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Young DJ Fakes It Until He Makes It1m02s

Young DJ Fakes It Until He Makes It

We’ve all been there a couple or more times. The spotlight was on, the crowd was eager to experience our show, but in the blink of an eye our show could have turned into a complete disaster. Luckily, survival instinct kicked in and we tried to manoeuvre around our problem, acting as if nothing happened. Faking confidence and calmness, delivering a few jokes on our behalf, the disaster is evaded and our heart can start beating again. Unfortunately, this is not a once in a lifetime, one in a million kind of experience. In reality, we constantly face these kinds of tests of our confidence. And the more they happen, the more we learn and the easier it gets to go around them without experiencing a heart attack. However, this young disk jockey looks like he’s had a few years of tripping and getting up behind him. The seemingly talented DJ was recruited as the music man at a party. The video shows that his effort pays off because the people are having a lot of fun and they are dancing to their heart’s content. A little bit away from the dancefloor he is seen twisting and turning a few buttons and screws on his table with two other youngsters following his every mood. He has his headphones on and his laptop fired up and it all seems that it’s going well. However, upon further inspection, the cameraman realises that the pult he’s working on is actually too clean. There are no cables around and it’s easy to realise that it’s because his table isn’t plugged in. Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you don’t.

Published: January 7, 2018405 views
Girl's Lip Enhancing Goes Oh So Wrong25s

Girl's Lip Enhancing Goes Oh So Wrong

No one ever said that human beings are perfect. We all have our flaws. They might be small, they might be big, they might even be superficial or soul deep, but it is how we are, what we are and we need to embrace them. The problem with humans is that despite knowing this, we tend to be perfect and the general rule of thumb is that the grass is always greener on the other side. The 21st century has brought upon us the opportunity to change how we look in order to change how we feel about ourselves. Plastic surgeries are no new feat, they’ve been around for centuries if not millennia, but nowadays they are so easily available, they get done every day. Luckily, there are those out there who are a bit reluctant to permanently change the way they look, so they opt for a temporary change. There are all sorts of gadgets plaguing the internet promising to change this and enhance that, and one of them is the lip plumper. As far as ancient times, lips’ shape and size have been the object of scrutiny. In the digital era, however, it seems that the bigger and plumper your lips look, the better. This video shows us a girl using the tool, but not receiving the desired effect. She probably used to plumper for too long, because her lips look as if they’ve been stung by bees. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only incident, as reports have been made of people breaking the blood vessels around their lips and even cutting their lips using sharp objects in order to achieve that amount of perfection.

Published: January 3, 2018511 views
Clumsy Penguin Has Us All In Stitches When He Walks Over Sleeping Seal38s

Clumsy Penguin Has Us All In Stitches When He Walks Over Sleeping Seal

We all know what it’s like waking up on a cold winter morning. You pray that the temperature in your bedroom is somewhat bearable while you rest cocooned inside your blanket. You dread the thought of having to step on the cold hardwood floor but you know that that is the only way you’ll wake yourself up enough to start the day. The first few minutes of cold arctic air blasting your sleepy body are enough to make you shudder and wake up with a start, although your brain is not so eager to get on the wake up train. The coffee pot is calling for you and you run towards it, only to stumble every few inches on your feet. Foot coordination seems to be off, but once the sweet brown ambrosia hits your palate, everything is back on track and you’re ready to get on with your day. Well, unfortunately for this little feathery fellow, coffee is not an option. The closest thing he gets to a blanket are the cuddles he gets from his other penguin friends, trying to share body heat in order to warm up. The constant freezing temperatures make him a bit clumsy, but oh so endearing. We can see him walking on a rocky beach stumbling from one rock to the other while trying to hold his stiff body upright. What makes his walk funny is the fact that he mistook a big grey seal for a rock, and we can’t really blame him. The resemblance is uncanny. We’re just glad that the seal wasn’t too agitated and left the little guy alone. The second penguin to walk the same path was wise not to repeat the mistakes of his buddy. It just doesn’t get cuter than this.

Published: January 3, 20187,341 views
Fish eats diver's hand4m19s

Fish eats diver's hand

Diver's hand is clamped inside the mouth of a large and toothy Sea Devil fish. His colleagues work to set it free.

Published: January 5, 2018
Smiling Baby Sloth Woos Caretaker With Flowers31s

Smiling Baby Sloth Woos Caretaker With Flowers

Babies are beautiful, from the peach fuzz growing on their heads to their itty-bitty toes. There probably isn’t a man who has ever lived on this planet who didn’t say that at least one baby was incredibly cute. It’s always mesmerizing to watch them come to life, sometimes small enough to be held in the palm of your hand. They grip our hearts with feelings of joy and happiness. Same can be said about tiny peanuts from other species. They are just as cute as human babies and their uniqueness makes them even more endearing at times. Just think about puppies. Can you honestly think of one instance when the furry goofballs weren’t acting cute. If we’re honest, they are so cute that we can’t even stay mad at them when they ruin our expensive persian rugs while potty training. And that’s saying a lot. Sometimes cuteness runs in the family, no matter the size and generation. Don’t look further than the sloth. This huggable furrball is a cuteness overload in the making, no matter the size. The best part is, they like to hug back too. Apparently, hugging isn’t the only thing they do, since this baby sloth is also very skilled at being the charmer. The youngun is exceptionally good at eliciting laughs out of unassuming caretakers in his spare time. If that doesn’t seal the deal, he does that by handing them pretty flowers. But are his looks the only thing that makes him cute? Do babies really just look prettier than adults and it makes them cute in our eyes? Some might believe that beyond the superficial beauty, babies contain an inner purity and an overall sense of goodness, untainted by the ebb of time that makes them more appealing to us. Either way, these cuties can always brighten our day.

Published: January 4, 2018365 views