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Huge mushroom found in forest2m11s

Huge mushroom found in forest

User 'Esperanto' was walking through the forest looking for mushrooms when he found something amazing. Next to a tree he found one of the biggest mushrooms he has ever seen. Want to know how big? Check out the video!

Published: November 12, 20142,745 views
Dog Meets a Hedgehog2m59s

Dog Meets a Hedgehog

A hedgehog was found in a basement and then introduced to Roki the dog. Watch the cuteness ensue as Roki is both confused and amused by his new friend! Credit to 'Esperanto' who also later released the hedgehog back into the wild.

Published: October 31, 20141,199 views
My dog meets ostrich52s

My dog meets ostrich

When i went with my dog to walk , we going beside ostrich at the local farm . I think ostrich don't like my dog , because he ruffle feathers , if he wanted to say : go away , this is my territory !

Published: September 18, 2014144 views