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wild sugar baby.47s

wild sugar baby.

Precocious Toddler goes Crazy Wild when given her first chocolate ice cream cone, sings silly songs and pleads for more. Entertains her brother with her manic behavior.

Fearless Baby Girl Exhibits Impressive Climbing Skills50s

Fearless Baby Girl Exhibits Impressive Climbing Skills

This one-year-old girl climbs dangerously high up by using her ribs to leverage her body to climb higher and higher. She is cute and impressive at the same time. What is it about the sight of an infant that makes almost everyone crack a smile? Big eyes, chubby cheeks, and a button nose? An infectious laugh, soft skin, and a captivating smell? Cuteness is designed to appeal to all our senses! This blond little princess is so adorable that we have our eyes fixed on her. She is even more appealing with the climbing skills she pulls. Though this is just a video, it makes us alert and on the run in case she starts falling. But look at those climbing skill! The way she climbs up on the cat tree with such a breeze and so easily is amazing and gets our full attention. Climbing is a skill children master incrementally, as they reach developmental milestones for various gross motor skills and it typically begins with crawling over objects, progresses to climbing onto objects such as furniture and is fully mastered when children are able to walk down stairs unassisted using alternating feet. However, this little girl it seems like she was born with this gift. She knows how to squeeze her hands through in order to get a better grip of the tree. She starts popping up effortlessly and she doesn’t stop before she goes to the very end top of the tree. She is sharp-minded, resourceful and a fearless girl. When this kiddo reaches the top, she is so happy that she starts babbling something cheerfully we can’t understand.

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Funny Ridgeback Dog Is Startled By A Cat41s

Funny Ridgeback Dog Is Startled By A Cat

Cats and dogs have a history of being represented as natural enemies, yet pet owners who have raised cats and dogs together can prove that this theory is totally wrong. They reveal that the secret to their getting along is allowing both pets to grow up as siblings. However, this is not the case in the following video. The bold cat scared the hell out of this Ridgeback dog! Rhodesian Ridgeback are not a ‘working’ breed like Labrador, Doberman and Shepherd. They are independent dogs, bred to think for themselves, to hunt large game and follow the instructions of their owners. Although many Ridgebacks live happily with "their" pet cats, most of these dogs will instinctively chase felines. The owner of one Ridgeback hound and a cute white cat have caught on tape something hilariously funny. The playful Rhodesian Ridgeback tries to grab a purse, that he found on the floor, but he suffers a wildcat attack. The cat is hiding under the table in the living room and waits patiently. When the dog approaches and starts to play with the bag on the floor, the kitty is ready to take some serious measures. She attacks the hound with one paw and the dog seems very confused. He didn’t expect that. Maybe that was the cat’s purse and we all know what women think about someone touching their personal stuff. Good thing that dog was pretty patient. Take a look at this funny video of a cat attacking a massive Ridgeback dog and we challenge you to try not to laugh! Impossible, right?

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This Big Dog Is All The Entertainment A Little Girl Needs48s

This Big Dog Is All The Entertainment A Little Girl Needs

Every child needs a friend, but a dog can be the bestest friend! Especially if they grow up together, the bond between a kid and its dog can be as deep and unique as siblings’. That dog can teach a kid the most fundamental principles of life, such as unconditional love, sharing and fair play. But the most important thing that a dog can provide to a kid is endless hours of entertainment. For example, this Rhodesian Ridgeback dog is all the entertainment the little girl needs. Both standing in front of the glass door, she points to something outside and the dog barks, sending the girl into a contagious giggle frenzy. As if the dog realizes that she is loving his reaction, he lets out a low growl and stomps his front paws on the floor, like he is inviting the toddler to play. She giggles further, like she is teasing him into play, knowing she can’t really get up on her own feet yet, so she bangs tiny hands on the glass pane. This is how they both communicate, nonverbally, but they still understand each other’s needs and it is just the assurance we need in our faith in friendship. But really, what other reason would one need for dogs being kids’ best friends ? There are clips which show some of the hilarious shenanigans that pets can get into with their tiny humans. Chewing a toilet roll together? No problem. Licking spilled milk off the floor? Right away. Sharing a crate? Anytime! They are the best partners in crime!

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