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Hummingbird's mesmerizing 39s

Hummingbird's mesmerizing "color change" illusion

Nature is really a wonderful thing to behold! It can memorize and captivate you in ways that technology could never do. This video is a great example of that. Check out this clip as an incredible close up view featuring an adult male hummingbird displaying his iridescent head and gorget feathers. We bet that you have not even seen a hummingbird that up close before! Who knew that hummingbirds could even change colors like that? This is one wild video that you do not want to miss! Nature is truly spectacular. Sometimes it can be really scary but most of the time it is amazing. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and appreciate the world for what it is! For as much as technology is great and an amazing innovation that made our lives easier, it can never truly capture the full experience and essence of nature itself. This video is absolutely breath-taking! Good thing this person manged to capture this so that future generation can see! Nature like this should be documented an shared with the rest of the world. It is also why digital cameras from Amazon are selling so well! Did you know that hummingbirds can do this? Let us know down in the comments!

Published: July 26, 20152,234,434 views
Stunning HD footage of wild hummingbirds5m36s

Stunning HD footage of wild hummingbirds

Check out these amazing clips of Allen's and Costa's Hummingbird in detail that you would most likely never see, even with binoculars. The flashing iridescent feathers changing with the light will mesmerize you!

Published: July 22, 201645,080 views
Breathtaking HD footage of exotic hummingbirds7m00s

Breathtaking HD footage of exotic hummingbirds

Check out this beautiful selection of hummingbirds, filmed in Ventura County, California either as resident breeders, or seen during their migration in the spring or fall. Species seen in order of appearance are Allen's, Anna's, Black-Chinned, Calliope, Costa's and Rufous Hummingbird. All shot with a Panasonic Lumix GH3 and Panasonic 100-300mm lens.

Published: July 11, 201640,596 views
Playful Lilly1m50s

Playful Lilly

Lilly at three months, an endless bundle of energy. Lilly was a rescued puppy, and we are glad to have given her a forever home.

Sora and Virginia Rail: Cryptic Birds Of The Marsh4m36s

Sora and Virginia Rail: Cryptic Birds Of The Marsh

These 2 species in the rail family occur regularly in North America and are very cryptic, tending to hide well in their wetland habitat of tall, reedy marshes, so they are not often seen. One of these elusive species is the Sora, the whistled calls and whinnies of which are more often heard than the birds are seen. The Virginia Rail is another, relatively common rail of marshes, and equally elusive.

Bee caught in spider's web makes heroic escape1m08s

Bee caught in spider's web makes heroic escape

An Orb Weaving Spider has captured and wrapped a bee in a web cocoon for later consumption and is seen here adding a little more web to it. But then while sucking the fluids out of the victim, another bee flies straight into the web. Doomed? Well see what happens next!

Published: July 28, 201581,918 views