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15 month old Eddie the DJ 49s

15 month old Eddie the DJ

Always wanted my son to learn to dj and I thought 15 months was old enough to give him his first lesson... Seems to of picked it up pretty quick #chipofftheoldblock

Man Has Best Reaction To Finding Out He's Going To Be Dad For First Time1m24s

Man Has Best Reaction To Finding Out He's Going To Be Dad For First Time

This soon-to-be father finds out that he's going to be a dad for the first time and his reaction is one to remember! According to user 'LeoBIckham', his wife fooled him into thinking it was some sort of joke gift from her cousins who were desperate for them to have a kid as they already have a few. They'd been trying for nearly a year hence why his reaction in the video was of such disbelief! Leo’s wife prepared a tin box in the shape of a double decker bus and placed two already used and positive <a href=" https://rumble.com/v304y4-live-pregnancy-test-finding-out-im-pregnant.html " target="_blank">pregnancy tests</a> inside. If it were a joke, it had been a really cruel one, but the oblivious soon-to-be dad was actually pretty cool about it. “Have they got p*ss on them? They’re not for me, are they? Thank you very much." jokes Leo, laughing to his heart’s content. But when the wife tells him to take another look, he is not one to argue. The tests are both positive, indicating that SOMEONE is pregnant and it is definitely not Leo! “Is this you? Are you joking?" asks Leo in disbelief, before throwing himself in his wife’s arms, bawling his eyes out! Finally, a <a href=" https://rumble.com/v3fhn4-upcoming-meet-plans-baby-on-the-way.html " target="_blank">baby is on the way</a>! Congrats to them both!