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Japan does it raw! 35s

Japan does it raw!

In search of Japanese chicken sashimi. The sashimi restaurant was closed so we found a place that serve tataki. Tataki is quickly seared on the outside and completely raw in the middle. The chicken was delicious and safe to eat. They have a special breed of chicken and they have much nicer living conditions than North American chickens. The experience was great and I recommend you give it a try!

Japan food 26s

Japan food

Eating awabi (abalone) for the first time. It's alive! This was during our trip to Shimonoseki Japan. Great taste and texture was similar to a cooked mussel. The awabi is a Japanese delicacy. Give it a try if you ever go there!

Beautiful Alberta Lake28s

Beautiful Alberta Lake

Trying our new boat in Kananaskis country Alberta. Beautiful sunny day. Our Berner was quite comfortable on the boat.