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That Last Of Us | Almost Co-op5m00s

That Last Of Us | Almost Co-op

Many people have requested for The Last Of Us to be playable via Co-op (cooperation) mode. While Naughty Dog has not included the feature, the multiplayer part of the game was made with the intent of working cooperatively in a group of 4. All players will likely have a much better time when playing for the sake of the team rather that just for themselves. So while The Last Of Us doesn't include a Co-op mode specifically, the core gameplay encourages players to work together, coordinate their attack, and offer support lest they be outplayed and beaten.

Battlefield 4 | It's a Trap!1m20s

Battlefield 4 | It's a Trap!

What do you get when you mix the most beloved one-line character in the Star Wars universe with the intense action of Battlefield 4? Watch the video to find out! Admiral Ackbar is one of the most popular characters in Stars Wars despite his having a very limited amount of lines. His famous quote of "It's a trap!" has spread to memes around the world. Here, I use his lines appropriately to match the imminent trap heading for the enemy during a match of Battlefield 4.