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Men Pull Most Ridiculous Prank On Shoppers3m15s

Men Pull Most Ridiculous Prank On Shoppers

Sometimes you just don’t want to know all of the contents of the world wide web. Sure, we’ve stumbled upon some ingenious ideas and we’ve been able to appreciate the creativity of mankind, but as always, there are some downfalls. After a while of watching tips and tricks we’d be lying if we say that we haven’t delved into the darker corners filled with pranks and memes. Here’s one example of those contents. We leave it up to you to decide whether you think this prank tips towards the levels of genius or is just plain wrong. The footage shows us two pranksters called Andrew Scites and Justin Stuart trying to spice up the trips to the store to some unsuspecting customers . It all starts with both of them and a little baby, so you just know that this could either go really bad, or really hilarious. The jokesters are seen approaching the shoppers and telling them that they have something in their hair. Being the good samaritans that they are, they offer to help them get it out of their hair, literally. All of a sudden, a woman appears from the back of the customers and hands over a baby to Andrew and Justin. They proceed to lift it over the victims’ heads and show it to them. We don’t know if we should call this prank a success, because as soon as they see cute baby Isaac, they are smitten and they don’t even care that they just got pranked.


"Magician" pranks volunteers with glass trick

From 'JStuStudios', "We go around with a wine glass full of water and ask people if we can show them a magic trick. Little do they know, this isn't really a magic trick. Watch as these people get very confused as they get stuck with nowhere to go as we trick them into this simple, yet hilarious prank!"

Pulling Stuff Out of People's Hair 'Prank'3m58s

Pulling Stuff Out of People's Hair 'Prank'

Sometimes a prank can be so simple, it's brilliant. JStuStudios pulled off a pretty effortless joke on several people at a grocery store. It worked so well, the ease of the execution may be funnier than the premise itself!

Surprise Secret Santa3m31s

Surprise Secret Santa

The title says it all! A couple of good citizens decides to go out and leave presents on random cars. The reactions are priceless! Video by JStuStudios.

Simple Acts of Kindness!3m11s

Simple Acts of Kindness!

The world needs more kindness. What can you do today to make someone's day better? Check out this amazing clip from JStu Studios!