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What Our Dogs Would Want Us To Know1m33s

What Our Dogs Would Want Us To Know

Our canine companions bring so much love, compassion, patience, learning, and many other things to our homes that we often tend to take for granted. This video reminds us of the wonderful daily interactions we have with our dogs, and how they teach us to be a better person. Dogs love us unconditionally, even if we don’t always deserve it. Whether your dog is jumping on you with muddy paws, knocking something over with their tail, or barks and wakes the baby up there are times we all get frustrated! This video is a great reminder of the things we should never forget, especially when we’re mad at them. To all dog owners out there, here are a few things that your dog wants you to keep in mind. In order to make it more natural and convincing, we continue to address you from dog’s point of view. Don’t be annoyed when I jump all over you when you come home. I do that because I am the happiest dog on Earth when you walk through the door and I cannot contain my excitement. Give me time to understand what you want from me, and I promise I will do my best. Also, talk to me. We might not speak the same language, but the sound of your voice brightens my day. Let me inside when the weather turns bad. Even though I have my fur, I can get cold in nasty weather. Offer me the chance to meet some new friends. Meeting others who look and smell like me, makes my life a lot more enjoyable. Play with me. You will keep me in shape and most importantly you will give me the chance to impress you and make you proud of me. Last but not least, when I get old, please love me as much as you did when I was young. I might not be a sweet little puppy anymore, but I love you just as much as I did then. Be at my side when I’ll take my final breath and when I’m gone remember. People are born so they can learn how to love others and how to be good persons every day. Dogs already know this, they teach us to be a better person , that is why they don’t live that long!

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Abandoned puppies get second chance at life1m24s

Abandoned puppies get second chance at life

These two terrier-mix puppies were found abandoned at the edge of the road in the middle of nowhere. They were both in a very bad shape and suffering with mange. The kind souls who found them brought them to their loving home, gave them a medical bath and made sure that the two starving puppies learned to trust and love humans again. With a little help from the couple’s two domestic cats, these two puppies came out of their shells and proved that with a little TLC, everyone can feel better. We are glad that these two little fur balls got a second chance at a happy life, but we urge you to spay and neuter your dogs. Puppies are cute when they are tiny, but many are unable to take proper care of them and usually they end up like this.

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Mia & Ava - Episode 31m07s

Mia & Ava - Episode 3

Mia and Ava were rescued in a very poor condition but now they are two happy puppies. You can watch their evolution in Episode 1 - Episode 2 -

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Mia & Ava' - Episode 11m35s

Mia & Ava' - Episode 1

Follow 'Mia and Ava's evolution' in 'Episode 2' on Land of Dogs on Facebook. Episode 2 will be available starting Tuesday, September 27 on Don't forget to 'LIKE' page.

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Mia & Ava - Episode 21m22s

Mia & Ava - Episode 2

Follow 'Mia and Ava's evolution' in 'Episode 3' on Land of Dogs on Facebook. Episode 3 will be available starting Tuesday, October 4 on Don't forget to 'LIKE' page. In case you missed Episode 1 -

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Old dogs deserve a good life too!44s

Old dogs deserve a good life too!

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