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How To Demolish An Ice Window 10s

How To Demolish An Ice Window

Coming out to a car covered in a giant sheet of ice can be a challenge. Smashing it is one way to have a little fun taking care of it. #WinterWeather #IceStorm

Cat Opens Door 11s

Cat Opens Door

Dad doesn't believe the cat can open the door on her own.... until now. Watch this clever kitten.

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Dad Embarrasses Son At Concert12s

Dad Embarrasses Son At Concert

There are places to be a loud whistler (rock concerts, racetrack, and the like). There are times to NOT do this. I felt bad for the kid who (by the look on his face on stage) did not appreciate his dad being the one in the auditorium treating his classical orchestra concert like a tractor pull. Even worse, he started it before the conductor's arms were down. Learn the etiquette for your kid, man.

Awesome Witch Cackle8s

Awesome Witch Cackle

Turn on the sound. This mom of four decides a business lunch is a good place to spread the Halloween spirit. Grand Rapids business leaders agree! Her kids don't appreciate it as much as they're getting dropped off at school.