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Goose Loves His Hair Spaghetti 43s

Goose Loves His Hair Spaghetti

When you realize you may need to seek mental help, but you come to your senses and keep going because Mickey LOVES his hair spaghetti! Nummy, Nummy, Nummy! Mickey loves his hair Spaghetti-ghetti!

Excited Geese Rush Wings Wide Spread To Welcome Their Owner21s

Excited Geese Rush Wings Wide Spread To Welcome Their Owner

When mommy finally gets back home after being gone most of the day, these geese breaks out in his happy dance! Awesome! These geese surely know how to wish mommy a warm welcome after a long day at work! This energetic birds are overwhelmed with joy once it realizes mom's finally home, and it think of an epic dance to show its love! These pet geese just can't be happier to see their owner coming back home, and their warm welcome will melt your heart! As they hear someone coming, they're quick to say hi to their owner, dancing with joy on their way to her. Just watch those moves! This is your daily mood booster, for sure! You would surely want pet geese when you see this! As they notice someone come in, they can't help but run their little feet off toward their owner. How lucky is this owner to have such a welcome every day they come home from work. This is quite the unique set up this owner has here. It just can't stop doing its hilarious happy dance in the improvised pond in the family's backyard, and the sight is simply adorable! Don't you just love when animals show their love in such a precious manner? This gaggle gang run to say hi and tell their owner how their day went! Priceless!

Woman Has Full Blown Conversation With A Herd Of Talkative Geese35s

Woman Has Full Blown Conversation With A Herd Of Talkative Geese

We know that animals can communicate with each other, but have you ever seen one having a conversation with a human? Well, that’s what’s happening in this video. We know Huskies can be vocal, but hear this herd of geese get talkative with a woman. Can anyone translate this?! We have seen dogs who sound like they are speaking, including the very verbal Husky, who tells his owners that he loves them. But have you ever seen talkative geese? In this video we hear a woman whistling to a herd of geese and calling them over for some chat and pet time. As soon as they hear the woman calling for them, they start running and talking in their own geese language. They sound like they are having a full-blown conversation in some kind of a bird language. The ducks start quacking and engage in serious interaction with the lady, one very friendly duck comes straight to the woman, and gets talkative. This unique friendship is truly wonderful! This goose seems to have a whole bunch of things he needs to let the woman know, as they engage in a serious conversation. It is adorable to see this talkative goose take talking to a next level. Of course it’s unclear what the goose was attempting to verbalize, but the fact that he stayed around for a while is certainly surprising. What a special bond!