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Reckless Biker Has Close Call With Turning Car 16s

Reckless Biker Has Close Call With Turning Car

“Wow!” This video contains just one word of dialogue, and that one word says it all. It's impossible to tell where this video was taken, but we know one thing about the city, and that somewhere in it resides a crazy guy with no common sense, and an undeveloped appreciation for life. Hopefully he can reflect on how close he came to annihilation, and learn from it. You aren't allowed too many near misses in life, and this inconsiderate fellow is already down by one. If he was a cat, we could say he has at least eight lives left, but we don't know how many foolish stunts like this one he has already wasted extra lives on. Without interviewing the bicyclist we don't really know what possessed him to burn through the crosswalk--actually airborne, without regard for oncoming traffic. He practically flew over the hood. Maybe he suffers from an Even Knievel complex? Sometimes people just have bad days; our mind is dwelling elsewhere. In that case it's hard to condemn a person. Maybe he has his mind on other pressing problems in life. You see, we judge people by the behavior they exhibit outwardly, because of how it impacts us or society. What if the poor driver of the silver car making the turn had hit the bicyclist? We really see the power of dashcam and personal security cameras now. If anything would have exonerated the driver, it would have been this video. There is a limit to how much we are obligated to know and care for the psychological well being of one of our members. It's not because we have stopped caring, it's just that your personal state of mind doesn't override the safety and well-being of the rest of us. Witnessing an accident, especially a car hitting a buyer who whips out in front of you out of the blue is a horrible experience. It stops everybody in the immediate vicinity. If you're the one hit, lying on hot pavement with blood gushing out of your nose and mouth, you'll be wishing you could take the moment back. If you're dead, well… For those of us with half a brain and a conscience, too, we can glean a lesson or two from this video. At the very least it provides lecture material for everything about what not to do. Why bother instituting inconvenient little details like traffic lights, crosswalks, or even laws if you're not going to observe and respect them? Traffic control didn't come before traffic accidents . It's not a “which came first” situation. Traffic laws make sense for s reason. Traffic deaths, tragic as they are, are being contained precisely because we take rules and regulations so seriously. As for the guy we have to thank for the present video, we'll assume he had to unwind after arriving at wherever he was going when he captured this insane moment. No doubt after telling everybody what he had just witnessed, and showing the video to prove it.

Published: April 19, 201729,761 views