drops his tail into the water, and is surprised why he is getting heavy

Playing with a plate on your forehead 50s

Playing with a plate on your forehead

I gave my daughter a chance to get acquainted with a plate of unchanging glass. She accidentally hit herself on the forehead with a plate. At first I was a little scared, and then I began to demonstrate this trick again and again to get our laughter.

Diana puts the phone to her head and talks 54s

Diana puts the phone to her head and talks

We all visited our friends. Their son had a toy phone. Our daughter began to play it, press the buttons. But she began to put the phone not to the ear, but to the head from above. It was very funny and funny. We did not understand who she was copying, in our family no one puts the phone on the head.

First Dianin make-up 15s

First Dianin make-up

My daughter Diana is naturally blond, her eyebrows and eyelashes are practically invisible. Once, when I was making myself a make-up, my daughter asked me to make it up too. I drew her eyebrows with brown eyes. It turned out so funny and sweet dwarf.

Scratching cat 28s

Scratching cat

Husband, when what is really enthusiastic, funny pulls his lips. I caught him combing our cat.

Intelligent dog asks meat 1m06s

Intelligent dog asks meat

We went with a guy on the nature to fry a shish kebab. Dog boat station unobtrusively came up to us and waited for treats. The smell of barbecue was just coming at her. When the meat is ready, we were treated to an intelligent guest. Later came her friend and had to entertain him too, he was so handsome and charming.

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