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Soldier Son Arrives Home And Leaves His Mom Speechless1m41s

Soldier Son Arrives Home And Leaves His Mom Speechless

Soldier returns home from Afghanistan and surprises his mother with pizza and flowers in this heartwarming reunion. He wanted to make his homecoming special so he had been planning his surprise with the rest of the family for two months. Together with the cameraman, his hands busy with pizza and flowers, he slowly walks to the door and rings the bell. Nobody answers the door as his mom didn’t expect him to come back without a notice, so he waits for a few minutes before the huge surprise. His mom opens the door and we can hear the scream of a mother who has not seen her son for a long time. She breaks into one loud ‘Oh, my Gosh’ before she bursts into tears covering her face with her hands. No sooner her son leaves the packages of pizza on the chair, he gives his mom the so-wanted and longed-for hug. They can’t let go of each other and stay glued together until the end of the video while his mother sobs and sobs uncontrollably. They want to stay like that forever because nobody can tear apart the bond between a son and his mother. Especially a soldier son. Being constantly away, his absence can not go unnoticed and his mom misses him a lot. She can’t pull herself together, as he slumps tighter and tighter in his hug and tears of mixed feelings trickle down her face. Besides the absolute joy she must feel, with happiness as deep as this one, tears are an inseparable part. At the end of the video, it can be clearly heard that everything has been meticulously planned: ‘You can stop crying now, it is real. It has been really difficult. We have been lying to you for two months now’.

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Artist Makes Delicate Horse Sculpture Out Of Glass1m01s

Artist Makes Delicate Horse Sculpture Out Of Glass

The artwork made from ‘hot glass’ is a rare gift that not many people possess. The viciously hot glass can be used for sculpting and casting into molds. The process, known as ‘hot glass sculpting’, is deceptively simple.The glass crystals are softened into viscous fluid by directly inserting in the flame and then given the desired shape and colors before it cools down. The young artist in the video, shapes a tiny horse out of a glass. Cast glass or ‘glass casting’ is usually done by ladling the hot molten glass into a mold. This glass bowler is one of those few artists who can transform a piece of glass into anything he wishes – birds, fishes, animals, fruits, trees and even humans hunting in the wild. Anything and everything that he can imagine can be sculpted from the molten glass. And he does it without electricity, moulds, dies or any special equipment whatsoever. Just a kerosene burner flame, glass rod, broken pieces of colored glass bangles and ordinary home tools. Isn’t that amazing? But as said, the simplicity is misleading. Transforming the glass crystals into a colorful sculpture with perfect details and proportion, needs fluid harmony between imagining and executing. Eyes, fingers, wrist, feet, brain... in fact every part of the body needs to align itself and coordinate with others to bring the sculpture into existence. It’s nothing short of a meditation and there is no margin for error. Though the art is on the verge of extinction, this artist is one of the few who is keeping it alive even today. It definitely makes the world more beautiful.

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Boys throw friend into pool fail30s

Boys throw friend into pool fail

A bunch of guys thought it would be a good idea to toss their friend into the pool, but when they hurl him toward the water, he falls and his back against the edge.

Published: March 20, 2018
Two husky dogs kiss55s

Two husky dogs kiss

Melbourne, AU. Two dogs, a Husky and a Samoyed, paw at each other and engage in some heavy, fluffy petting.

Published: March 20, 2018
Tandem Surfers Pull An Amazing Trick24s

Tandem Surfers Pull An Amazing Trick

Surf couples are of a rare kind. According to many surfing duos, the couple that surfs together stays together! Tandem surfing is a Hawaiian sport which includes two people sharing a surfboard and performing amazing tricks and spectacular stunts. This water sport requires a lot of practice, skill, athleticism and commitment. Take a look at this incredible video of a couple showing off an awesome trick while surfing! Tandem surfing is another reason to hit the beach with your partner this summer. This sport also requires fearlessness and a lot of trust in your companion. It will definitely give you a rush of adrenaline like no other. People are always excited and amazed when they see surf couples in action. A man and a woman decided to place the camera on the surfboard and record one of their attempts while surfing. In the beginning, they start with riding the board toward a moving wave and when they reach it, they both climb up on the board. Standing on it, while riding through the waves, the man picks up the woman in his hands and they start to perform a choreography of acrobatics. It looks so amazing! At the end of the video, they both jump into the water. Even though surfing is, for the most part, an individual sport, these surfing couples prove the opposite. When you have a partner with the same passion for surfing as you have, tandem surfing is a good way to grow closer as a couple and work together as a team. Watch the video of these two people performing a spectacular trick while tandem surfing!

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Disrupting The Putters55s

Disrupting The Putters

A guy runs across the golf course to do a series of flips and spills on the green right where two guys are putting. Then they hide in the bushes and use a blow horn to throw off more putters on the green

Published: March 20, 2018
This Girl Waxed Off Her Eyebrow By Accident40s

This Girl Waxed Off Her Eyebrow By Accident

We’ve all been through that teenage stage of our lives where we considered ourselves as beauty enthusiasts. But we will also agree that eyebrows were an unexplored territory at the time. They seemed to grow in different directions and looking back on photos we took in the past, most of us are really ashamed. The girl in this video made a major beauty disaster when she waxed off her whole eyebrow! Take a look! Makeup and beauty tutorials are a popular method or learning new stuff. People from around the world do it all the time. Vloggers record themselves and post their videos on YouTube to get more followers and fame. So, instead of playing smart and scheduling an appointment with a brow-shape specialist, the girl in this video decided to take matters into her own hands and do a home wax session. It all seemed like a good idea until the moment she realized that her whole left brow went off with the wax. It may look funny to us, but her facial expression was talking about her disappointment. We are sure that she will find a way to fix this mess and draw her eyebrow back again. Maybe she’ll make another tutorial on how to get back waxed eyebrow, who knows? Watch this tutorial fail as this girl mistakenly waxes off her left eyebrow. The young woman may be the 2016 winner of La Voz Mexico, but she can't sing herself out of this unsuccessful tutorial.

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Firefighter catches baby 36s

Firefighter catches baby

A female firefighter makes an incredible rescue when she catches a baby dropped from the third floor of a burning apartment building. She then rescues the rest of the family of 12, which included eight children. All members of the family are safe.

Published: March 20, 2018
A Man Uses His Hand To “Control” People Like Puppets57s

A Man Uses His Hand To “Control” People Like Puppets

To be able to control people like puppets is called Marionetakinesis or "Puppet Mastery". It is like a possession of control or command over others such as authority, ascendancy, and power over men's minds. The user takes ‘control’ over motor functions of humanoid forms, objects as if they were a marionette. Take a look at the incredible video of this man puppet playing with people in the gym! Have you ever been to a puppets show? Well, the technique you will see in this video is much cooler than that! The unknown man decided to put a camera behind his hands and invite his friends to join the show. As the first man appears, the hands start to move as if they are controlling his moves. Then using his smartphone, he swipes left and another man appears. He commands with his movement and then by swiping right, the mysterious man disappears. The next moment, using his two hands, the puppet man controls two and then three people at the gym. Just to make it clear, the man in this video is not a real puppet master such as Eric Doyle in the ‘Brand New World’ novel. The smart guy has only synchronized his hand with his friends’ movement and made an interesting video using the time lapse effect. Enjoy this unbelievable footage of a hand pretending to control people dancing and doing tricks during a time lapse at the gym. Who knows, maybe you will get inspired to do a similar video with your friends!

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