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Lazy Dog Hitches Himself A Piggyback Ride Upstairs20s

Lazy Dog Hitches Himself A Piggyback Ride Upstairs

A hilarious footage has emerged of a lazy dog waiting for his owner on the couch just to hitch himself a ride upstairs. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so this canine decided to wait at the station, for his next piggyback ride. Adorable! It's time for this dog to go to bed, but he's just too lazy to go up the stairs by himself. Check out the perfect solution to this problem! When you’re too tired to walk up three stairs and you’re a dog, you can get away with making your mommy give you a piggyback ride to just about anywhere. Sure it might be one of the laziest things that you can possibly make someone do for you, but when you pull them puppy eyes, you can get away with pretty much anything. Calling this puppy apathetic is an understatement because the only thing he does throughout the day is stroll around, sleep and play. Nonetheless, when it comes to walking upstairs he always pulls a tired face and refuses to climb upstairs by himself. Footage shows the adorable moment when the lazy canine is waiting on the couch to catch the next ride for upstairs. Moments later, owner approaches and lifts him up on her back, giving him the royal treatment by carrying him around on her back. The piggyback ride never gets old! This lazy pooch would rather hitch a ride and wait for the piggyback ride than climbing them high, tiresome stairs. We bet he would wait and wait in the lounge couch, until somebody gives him the consideration and take him upstairs.

Published: February 9, 201859,677 plays$138.70 earned
Dog misjudges jump and falls in mud5s

Dog misjudges jump and falls in mud

This Labrador didn't realise how high the jump was to get back on the path. Watch him completely misjudge his jump and fall back into the mud. Don't worry he wasn't harmed, he's just a bit stupid sometimes.

Published: October 9, 201656 plays$0.09 earned
Dogs vs vacuum cleaner17s

Dogs vs vacuum cleaner

These dogs hate the machine that their human uses to clean up all the dog hair in the house. So what do they do? Seek revenge. Does your dog hate the hoover as much as these pair do?

Published: September 27, 201698 plays$0.23 earned
Dog enjoys summer treat12s

Dog enjoys summer treat

Today was the hottest day of the summer so far and so this Labrador enjoyed a special treat in the shade.

Published: July 18, 2016132 plays$0.30 earned
Naughty dog answers owner back38s

Naughty dog answers owner back

This naughty pup was caught climbing all over the furniture. Watch his reaction as his owner asks him what he's up to. Doggy with attitude!

Published: May 25, 201627,013 plays$35.78 earned
Dog trips head first in sea8s

Dog trips head first in sea

This Labrador was so excited about being at the beach that he forgot to watch where he put his paws and fell head first into the sea.

Published: May 25, 2016234 plays$0.58 earned
Mischievous dog teases owner with stolen sock42s

Mischievous dog teases owner with stolen sock

Ever wonder where all the missing socks go? This cheeky Labrador fiend snatched a sock from the wash whilst his owner wasn't looking and then proceeds to torment her with the stolen goods.

Published: May 19, 20166,635 plays$16.14 earned
Funny Labrador devours dandelion4s

Funny Labrador devours dandelion

This dog gets confused about what to do when presented with a dandelion. Instead of the traditional blowing of seeds, he demolishes it!

Published: May 16, 20161,521 plays$3.74 earned