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Longboarder Crash Pile Up8s

Longboarder Crash Pile Up

At Hot Heels South Africa 2013, Baboon Bend gets a little hectic. Riders: Tim Bowman, Tom Rushovich, Oliver Faile, Henry Muller, longboarders tumble on top of each other during a turn

Boy Swings Bat at Tee and Falls4s

Boy Swings Bat at Tee and Falls

A little boy with dark hair runs up to a baseball tee and swings but whiffs it big time and spins around and falls down on the ground.

Helicopter almost kills a couple46s

Helicopter almost kills a couple

A couple doing a photo shoot at the beach get interrupted by a helicopter. The helicopter ends up flying too close scaring the people at the beach.

Snake Bites Shane54s

Snake Bites Shane

While standing in the river Shane finds a snake resting on a tree branch. Brilliance strikes Shane; he decides it’s time to pick this snake up. As one might suspect the snake bites Shane but he seems ok and his buddies are amused.