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Epic homemade kayak ramp off a bridge!1m09s

Epic homemade kayak ramp off a bridge!

These extreme athletes have come up with the creative idea of jumping off a bridge using their kayak! With the correct speed and position, as well as a perfectly angled ramp, these daredevils successfully land some amazing jumps. Awesome!

Adventurous Daredevils Ride Kayak Down An Icy Mountain1m17s

Adventurous Daredevils Ride Kayak Down An Icy Mountain

These daredevils decide to take their kayaking to the extreme by riding it down a mountain side on a road covered in ice and snow. You won't believe just how fast they race down the slope! It is exactly what it sounds like. Grab a kayak and use it as a sled. Rinse and repeat. The sport formed when kayakers floated up to the mountain tops and took the snow down the mountain, cruising on waves of snow, instead of water. Forget scenic waterways and romantic paddles, the real way to get a kayak going is down a mountain. This daredevil shows how it’s done as he takes the wild ride down for a spin. With a camera strapped to him and armed with just a paddle, he lets gravity do the work. Would you try this daring stunt and feel this thrilling experience that will freeze your blood. Daredevils are often looked at as reckless, but they see themselves as calculated. There are very real risks with everything they do. This 'challenging' slide needs to be taken very seriously and requires a lot of experience. This gives daredevils the ability to make swift decisions and enjoy their sport! The camera is positioned downward and shows the front of the kayak as the daredevil uses his paddle to try to stay in the narrow strip of very steep mountain covered in snow . The footage also shows his friends screaming at the bottom, one of whom had to move in order not to get hurt. Snow snow kayaking is a winter sport practised by some kayakers. It usually involves kayakers descending snow slopes. This sport is typically done in the backcountry and occasionally at resorts and ski areas. Races are held in a modus similar to those of snowboarding they are known as a boatercross. In the races, kayakers race to a finish line or point.