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Impressive French Bulldog Does Push-Ups With Her Owner 14s

Impressive French Bulldog Does Push-Ups With Her Owner

Say what you want, but unless you earn money by looking jacked up and spending hours at the gym, working out can be tough. It's hard, sweaty, smelly (depending on the gym you go to) and it can get very boring, unless you have someone to keep you company. Usually we convince a friend to come and share the misery with us. When bringing along a friend, each session gets a little easier as you can motivate each other to do one more rep, just one more... The man in this video found a gym partner in the most unusual suspect - his pet Frenchie! Watch as this adorable French Bulldog named Chloe pulls off an impressive set of push-ups with her owner Enrico. Looks like she's just trying to stay in shape! This is one adorable video that you do not want to miss! Do your pets do anything like this? Let us know down in the comments! Check out this video of a man doing push-ups with his dog!

Published: November 7, 2014425,377 views