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Baby And Dog Look Fixedly At Potential Treat10s

Baby And Dog Look Fixedly At Potential Treat

Man’s best friend just became baby’s best friend in this video. Why every baby needs a dog in their life? Because life is always a little bit better with a friend by your side. And let’s face it, no one wants to clown around alone. And they are always there for each other when they can’t find a place to sit. Or when they just want to lounge around the house for hours.They support each other's dreams. And they don’t let each other argue for no good reason. But when something’s got them down, a best friend is always there to lend a hug or three. And they never let each other nap alone. Sometimes they even share their bed. Even if it is a tight squeeze. And they never stop laughing. But when the day is done, they are there to keep the nightmares away. And when the sun comes out again, best friends never leave each other’s side. And they wait eagerly to share the next snack together. Or they just look at the treat baffled by why is it just being waved in front of their eyes when its real purpose is to be eaten as quickly as possible. Is it because the person wagging the treat wants to have fun observing these two friends while they follow the movement of the treat in a same fashion? Or he just wants to find out whether their eyesight works perfectly well? Or is it just because? No one can really tell what is the real reason behind the treat but one thing is certain, the baby and the dog will definitely go on staring vigorously at the food and refuse to take their eyes off it.

Published: January 18, 20181,000 views