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Sassy 2 year old. Puddle jumping. 53s

Sassy 2 year old. Puddle jumping.

HOW CAN YOU KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE? Little girl wants to jump in the puddle. "Im not come....stomp foot ing!" "Im not finnished yet.... fold arms,turn back and give cheesy love me grin! " Thank you Peppa Pig!

Baby perfects her table manners 1m04s

Baby perfects her table manners

My little princess has been poorly with a throat infection and hadnt wanted to eat anything so I was no way going to interrupt her eating to stop her picking her nose LOL

Hair cut to Donate ( NO HAIRDRESSER REQUIRED) 2m58s


Simple two plat and cut! Yes i did dye my hair after the cut and wash it but that is it! YOU DO NOT NEED A HAIR DRESSER TO DONATE! plats saved to donate to Little Princess Trust

Brave Cat Defends Itself From The Family Dog1m32s

Brave Cat Defends Itself From The Family Dog

There is a constant dislike between cats and dogs that no one can explain. Whether they fight about food, sleeping place, owner’s attention, they always seem to find a way to pick up a fight. It looks like every time a battle starts, the cat leaves first. What you are about to see is nothing like that. This cat fights back the family dog! What a warrior! The main problem between cats and dogs is actually very simple. Dogs are energized and enthusiastic all the time. They never get tired of playing games and chasing objects or other animals. On the other hand, cats are more solitary creatures, they like to live in peace and they appreciate if dogs were not bothering them. The truth is that cats don’t understand conflict as a concept. They would rather be sleeping. But dogs are happy to hunt cats or everything that moves for that matter. Just like this dog in the video. He tried to make a rough contact with the cat on the couch. What happened next will surprise you! The bold cat actually replied to the dog’s rude behavior . She defended her own position and life many times in the following video. You can see the dog pulling back at the edge of the furniture. Even though the pup is quite larger than the cat, he gives up in the end. It is so freaking funny! Further proving that size doesn't matter, this adorable little kitten fearlessly lets the family dog know who is in charge. You gotta check out their hilarious interaction!

Determined pony goes apple bobbing33s

Determined pony goes apple bobbing

Have you ever seen a pony do this before? From owner Laura Kahya, "My pony getting ready for Halloween... apple bobbing. He does love water!" You really have to admire that kind of determination!

Published: September 11, 201467,598 views