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Huge Monitor Lizard Casually Sneaks Inside Tourist’s Tent33s

Huge Monitor Lizard Casually Sneaks Inside Tourist’s Tent

During a safari trip at South Africa's Kruger National Park, this group of tourists experienced the fright of their lives after a massive monitor lizard crept straight into their tent! This national park is one of the largest in Africa, and it covers a vast area. All sorts of creatures can be seen there, and it is referred to as the International Man and Biosphere Reserve, or simply ‘The Biosphere’. Knowing this fact, would you dare to explore it? So there is no surprise that this curious reptile wanted to check out the tourist’s tent, and maybe even find a tasty snack in there. There are 114 different species of reptile in this national park, including black mamba, African rock pythons and 3 thousand types of crocodiles. So this tourist actually got lucky that none of the abovementioned animals decided to pay her a visit. In this amusing clip a large monitor lizard is seen slowly entering inside a tourist’s tent, spooky the woman inside to loud screams. Actually, the massive critter was not aggressive and was casually strolling in the area, exploring the tents in detail. Can you imagine being inside the tent at the moment when a huge critter decides to show up uninvited at the front porch? What would you have done in a situation like this? The sneaky critter was filmed making a slow progress towards the tent, leaving the filmer in hesitation as for what might happen next. It can be heard in the video that he is actually warning those inside that they are about to have a visitor. Of course, they know nothing about this visitor so their reaction is delayed to the moment they actually spot the massive critter. Lizards can be scary indeed, especially when you least expect them to show up, and they do, in a their well-known sneaky manner. In another video, a woman screams with fear after a gecko lizard is knocked from the wall at her home in Roi Et, Thailand and it runs along the ground. We may laugh at woman’s reaction to the intruder, but if we were in her shoes, we would scream our lungs out loud the same way, that’s for sure! Her response is legit for something so unexpected, so we cannot blame her! However, this is not the first time a monitor lizard spooked someone. In another scenario, a sneaky lizard terrified office workers after it fell through the ceiling and onto their desk. Reportedly, the five-feet-long reptile was heard scampering around the roof inside the accounts department of the company in Chachoegsao, Thailand, on April 6. Of course, it caused panic in the office, causing workers to scream their way out of the office while the lizard ran amok through the office. Thankfully, rescue workers arrived soon and caught the Asian water monitor before repairing the roof, after which they released it back into the wild. Apparently, these creatures have the reputation of giving the fright to unsuspecting people. Beware folks! Have you ever witnessed anything like this before? What would you have done if you were to spot a large lizard at your front porch? Share your thoughts in the comments below! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! Credit to 'Davidkrug' and 'Kruger Sightings'.

Baby Elephant's Excitement Results In An Adorable Tumble Downhill44s

Baby Elephant's Excitement Results In An Adorable Tumble Downhill

There has not been a kid in history that didn’t want to grow up as fast is it can be. Most of the times it is because of the need to be independent and able to think with your own mind, which is always an admirable trait. Adorable things can happen in the pursuit of independence, as this clip can attest. Human kids aren’t the only ones who feel excitement whenever they get accepted as “adults”. Apparently so do elephant babies . Since they always keep it together in a herd, it is especially important for a young elephant to be accepted by the adults in the group. Looks like this little guy was definitely accepted, but in all that excitement, he forgot how to use its feet! Watch as this adorable baby elephant takes an unfortunate tumble down a steep hill while running with his herd at Biyamiti Camp in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Elephants are able to reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour, which is significant, given their size. The little ones might not be so fast at first, but that doesn’t mean that when they trip over their own feet, they won’t cause a build-up. It all happens so fast, make sure you don’t blink or you will miss the adorable scene! This national park is one of the largest ones in Africa, and it covers a vast area. All sorts of creatures can be seen there, and it is referred to as International Man and Biosphere Reserve, or simply “The Biosphere". Credit to 'Latest Sightings'.

Two Charging Elephants Go In Attack Mode On A Safari Vehicle 1m08s

Two Charging Elephants Go In Attack Mode On A Safari Vehicle

A disturbing video has emerged of two elephant attacking a tour vehicle in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. Footage opens with a safari vehicle driving in the part, when a group of elephants emerge from a near bush and start walking towards the vehicle. Moments later, two angry-looking elephants start charging towards the vehicle, stomping their heavy feet on the ground , going attack-mode on the unsuspected travelers. Luckily, the man driving the vehicle, was obviously a trained professional and knew how to act in such unfavorable situations so he immediately started smacking his hand on the front of the vehicle, shouting out his lungs! Surprisingly, shortly after, the two angry animals were somehow intimidated by the noise this man was producing and stopped their attack! Watch the chaos unfold as the angry elephants start charging towards the safari vehicle in Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, determined to attack, obviously disturbed by the visitors intruding in their territory. The driver of the vehicle appears to have recklessly followed the irritated animals and somehow provoked the elephants to start charging at the ‘intruders’. Not only are these elephants angry, but they seem to be very violent too. Remember that elephants are unpredictable and you should always keep your engines running for just in case! A movie can be directed based on this safari encounter, both experienced by the awe of these beautiful, strong animals, and tourists’ urge to change their pants after the unexpected turn of events. Video sent in by: Lyle. Check out @LatestKruger for more!

Buffalo Turns The Tables On A Sleeping Lioness1m15s

Buffalo Turns The Tables On A Sleeping Lioness

It’s normally the predator that lands up as the winner in a hunting situation, however, this unfortunate lioness saw herself flying away, literally... Another day, another drama at the Kruger National Park. While the big cat was relaxing in the shade, a big healthy buffalo separates from the herd and approaches the sleepy lioness, guarding the rest of his herd. In an incredible twist of fate, the lioness notices the bovine standing there and raises to run, causing the buffalo to charge after and stab her in the abdomen, before tossing her overboard! The incident was recorded by field guide Bathabile Shakwane, who said: “A single buffalo bull seemed to notice the lion lying in the bushes and decided to tread carefully towards the lion to see what she was up to! At a point, the buffalo got a bit too close for comfort and the lion got a fright and tried to flee the situation. Once she got up, we noticed how terribly thin and weak she was looking and then I realiZed that this meal was a matter of life and death for her.” The guide also adds that, given the condition the lioness was in, hungry and parched, she stood no chance against the angry bull. It seems that the bovine noticed her vulnerable state and took advantage to make him intentions known - stay away from my herd! This isn’t the first time a lion was thrown in the air by a buffalo and in this same park. A lion was flipped 16 feet into the air by a buffalo in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The bull was conducting a daring rescue mission in a bid to save his friend from certain death from the two young lions had been silently stalking the buffalo for about 45 minutes when one finally made its move. But the predator was so focused on bringing down his prey that it left itself open to a surprise attack.

30+ Hippos Attack One Crocodile1m21s

30+ Hippos Attack One Crocodile

Watch this Clash of the Titans take place between the masters of the waters, as these hippos refuse to allow this crocodile into their territory and quickly make sure they remove him from their space. Kruger accommodation specials here: Harish Kumar (71), a retired sonographer recalled this battled and told how it all came about: “We were traveling in a Dutch group of about 18 people. It was a gorgeous day and we only had 2 days of holiday left. Our guide took us out on a drive to the Hippo Pool. Send in your wildlife video here, and earn money: We were all just strolling around everywhere when suddenly my wife called me to tell me that something was going on there in the pool. I ran to get there and immediately started filming immediately – there wasn’t even time to get the tripod set up. Luck was absolutely on my side as I was able to stand with my camera in the right place to film. This was just an unbelievable sighting. The crocodile has somehow managed to maneuver himself into the middle of a pod of angry hippos. These guys wanted him out of their territory immediately. The croc was completely outnumbered and found himself being thrown around and bitten by the hippos. Luckily he managed to get away unharmed. This was a right time right place encounter. To license the footage: Get some of our exclusive specials at the Kruger National Park (Free nights): Snapchat: LatestSightings Twitter & Instagram: @LatestKruger For live wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park: And like our Facebook page for great sightings and photos: Subscribe to us on YouTube:

Curious Big Cat Bites Tire, Causing It To Burst1m45s

Curious Big Cat Bites Tire, Causing It To Burst

We were one of the first cars at the sighting but the road quickly filled with cars, as it tends to do in Kruger with an amazing sighting. At this point, we were running very late for breakfast with family friends but my parents' philosophy, is and always will be, that if we encounter an incredible sighting then breakfast and friends and family can wait. After maybe half an hour at the sighting, a young male lion approached a car at the sighting and it was much to my younger brother and my amusement. We were laughing and joking that the lion would scratch the paint or in some way damage the vehicle. I had been filming the entire interaction but wasn’t prepared for what I captured thereafter. In the midst of our childish jokes, there was an almighty bang and the lion investigating the car ran off in fright. It took a second to register what had happened but once we had, the intensity of laughter tripled. We laughed and laughed and only after a monumental giggling session did we realized that perhaps this situation was not so funny for occupants of the affected vehicle. We then went over to investigate and offer a helping hand. To my shock and horror, one of the people in the now three-wheeled car was a prefect at my school, an older cool boy who I otherwise would never have interacted with outside of a school context. Once the shock had faded, my dad began helping to change the tire. We made sure we were as far away from the lions as a flat tire could manage. The tire changing went as smoothly as could be expected in such a setting and we managed to make it to breakfast no more than 3 and a half hours late and with an additional three people. Send in your wildlife video here, and earn money: Sean Obeirne tells the story: "I was thirteen and I was with my family in the car on the way to breakfast at Tshokwane. Kruger accommodation specials here: The drive up to the point where we encountered the lions was fairly uneventful with very few sightings. We then came upon the pride of young lions resting in and around the road. Support our channel by becoming a Patron: To license the footage: Get some of our exclusive specials at the Kruger National Park (Free nights): Snapchat: LatestSightings Twitter & Instagram: @LatestKruger For live wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park: And like our Facebook page for great sightings and photos: Subscribe to us on YouTube:

Mongoose Uses Snake as a Swing1m18s

Mongoose Uses Snake as a Swing

Mongoose Uses Snake as Swing Everyone enjoys a bit of time on a swing every now and then. Seems this mongoose was a thrill-seeking one too. Nothing like burning off the calories before the meal has even begun… Delia Bronkhorst (35 year old, Specialised Clerk & Document Controller) told “Heading back to Shingwedzi camp after our drive from Red Rocks, we stopped to watch a huge herd of buffalo coming down to the river to drink. While watching the beautiful scene, something caught my eye on the opposite side of the road. At first we thought it was a squirrel, but driving closer we saw it was a mongoose killing a snake. It was quite unbelievable to see, but excitement was definitely the emotion that best describes this sighting, and I couldn’t believe we were actually seeing something that amazing. The mongoose eventually got the snake down, unfortunately, the grass was too high for us to see the mongoose enjoy its well-deserved meal. My mom was in the car with me, and because of the buffalo sighting there were quite a few cars passing by, but not a whole lot of people seemed that interested, except for two other vehicles who also seemed to enjoy the mongoose and snake sighting. I never realized these little mongooses can be so fierce – I definitely have huge respect for them. This funny footage was taken on the 7th of June 2017 in the Kruger National Park, on the 2km road leading to Shingwedzi camp.

Leopard Surprises Impala With a Quick Kill!1m07s

Leopard Surprises Impala With a Quick Kill!

As a few unsuspecting buck pass by this incredibly well-camouflaged predator, one of them was about to meet their fateful end… Kruger accommodation specials here: Or, if you want to book a safari with Simon from Wild Wings Safaris email Bryan Mattice, 35-year-old high school social studies teacher in the United States, explained the scene leading up to the takedown, to “In search of our first leopard, our guide, Simon Vegter from Wild Wings Safaris, stopped at the De Laporte waterhole, where some other vehicles were also parked. Support our channel by becoming a Patron: He had sighted a female leopard there on other occasions. At the time, several impala were drinking there too. Sure enough, the female leopard was right there in the vicinity as well. We were able to position our vehicle 15-20 meters from her hiding spot. Crouching down in a bush, she was completely invisible to the buck. We had stumbled upon some impeccable sort of timing and landed ourselves a front row seat for the hunt. As the anticipation built, we weren't sure if we'd see a successful hunt or not. Once we realized what was about to happen, the adrenaline motivated everyone in our vehicle to stay silent, but have our cameras ready. When the kill took place, it was incredible to watch. Beyond description. At that moment there were no words to describe it. Just amazement at the raw power of nature. According to our guide, the successful, live hunt was a very rare sighting. Something one only sees once or twice every few years. Camera or no camera, I learned that while on safari and observing wildlife, there is nothing more important than soaking in the experience. It’s hard to describe the emotions and feelings one has when viewing wildlife in their natural habitat. In our case, we were fortunate enough to have our cameras ready for something rare, powerful, exceptional, and emotional. But it’s okay to keep the camera off. I can't say enough with regard to Simon's expertise in knowing the location, spotting the leopard, and positioning our vehicle for an up-close-and-personal view. We had incredible timing and were exceptionally lucky to see this”.

Lions Kill Zebra While Ousting Young Males from Pride!2m41s

Lions Kill Zebra While Ousting Young Males from Pride!

We all love the thrill of an amazing kill, but it is not often that the kill is the least of the action! Rodney Nombekana, a self-employed safari guide in Pilanesberg Game Reserve, was able to catch this exciting take-down and confrontational lion encounter on video. To join Rodney on a safari, email Rodney told us at all about the eventful details: “A day after my Kruger National Park safari, I had to take five clients out on a Pilanesberg Safari. 16 August 2017 is one of the days I will never forget. I entered at Bakubung gate with my guests and decided to drive to the centre of the park. As we descended from Kubu, one of the main roads, I noticed some cars standing still. I decided to investigate and upon arrival, we were treated to a beautiful sighting of two young lions just as the morning sun was breaking. My guests were overjoyed and could not believe their luck. Unfortunately, the sighting was taking place on the busiest road in Pilanesberg, and it was only a matter of time before it became crowded. I decided to leave the sighting and drive off to look for other animals. Support our channel by becoming a Patron: As I pulled out, I met a friend, Joel, who told me that there were more lions on Mankwe Way Plains, another beautiful spot in the park. I, however, decided to search Thlware Motlobo road first, and, as luck would have it, something caught my attention behind the bushes. It was light in colour and as I looked closer I noticed it was a young male leopard sleeping a mere 10m from the road. My guests could not believe their luck again and we couldn't imagine the day getting any better. We spent a good 15 minutes with him before the first car drove past us. It was a Mankwe Game Tracker car, and as they passed us without noticing what we were looking at, I stopped them and pointed towards the leopard. I decided to leave the leopard and go back to see the lions on Mankwe Way. Unfortunately, they had moved deeper into the tree-line as it was getting hotter. I thought to myself I would come back in the afternoon on my way out as they would probably come out into the plains. The rest of the day was fairly quiet considering how well we started. My last route of the afternoon would be Mankwe Way again, to check on the lions. As I approached the Mankwe Plains, I hoped to see the lions but couldn’t spot them anywhere. Getting ready to leave, I noticed a limping zebra coming towards us. I was very excited because I knew that if the lions spotted it they would go for it. I took out my binoculars and scanned the plains and yes, two familiar shapes popped out from behind the bushes far down by the trees. They were watching the limping zebra intently. What happened next blew our minds. The lionesses were very far away from the zebra, and only one decided to stalk it. She went around the tree-line as the zebra moved slowly along on its way. We soon lost sight of her and when she reappeared again she was less than 80m away from the zebra. One on my guests actually spotted her and within a minute she had stalked the unsuspecting zebra and was on top of it. The kill was done and dusted within moments, and the whole pride appeared to join in on the feeding frenzy. There were two young males within the pride, and these young males were at the age where they need to be ousted from the pride. This is probably why they were attacked. It seemed as this was the moment of them being ousted, something that is almost never seen in person! What an incredible day for my guests who were on safari for the first time. No amount of words can describe such a sighting. You just have to be there to experience it. As it was already time for gates to close, we had to leave the sighting just after the kill and before they all started settling down to eat. This was only my second time watching a full hunt & kill in my guiding career. When mother-nature bestows such an opportunity, embrace it and be present, for some people will never ever see something like this in their life time - so join me on safari in Pilanesberg and Kruger National Park”. To join him on a safari, email

Fearless Hippo Rescues Wildebeest From Deadly Crocodile2m59s

Fearless Hippo Rescues Wildebeest From Deadly Crocodile

Timing is everything when visiting Kruger… 72-year-old pensioner, Mervyn Van Wyk and his wife Tokkie, understand just how lucky they were to be in the right place at the right time! Kruger accommodation specials here: was so excited to hear how this incredible sighting played out. Mervyn explains: “It was a fabulous Friday morning and at approximately 09:30 we were driving close to Transport dam near Skukuza. Support our channel by becoming a Patron: As we approached the dam we noted that blue wildebeest, zebras and impalas were happily grazing on the opposite side of the dam. I turned the car into position so that my wife had a clear view as she wanted to take a few pictures. We happened to notice that one unlucky wildebeest was grabbed by a crocodile on his right rear hoof. This began a game of tug of war that lasted for around 8 minutes. The wildebeest would try dragging itself out of the water whilst the croc would pull it back in. You could see the exhaustion that the poor wildebeest was experiencing. Tokkie kept the cam rolling while I observed the area in the close vicinity. I then noted what I thought were more crocodiles approaching but then saw it was actually 2 hippos. The hippos approached the scene cautiously and then suddenly sprang onto the croc forcing him to release his grip on the wildebeest. This amazingly allowed the wildebeest a chance to escape even though he had a broken hoof. We could not believe the rarity of this situation. I have never seen a hippo coming to the aid of another animal, it was simply astonishing. Remember in Kruger, never rush away and always be patient because these amazing sightings are everywhere to be seen”. While this might seem that the hippos were rescuing the wildebeest, it is most probably hippos showing territorial behaviour. Hippos don't like sharing their turf and might have seen the wildebeest as an intruder, thus attacking the wildebeest to get him out the water. Send in your wildlife video here, and earn money: ... To license the footage: Get some of our exclusive specials at the Kruger National Park (Free nights): Snapchat: LatestSightings Twitter & Instagram: @LatestKruger For live wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park: And like our Facebook page for great sightings and photos: ... Subscribe to us on YouTube:

Three-Legged Hyena Falls Right Into Lion's Trap1m45s

Three-Legged Hyena Falls Right Into Lion's Trap

Nelson Cruz captured this gut-wrenching sighting while on one of his tours to the Kruger. Kruger accommodation specials here: Nelson told how events played out: “We noticed this hyena in the vicinity of a lioness and her cubs. He was particularly nosy and was desperate to get in and attack one of the cubs. Support our channel by becoming a Patron: The mother of the cubs was not having any of it and charged the hyena. She managed to actually bite his entire foot off! The hyena was also desperately aggravated and managed to give the lioness a few bites, hence you can see she also sustained some injuries. The hyena then fled off back towards the dam. When the hyena was done drinking water, it headed back up towards the road. Little did the hyena know that a young lioness was hiding behind the bushes and suddenly jumped out to attack her again. The hyena turned and ran back down to the dam once more but was unfortunately killed by the lioness at the bottom river. Later on, we watched how the whole lion pride crossed the road to get to the river, where the hyena was killed, so they could finish off the feast. It was just an amazing and spectacular sighting because of the natural turn of events. One could never have anticipated how things would have played out. That’s why I love nature so much, it always has the ability to stop you in your tracks.

Lions Attack & Kill Buffalo Next to Vehicle3m45s

Lions Attack & Kill Buffalo Next to Vehicle

38 year old, Ahmed Ismail, was fortunate enough to witness this tremendous lion and buffalo hunt right next to him! Something some people wait a lifetime to witness. He tells ”Whilst driving along the H1-3 on a self-drive in the Kruger National Park, we knew we had hit the jackpot when we came across a pride of lionesses on the trail of buffaloes. There were five stunning lionesses and three strong buffalos, with the lionesses clearly in stalk mode. One of the lionesses then broke away from the pack and flanked her way up around the buffalos to cut them off on the other side and chased them to the remaining four lionesses. What followed was a small battle between the lions and buffaloes with the latter retreating and disappearing into the field. We were disheartened as we believed we had missed out on witnessing a successful hunt. Our hearts were in our stomachs as we thought this was a failed hunt and that the carnivores had lost this battle. Little did we know what lay ahead was a rare occasion that we all would never forget. After hearing a squealing sound from behind, I made a U-turn onto the Baobab loop where the family saw lionesses attacking a buffalo. Six lionesses were trying to take a buffalo down. During the scurry of “purring” and “whimpering” a male lion appeared and attempted to take the buffalo down from behind and tried to grip the crying buffalo down. Each member of my family of five had different reactions during the occasion. My wife was quivering and began crying as her heart softened for the buffalo. I felt excited at the prospect of being privileged enough to see a live kill but at the same time I felt empathy for the buffalo that was about to get killed. My boys aged 12 and 9 were excited and I could sense their adrenalin pumping, like real boys. My youngest daughter aged 6 was also excited, but more so because she got to see the young cubs. The entire occasion lasted for about an hour and 20 minutes, with the buffalo eventually being overpowered by a 21pstrong Kumana pride of lions. For myself and the family the experience was “a dream come true” as we had never seen anything like this ever before. Being a nature and wild animal lover I’m a regular at the Kruger National Park and I had actually given up hope that I would ever be one of those fortunate enough to witness this before my very eyes. The Ismail family believe the 16th of July 2016 was simply the best day ever!”

Lioness Plays With GoPro In Greater Kruger National Park2m36s

Lioness Plays With GoPro In Greater Kruger National Park

Christof Schoeman has the tradition of putting GoPros down in the bush to see what cool sightings he can capture. He has filmed almost all of the different types of species interacting with the camera as they walk past it - leopard, lion, elephant - you name it! Christof, who is a 30-year-old professional field guide, decided to place his GoPro strategically in the middle of a frequented trail towards a watering hole in hope that a lion would discover it and take it on a joyride, and he was certainly not left disappointed! The strategically placed GoPro camera managed to capture a unique and stunning close-up images of a lioness and her sister, as they came across the odd looking object on the trail and decided to investigate it, like any cat would do. One of the females grabbed the camera in her jaws and took it with her on her hike! It may not be much, but coming that close to a lion’s canine teeth without fearing for your jugular is actually pretty amazing. It is amazing that Christof’s idea to follow the wildlife in Kruger National Park closely allows the animals to get themselves involved without hurting them. According to Christof’s account, none of the lionesses were harmed in any way by the gadget.

Lion Shows Unexpected Compassion Towards A Tiny Antelope Calf2m49s

Lion Shows Unexpected Compassion Towards A Tiny Antelope Calf

A starving young lion certainly managed to get his claws into a tasty little snack. This intense video keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see how it plays out…. Graeme was excited about the sighting and told “My wife and I had seen a lot of lions in that area in 2016. Due to the drought, the animals came to drink and the lions were there waiting for them. On this particular day there wasn't an animal in sight, never mind any lions. I commented to my wife that I would love to know where they had all got to. A few minutes later, out of nowhere a lioness came walking out of the dry bush with something in its mouth. At first, it looked like a lioness carrying her cub. However, at second glance, it turned out to be a young male carrying a newborn antelope . The young lion carried the antelope down into the dry riverbed where we lost visual, but could still hear the antelope bleating. The lion went into the riverbed also because there were white-backed vultures, hooded vultures and marabou storks in the vicinity hoping to take off with the buck. I think this was pure opportunism on the part of the lion as he must have stumbled upon the newborn whilst walking through the bush. I am not sure what happened to its mom but she may have been grazing and wandered a bit too far off from her youngster. While the sighting was being played out, adrenaline was flowing! But watching the video, I could hear the little buck bleating, which wasn't nice at all. My wife was almost in tears and given a chance she would have rescued the poor thing. We visit the Kruger often but this was a rare sighting for both of us. That’s why the KNP is the best place on Earth, you never know what lies in wait around the following bend!” Send in your wildlife video here, and earn money: To license the footage: To book a safari, click here: Snapchat: LatestSightings Twitter & Instagram: @LatestKruger For live wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park: And like our Facebook page for great sightings and photos: Subscribe to us on YouTube: