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Puppy does perfect guilty eyes and wagging tail for forgiveness33s

Puppy does perfect guilty eyes and wagging tail for forgiveness

Lily is an adorable puppy and welcome addition to the family, but at three months of age, she chewed the chair. Nicole came into the room to find the new chair had been gnawed and Lily was the only one who could have done it. Of course, Lily was only curious and trying to see what would happen if she sank her teeth into it. She was doing what puppies do. But Nicole needed to discuss the matter with her and that's when things got interesting. Lily has perfected the sad eyes and wagging tail routine. She looks up at Nicole, pleading for forgiveness and love. She throws in a little head bob or two, looks to the side and back, and the tail wags slightly for the full effect. Lily sits and listens to the questions with the guiltiest of expressions and the most lovable face she can manage. Nicole is certainly trying to be stern enough in her reprimand, but it isn't very convincing to Lily or to us. It's very obvious that Lily knows how adorable she is and how she can get away with almost anything. Lily loves to go everywhere with Nicole. When she's not chewing furniture or sunglasses, Lily loves to walk in the back of the property where the creek runs through. She romps in the stream, trying to pay with salmon, but she gets scared if they swim at her quickly. Lily has a big heart but not a brave one. Lily also loves unusual foods and will steal bananas off the counter in the night. She is part golden retriever and part terrier. The combination makes Lily a very loyal and affectionate dog with a mischievous side and a will of her own. Like many dogs, she is too smart for her own good. Lily is popular on Instagram (@little.lily.doodle) and Nicole posts her adventures with Lily daily.

Man explains why pets mean so much to those who are homeless3m11s

Man explains why pets mean so much to those who are homeless

James has been living without a home for four years. In that time he has relied on his dog, Envy, for love, protection, warmth, and companionship. She is not only his dog, she is his best friend and family. His relationship with her has been more stable and consistent than any other relationship he has had for a long time. James is one of a staggering 6,000 homeless people who survive on the streets of Toronto. At least 300 of these people care for pets. Their bonds with their animal companions is profound and they will often go without food, sacrificing their own needs to meet the needs of their pets. Paw it Forward is an organization that understands this bond and they know that the relationship between homeless people and their pets runs deep. They also understand the challenges of pet ownership on the streets. Volunteers, supported by Paw it Forward and VCA Animal Hospitals took to the streets of Toronto one very cold night to deliver pet food, gift cards, and comfort items to those in need of help. What they discovered that night was something that they didn't all quite expect. These volunteers spoke to the people and heard their stories and their challenges and listened to them explain the difficulties of making a life on the city streets. James explained that mental illness and being victims of abuse is a common thread among the homeless. He talked from the heart about what his dog, Envy, means to him and how she changed his life. He said that he is much safer since he got her and that she is more than family to him. Anne talked with pride about how she rescued her dog, Lucky, who is 11 years old. Cory lovingly spoke about his wonderfully intelligent dog, Molly, and what a great companion she is for him. Spero and Charles shared their concern about how the streets are dangerous in ways that we might not fully appreciate. "At night,it's never safe". Holly and Berry are two affectionate cats who are adored by their owner, a person wishing to remain unnamed, but who says the cats are a bright spot in very difficult times. The volunteers walked the streets and visited shelters to meet the folks in this video. What they learned was that Toronto, like most major cities, has more homeless people than most of us realize, and that each one of these people has a face and a story. Each one also has a heart full of love for the pets that they care for. Most pet owners feel a profound bond with their animals, but for those living on the streets, relationships with other people can be difficult to find and the relationship with their pet can take on an even more crucial role in their lives. For some, it is all that they have. All proceeds from this video will be provided to James and Envy and Paw it Forward. Please share the link. Support for James and Paw it Forward can also be provided directly through David at mojo_videos@hotmail.com

Man films wife close to skunk 1m24s

Man films wife close to skunk "just in case" she gets sprayed

When Kristy and Dave discovered an adorable baby skunk out foraging for food one summer day, they were very concerned that he was an orphan and needing some help. They watched from a distance to see if there was a mother nearby, but it was obvious that there wasn't. Then they watched to see if it was able to look after itself. It could have been near a nest or burrow and able to return on its own. It's very complicated to imagine taking a skunk home in your car to look after it and raise it. They could see that the skunk was actually catching insects and finding its own food. After seeing that the little baby was managing fine and wasn't in need of help, Kristy decided that she wanted to get a few pictures. It was just too cute to resist and she began moving closer as time went on. The skunk became quite unconcerned with her after a while too and she got the opportunity to get very close. The skunk even became curious about her and her camera at times, making its way in her direction. Dave, being a good husband, video taped Kristy and the skunk from a safe distance, knowing that if the skunk sprayed her, she would definitely want the moment captured on video. Dave announces that he isn't really hoping she'll get sprayed, but Kristy flashes an amused grin that shows she doesn't find him completely convincing. The skunk doesn't make any attempt to spray and Dave never needed to stock up on tomato juice, but what they did get was some very close up video and pictures of one of the cutest creatures ever. One that few of us will ever see so close up. This little skunk's face is extremely angelic as it munches away on something under a pine tree, looking into the camera long enough to give us a good look. The skunk eventually wandered off, hopefully to be reunited with his family.

 Camera Provides Closeup Of Baby Phoebes In Their Nest47s

Camera Provides Closeup Of Baby Phoebes In Their Nest

Phoebes are small, agile birds that feed on flying insects and an occasional berry or seed. Here, the male and female can be seen bringing flies, wasps, and even a berry to feed their tiny young. A camera stationed beside this nest gives us a close look at the freshly hatched babies as they eagerly wait for food from their parents. The feeding continues almost non stop throughout the day. The babies appear as small balls of downy fluff that awaken from sleep to hold their beaks open expectantly. Once fed, they close their eyes for a few minutes as if they are sleeping once more. There is no rest for the parents though and they are off again to get more insects. Phoebes are known for their distinctive call that sounds like the name "Phoebe". These phoebes have built their nests on a light fixture outside a home in the country where they nest each year and have 2 to 3 young families per season. When the young become ready to leave the nest, they are particularly vulnerable in the brief time that they are on the ground, unable to fly. On the day the babies fledged, a weasel was seen emerging from the nearby hedge moments after the last baby bird dropped to the garden below the nest. Luckily, a member of the family who watched them grow saw what was about to happen and stepped out the door, giving the weasel enough of a fright that it ran off. The baby bird was helped to the safety of a low branch where the parents kept a watchful eye and brought it more food. Eventually, it found its wings and joined the others in higher branches. Phoebes return to the same nests year after year and these ones have become accustomed to the family that lives where they nest. It's always a delight to see them in the spring and know that they have made it through one more winter.

Stubborn Puppy Refuses To Give Egg Back After Challenge2m17s

Stubborn Puppy Refuses To Give Egg Back After Challenge

Lily is a four month old Golden Retriever-Terrier cross with a mind of her own. When Nicole decides to try the famous egg challenge, Lily is eager to play along. She takes the egg gently in her mouth and then tries to high tail it out of the room, obviously to eat the egg. She obeys her owner, sort of, when she is told to stay, but she refuses to let go of the egg. Nicole and her sister begin laughing and trying to coax Lily to give the egg back. They try talk to her gently, giving her stern orders, even bribing her with a treat. Nicole begins to think it's time to end the challenge and get the egg back but Lily isn't giving it up. Both girls try to pry Lily's mouth open to get the egg out but Lily stands her ground. It's amazing that Lily can keep her jaw locked partially shut so the egg won't be taken, yet she doesn't crack it. It becomes impossible not to cheer for Lily because her determination is so impressive. In an adorable attempt to win the egg, Lily tries her pleading eyes. She offers a paw and it's melting Nicole's heart. Nicole tries harder, through giggles and laughter, to get the egg and prevent a mess. In the end, Nicole tries to trade a ball for the egg. Lily lets go for a split second but the egg doesn't land safely as hoped. It's impossible to be upset over a broken egg when Lily is just so adorable. Lily intended to make a getaway to eat her egg, but she gets it in the end and the mess won't last long. Lily is a dog with a very playful personality and lots of energy. Nicole and her family are constantly laughing at her antics.

Rumble delivers more revenue for content creators than YouTube ever could2m57s

Rumble delivers more revenue for content creators than YouTube ever could

Video uploading has become easier and more lucrative in the past few years. And content creators have more choice than ever for delivering their videos to the world. YouTube was once the brand name for uploading videos and earning money. But there is a much better platform for reaching an unlimited audience and earning revenue that far surpasses what content creators could ever earn with platforms like YouTube. It's called Rumble. Rumble has emerged as the best choice for uploaders for many reasons. As a video viewing platform, its user friendly presentation and organized setup allows video consumers to find entertaining content more easily. Rumble is gaining momentum with viewers and with advertisers who are looking for more streamlined, quality videos that better enable them to reach their intended audience through ad placement. Advertising has changed dramatically and product suppliers are willing to pay much greater revenue for targeted marketing through videos. What's important is that this all benefits the content creator, or video uploader in a number of ways. Simply put, creators can earn many times what they ever could on YouTube. David McNab is a content creator who discovered Rumble and the potential to earn money almost by accident. In this video, he explains why Rumble is easily the best choice for content creators. He explains that he earns more than $1,000 every month. What he doesn't say though, is that with Rumble, he has earned more than 300 times what he earned on YouTube. David explains that Rumble demands higher ad revenue, shares 60% of that revenue with the content creator (compared with the 10-15% that YouTube pays), and Rumble promotes your videos on Platforms that greatly increase exposure, views and revenue. David is happy to share all that he has learned and will guide you through the process of setting up an account for free. He will teach you everything he has learned in two years so that you can build a channel that earns you money 24 hours a day. He will teach you how to do basic editing, how to add copyright free music, how to create content that increases your chances of approval and how to promote your videos even further on social media. Another incredible thing about Rumble is that the support team is accessible to the content creator to help them learn and grow their business. David has learned a great deal of what he now knows because the support team constantly provided him with support and feedback as he grew his own channel. With 60% of the ad revenue, streamlined content for advertisers, unparalleled promotion, and ongoing personal support for creators, there is no platform that compares to Rumble. Are you ready to start making money with videos? If so, you can register at Rumble.com and start earning right away. Better yet, contact David at mojo_videos@hotmail.com and let him coach you and help you earn even more, much faster.

Drone films horses running majestically through meadow58s

Drone films horses running majestically through meadow

Few things are as beautiful or as awe inspiring as a horse at a full gallop across an open field on a summer day. These horses were being filmed by a drone as they ran through the meadow joyfully after being let out to pasture on a summer morning. The herd is a mix of different breeds, including painted horses, Clydesdales, ponies, a former race horse, and even a donkey. But these are no ordinary horses. They live and work at an amazing farm in Indian River, Ontario, called the Mane Intent. They are part of a special program that is geared towards experiential learning. Some people go to the Mane Intent to learn leadership skills or to learn about themselves. Others go there seeking healing and therapy after emotional trauma or difficult life experiences. Many are veterans or first responders who struggle with PTSD and the effects of their experiences. The horses work their magic through structured exercises with people, close bonding opportunities and quiet periods where people can simply share time with magnificent animals. The results are often very moving. Each of the horses has a very different personality and brings a different specialty to the sessions. People gravitate towards a certain horse or, more often, a horse will gravitate towards them and then the real magic begins. The horses are exceptionally affectionate, playful and even patient. People describe their time at the Mane Intent differently but all agree that the ten gentle souls that make up this herd are truly unique. For many, the visit is a very moving and emotional experience that can drastically change their outlook. These horses are capable of connecting with people in a way that has to be seen to be believed. When the herd is not involved in one to one sessions or group exercises, they spend much of their time grazing or running on the large expanse of rolling green pasture and forest that makes up this incredible farm. Their happiness is impossible to miss.

Dizzy Squirrel Keels Over While Trying To Watch Circling Crows43s

Dizzy Squirrel Keels Over While Trying To Watch Circling Crows

When Dr. Kristy Hiltz set up her back yard bird feeder, it was really her crows that she was intending to feed. But the squirrels in the yard have been her most frequent visitors. Each morning, she puts a scoop of peanuts on the platform in the tree and watches with delight as the crows sit in nearby trees and swoop in when she steps back. The squirrels seem to dominate and the greedy little creatures will sit and eat their fill while the birds wait patiently for a chance. The crows are smart enough to know that the squirrel isn't afraid of them. He might even lunge at one of them if they land beside him, but if they arrive in a group of three or four, he has gets nervous enough to scamper away and wait. These crows have called to the others and now there are at least five making an approach or circling over the squirrel's head. He knows time is running out and he stands upright to get a better look as she munches on a peanut. He will have to make sure one doesn't attack from while he's not looking. Watching the action above him suddenly makes him dizzy and he rolls backwards, into the camera and almost falls off the platform. Luckily, he catches himself on the edge of the precipice and manages to hang on. He looks right into the camera with a comical stunned look as if he's asking us what happened. His drunken roll and dazed expression are hilarious! The feeder also attracts its share of blue jays, chickadees and even a few woodpeckers. All of these beautiful birds put on a colorful performance as they fly in and out, carrying off a peanut or two with every landing. Seven years ago Dr. Kristy raised five orphaned baby crows whose nest had fallen and the parents did not return. That summer, she and her family fed them and taught them how to forage for food. The family inadvertently taught them to say "hello" and now they occasionally speak to her. They even speak to the squirrels. They were named "the Freds", but became known as Russell Crow, Crow Magnon, Baby Fred and Adventure Fred. The rehabbed crows joined a family of wild crows and became completely self sufficient, even migrating south each winter. They will always enjoy a peanut treat in the morning, but they are truly able to care for themselves now.

Puppy goes crazy over doorstop at veterinary hospital1m13s

Puppy goes crazy over doorstop at veterinary hospital

Finn just might be one of the cutest puppies ever. He's nine months old and he's just had a little surgery at the veterinary clinic. But five days later, he's back in for his checkup and he's as playful and energetic as usual. It's actually impressive that he seems so unaffected by his recent procedure. While his owner, Elizabeth chats with the doctor, Finn discovers the door stop on the wall. He paws at it, barks at it and jumps around as if it will play with him. Finn even discovers that he can spring it if he pulls it back and releases it. His wagging tail and his prancing show his happiness as he plays his new game. Finn loves to play more than anything. He loves stuffed toys and things to chase, but most of all, he loves all other dogs. Finn will run up to any dog without fear and he regularly plays with a German Shepherd, St. Bernard and a large hound. Finn genuinely seems to believe that he is a big dog himself. Finn was born in Michigan but found his forever home in Peterborough, Ontario where he lives with a cat that he would love to play with. The cat, however, doesn't feel quite the same way about Finn yet, but he will probably win her over eventually. When Finn isn't playing with doorstops and cats, he absolutely loves car rides. Elizabeth often takes him hiking in the woods and the two of them love exploring together. And, like most dogs, Finn's stomach dictates much of what he does. Finn loves all food, especially sausage treats. Corgis are the small dogs with the big personalities and Finn lives up the reputation. They make up for their short legs and small stature with their extra big hearts. You can't help but fall in love with a puppy as happy as Finn.

Puppy is too excited for spaghetti to speak57s

Puppy is too excited for spaghetti to speak

Lily is a young Golden Retriever/Terrier cross puppy with a lot of enthusiasm. She loves playtime and she loves treat time One of her favorite treats is spaghetti. Nicole and Dan have trained Lily to bark on command when the treats come out. But spaghetti has her salivating so much that all she can manage is a silent bark. Nicole urges Lily to "speak" and offers encouragement. Lily won't take her eyes off the dangling noodle and she pleads with her eyes but she just can't manage to make the right sound. Dan finally tells her to speak and she gets it right. She is rewarded with the noodle but getting it into her mouth is tricky. Eventually she slurps it down and even gets some more noodles after that one.

Playful dolphin takes extreme liking to young man1m33s

Playful dolphin takes extreme liking to young man

When Nic and Cameron took a trip to Cuba they both agreed that meeting dolphins face to face was a lifelong dream that needed to be fulfilled. But they had no idea just how thrilling the experience was going to be. Bea, a large female dolphin, took quite a shine to Nic and she repeatedly flirted with him, splashing water in his face, kissing his cheek, rolling on him and constantly trying to get as close as she could. Nic's friend, Cameron, watches from the side and Bea even gives Cameron a little attention, but it's Nic that she keeps coming back to. The rest of the people in the water laugh with delight at Bea's antics. They watch with a little envy as she keeps coming back to Nic. At one point, it becomes clear that Bea would like to push Nic off to the side, as if she wants him all to herself, away from the other people. Bea repeatedly squirts Nic's face with water in a playful bid for attention. Even the trainer seems amused by Bea's obvious crush on Nic and she asks Nic if he has any fish in his pocket. The trainer asks Bea if she likes Nic and Bea nods enthusiastically and squeals as if to say that she does. Bea circles the group, leaps out of the water into the air and cavorts with each of them in turn. Bea also enjoys belly rubs and they all took turns rubbing Bea as she rolled around in the middle of them. As the guests were leaving, Bea swam around them, showering them with kisses and making her adorable squealing sounds. Cameron was able to capture the final moments near the edge of the pool as Bea came up to him for to say goodbye. You can see the obvious delight on his face as she swims off. There are few creatures as endearing as dolphins and meeting one up close is a dream come true for almost anyone.

Lamborghini Shoots Spikes Of Flame From Exhaust Pipe35s

Lamborghini Shoots Spikes Of Flame From Exhaust Pipe

There are a few fun things about owning a Lamborghini. They turn heads, they ride beautifully, they are full of incredible horsepower just waiting to be unleashed and they are full of exciting features. But one thing that people don't think of when they dream about owning one of these super cars is the ability to shoot flames out of the exhaust. It may even come as a surprise to people that it's possible, but it is oddly satisfying. This Lamborghini owner loves nothing more than sitting behind the of his super car and shooting flames from vehicle's exhaust pipes. When you own a Lamborghini you want to do everything fast! However, this owner was determined to show how cool his motor engine is, so he made this awesome clip, to show us the incredible moment when spikes start shooting out of the exhaust pipes, triggered by the gas pedal! Instead of rushing this car in the streets, this owner decided to slow down and show another perspective of this car's strength! The result is mind-blowing! The owner of this Lamborghini had just bought the car and had kept it in his garage for a few days, well protected from the weather. But when a fresh snow fell, he could not resist taking the beast out for its first spin and doing some drifting in a parking lot. The Lamborghini Aventador S is a 740 hp machine that breaks the 0-60mph mark in 2.9 seconds. Its top speed is 217mph. A firm press of the accelerator will push you back in your seat with enough force that lifting your arms will be difficult. A sweet ride like this one will set you back over $500,000 US. They are among the most powerful and impressive cars that you will see on the streets.

Guilty Puppy's Apologetic Eyes Will Melt Your Heart39s

Guilty Puppy's Apologetic Eyes Will Melt Your Heart

Lily is a Golden Retriever cross who brings her family great joy and a lot of entertaining moments. But Lily, like many puppies, occasionally gets into trouble. She has just chewed Nicole's good sunglasses and when Nicole finds them, she confronts Lily about the crime. Whether Lily's face is a confession or simply a reaction to the accusation is hard to tell, but her pleading eyes and wagging tail are enough to melt your heart, as well as Nicole's. Nicole and Dan love Lily like a child. They take her to the dog park, the local forest, the creek in the backyard and everywhere that a dog could want to go. Lily is energetic and playful and she makes her family laugh with joy. Lily has entertained them with her attempts to play with the salmon in the river out back, her naughty attempt to get into a tube of moisturizing cream, and her clumsy side when she got stuck with her head in a shopping bag. She made them laugh for hours when she lay on the floor, playing with the door stop. Nicole also called on Lily to save her when a monstrous spider in the garage caused Nicole to think she was going to be dragged off and eaten. Lily knows how to manage Nicole's reprimands and expose her soft side. She puts her ears back, wags her tail and gives her the puppy dog eyes. And it works every single time. It seems that no matter which breed you cross it with, the Goldie's good nature will always surface. Another dog did some pretty bad mess and then tried to appologise to his human and very profusely at that! You have to see how desperately he seeks forgiveness!

This dog is ridiculously relaxed at the vet's office36s

This dog is ridiculously relaxed at the vet's office

Dexter is a large Maremma Sheepdog with a very lovable and relaxed disposition. He's not one to get anxious about anything. Even a trip to the veterinarian doesn't bother Dexter, as it would for most dogs. Dexter can be seen lying at his owner's feet in the most comical position as he demands affection. He lives on a small farm near Peterborough, Ontario, and he truly lives the good life. Dexter has a few acres of grass, a large wooded lot, and plenty of surrounding farmland where he can run and explore with his girlfriend, Stella. Stella is a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog and she is equally lovable. Dexter's trip to the vet is actually nothing to be so calm about. If he only knew that his owner, Eric is planning with the veterinarian to have Dexter neutered. Luckily, Dexter doesn't speak enough people talk to know what the visit is really about. All he cares about is that he gets plenty of attention and a steady supply of liver treats. Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital in Peterborough is a clinic where the staff are unusually concerned with the emotional aspect of the pet's experience. Dexter actually enjoys these appointments so much that he pulls on the leash to get in the door. Dexter's situation has actually gotten out of hand twice now. Dexter has sired two litters of puppies with Stella already and Eric has been far busier than he was prepared to be. Dexter and Stella's story of unplanned parenthood can be seen in the video: Young love results in 9 adorable fluffy puppies. Dexter and Stella were wonderful parents to their first nine pups, and they are doing a great job with the thirteen new pups, but it's time for Dexter's romantic career to end. Dexter might not be nearly so relaxed if he learns what the word "neuter" means.

Puppy Stubbornly Refuses To Leave Vet's Office1m23s

Puppy Stubbornly Refuses To Leave Vet's Office

Georgia is a gorgeous, six month old Bernese Mountain Dog cross with an adorable stubborn streak. She was enjoying her visit to her veterinarian so much that when it was time to leave, she lay down on the floor in a big heap of puppy and refused to budge. Step by step, they coaxed her out of the exam office and down the hall, but when she saw Dr. Kristy Hiltz and the rest of the clinic staff at the front desk, she wagged her tail and lay down again, right at their feet. You can hardly blame Georgia. All she wants is a little love from some of her favorite people. She also wants the liver treats that they spoil her with, but she's clever enough to realize that the treats are simply a bribe to get her closer to the door. Once that becomes clear, her reaction to the offers is comical. Dana, a technician at the Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital in Peterborough, tries to use the rewards to get Georgia to her feet at the door of the exam room and Georgia turns her head in mock disgust. Georgia is winning the battle, as she has Dana kneeling on the floor, showering her with attention. Georgia's owner, Eric was putting her father, Dexter, into the truck throughout this and he returns to coax and convince Georgia that it is time to go. He holds back his laughter as he watches her on the floor and he comments with a smile that it is like dealing with a toddler again. Eric thinks he has succeeded when Georgia gets to her feet at the mention of going for a "walk", but Georgia isn't committed to the cause. She turns her head to look in each exam room that she passes, apparently looking for someone in particular. The staff love Georgia, and Eric's other dogs, now referred to as the "Nine Fluffy Puppies" and they are charmed and amused by Georgia's antics. Most dogs have to be dragged IN the front door of the vet's office and they will run OUT the door as soon as the visit is over, but Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital is a very unique clinic. The colours and atmosphere are intentionally bright and welcoming and the staff are beyond enthusiastic. The doctors and technicians spend a lot of time making the visit about love and affection and try to distract from the medical treatment. What is truly unique about this clinic is that people are encouraged to routinely drop in with their pets for social visits and treats during outings to the park or walking trails. Imagine your dog actually being eager to go to the vet! You can clearly see that Georgia feels the love.

Red Squirrel Turns The Tables On Prankster1m03s

Red Squirrel Turns The Tables On Prankster

Peanut is a red squirrel who lives on a remote island in Parry Sound. He became very friendly with the cottagers who also lived on this island and he showed up every day, looking for peanuts. He became more and more tame until he would sit and eat peanuts while Dave and his family sat nearby. He will even take peanuts from their hand now. Dave decided to have a little fun with Peanut and he left a peanut that was held down with an elastic band. He also put a camera on the deck to record Peanut's reaction. But Peanut showed that he was not a fan of being pranked and he cleverly turned the tables. Peanut immediately began to chew the deck with his razor sharp teeth. Taking chunks of wood off quickly, he was determined to get at the bottom of the elastic that held the peanut fast. Dave saw what was happening and decided it was time to call a truce. He untied the peanut and left an even bigger pile for Peanut, hoping that all was forgiven. Red squirrels are a delight for cottagers because they are easily tamed and willing to come close to gather peanuts or other treats. Almost as adorable as chipmunks, they can easily be convinced to take food from a child's hand. They spend their days collecting and storing food for winter. Although they primarily eat seeds from spruce and pine cones, red squirrels also love peanuts, corn and mushrooms. Less than one quarter of the red squirrels born will survive the first winter. It's no wonder they take food gathering so seriously. Harsh winters and lack of food stores are not the only threat to a young red squirrel. They are preyed upon by hawks, owls, foxes and wolves. Hopefully Peanut will return to the cottage deck in the spring for more treats.

This Young Diver Has A Gift For Connecting With Sea Turtles1m30s

This Young Diver Has A Gift For Connecting With Sea Turtles

Everyone loves sea turtles and the lucky few actually get to see one in the wild. But what if you could swim beside one and understand how it feels to truly connect with one of the ocean's most beautiful creatures? Imagine how it would feel if the turtles actually approached you, allowing you to put your face within inches of theirs as you looked into their eyes. Serena is a young diver who experiences this on many of her dives. She started scuba diving at the age of 13 and it was immediately clear that she had a true gift for putting the underwater animals at ease. Now 19 years old, she has logged over 100 dives and continues to impress her family with her remarkable ability. It is not uncommon to see Serena slowly making her way toward a turtle that is eating or cruising along the reef. Her calm and gentle approach seems to reassure these creatures enough that they carry on without being concerned. They will often look at her curiously and sometimes they will simply act as if she is not there. What is truly remarkable about Serena though, is that turtles will often come swimming toward her from a distance, making a beeline to see her up close. Or if they are swimming with her, they will actually circle her or adjust their course to move closer. Serena's family even call her the "Turtle Whisperer". This video shows her swimming face to face with a Hawksbill Sea Turtle, a critically endangered species that is usually shy in nature. It also shows a young Loggerhead Sea Turtle that emerges from the vast blue of the open ocean, making a curved arc to swim directly up to Serena. These turtles are also very rare and the young ones are very wary of people. Serena can be seen connecting with a Green Turtle that came up from its resting spot on the coral reef to have a closer look. It was so curious that it made a complete circle around her before returning to the reef. Another Hawksbill looks at Serena and then continues to eat before it swims directly under her to explore the reef for more sponges. The last Hawksbill glides slowly along,keeping pace with Serena at no more than two feet away. All of these turtles were close enough for her to touch them, yet they were completely relaxed. Serena proves that being respectful, patient and gentle in your approach will allow you to connect with wild animals in a way that most people only dream about.

Squirrel Enforces Her Reign Of Terror At The Bird Feeder31s

Squirrel Enforces Her Reign Of Terror At The Bird Feeder

When Dr. Kristy Hiltz puts peanuts out each morning, her intention is to help the crows that come once a day to get a little treat. She loves all the birds and has no problem with the blue jays having their share. She's also delighted to see the odd red bellied woodpecker. But it is the crows that have captured her heart. It all started in 2011 when a nest of baby crows fell from a tree a few doors down and the parents did not return when the nest was replaced in the tree. It was obvious that they were orphaned and would not survive if somebody didn't help. The crows were brought to Kristy, a veterinarian at the Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital, because she was known to treat any animal that needed help, even the wild ones. Kristy and her family raised the crows and they were the most wonderful companions. They slowly became more independent over the summer. They flew away each evening to roost in the trees and returned each morning, squawking for their breakfast. Incredibly, they even learned to say "hello" in a voice that resembled a parrot. They come back each spring and will occasionally greet Kristy and her family with a "hello". They have joined a family of wild crows and will no longer take food from Kristy's hand, but she loves to see them in the trees near the feeder, and it still melts her heart when they call to her, showing that they still remember that summer. Kristy puts peanuts out every day, but the black squirrels don't seem to understand that it is a bird feeder, not a squirrel feeder. This particular black squirrel seems to have taken on the role of enforcer at the feeder and he chases the other squirrels and even the crows away. The crows are smart though and they wait patiently on a nearby branch until he leaves with a load. Then they swoop in, pick up three peanuts and fly off to stash them in a safe spot. Kristy was surprised to learn that the crows will occasionally even say "hello" to the squirrels now.

Shy Gopher Is Too Curious To Resist The Camera35s

Shy Gopher Is Too Curious To Resist The Camera

Groundhogs are one of the shyest animals on earth. They spend a great deal of their day grazing, eating grass and flowers, but they are always ready to run for their burrow at the slightest sound or at the sight of anything moving. We see them from afar but we rarely get a close up look at them. It turns out that they are also one of the most adorable animals on earth. It's not often that we get to see their inquisitive eyes or their furry, round faces close up. It's even more rare that we get a look from so close that we can see every detail of their nose and teeth. This little fellow was at the edge of his hole one spring day when the sun was shining and the birds were singing. A camera positioned quietly at the opening of his den caught him on video as he looked out at the world around his hole. He saw the camera and decided he wanted to get a closer look, as well as a sniff. Although he was timid, curiosity got the better of him and he inched closer and closer until he actually bonked his nose on the camera. He obviously wasn't too worried about it as he came out of his hole and began munching on the grass. Groundhogs, often referred to as gophers are actually much larger and can weigh as much as 13 pounds. Groundhogs belong to the same family as squirrels. They have complex burrow systems that are carefully constructed. No wonder we see them disappear into a hole and then appear again in another part of a field. Groundhogs eat almost constantly in an effort to store up fat for their winter hibernation. They do not stock up on food in their burrows like their cousin, the gopher does.

Sneaky Crab Steals GoPro To Create Unbelievable Footage 1m22s

Sneaky Crab Steals GoPro To Create Unbelievable Footage

Batwing Coral Crabs are large, edible crabs that are widespread throughout tropical waters. Its bright red shell and large claws make it hard to miss, although it spends most of the daytime tucked under coral or hidden in small caves in the reef. This beautiful little fellow was lurking in and around a little cave under the coral in Akumal, Mexico. He was spotted by a swimmer as he ventured out to explore the world around his home. The swimmer put his GoPro camera in front of the cave and the crab wasted no time. He dashed out excitedly, grabbed it and dragged it back inside. He was left with the camera for a few minutes to see what happened. The footage later revealed that the crab was extremely curious about the shiny camera, and possibly his own reflection. The crab moved the camera about and stared right into the lens the entire time it was in his cave. Unknowingly, the crab created the most spectacular footage of his eyes, claws and even his mouth. His mandibles move constantly as he looks thoughtfully at the GoPro. With the camera on the ocean bottom, it creates the sense that we are looking at a monstrous crab from below. These crabs can grow to 6 inches in width across the shell. They are more likely to be seen at night when they venture out in the open to hunt for food. This adventurous fellow was seen on the prowl in broad daylight. The crab's claws can be seen exploring the lens and around behind the camera. He seems to stare at it curiously and this provides an incredible close up look at his mouth and eyes, as well as his belly. Amazingly, every part of the crab tucks into nooks on his shell to provide a perfect armor. Even the parts of his mouth can be folded in for protection. One of the cutest features of this little crab is the light spot on his shell behind each eye that give the impression of perpetually raised eyebrows. It's difficult to say whether the crab's initial reaction was curiosity or whether he saw the shiny camera as potential food, but the footage that followed is priceless!

Wild Crow Actually Speaks To Squirrel At Bird Feeder1m26s

Wild Crow Actually Speaks To Squirrel At Bird Feeder

A wild crow came to the bird feeder and found a big, fat squirrel feasting on the peanuts that were supposed to be for him. Squirrels and crows are enemies and never get along, especially when food is at stake, but instead of starting a fight, the crow did something unbelievable. He said "hello". Twice! He's a completely wild crow, but he can say hello in a voice that sounds much like a parrot. What's more, the crow actually understands that the word hello is a greeting. This is an amazing and heart warming story that really begins in 2011. A nest of baby crows fell out of a tree and the attempt to return them was unsuccessful. The parents did not return for the crows and time was running out. They needed to be fed every few hours at that age and a decision was made to bring the crows to Dr. Kristy Hiltz, a veterinarian at Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital. She was known to treat any animal that needed help. Kristy and her family took on the job of raising five noisy and very hungry crows. This meant night time feedings, screaming demands for food every few hours and lots of cleaning. Within two weeks the crows were able to fly. They began roosting in the trees outside and returning at sunrise for breakfast. Unfortunately, one of the five did not survive the early days and the family of five became four. The four crows, the famous "Freds", became known in the neighborhood for their friendliness and their mischief. They were called Russell Crow, Crow Magnon, Baby Fred, and Adventure Fred. Kristy's family tried to teach them how to say "Fred" but instead, they actually learned to say "Hello". They greeted Kristy and the kids with this each time they came back for food. The crows were taught to find worms and eat berries from bushes. They were encouraged to find their own meals and were given less prepared food as time went on. Crows are highly social, surprisingly intelligent, and they even demonstrated a sense of humor and a protective nature towards the family. They captured everybody's hearts. Amazingly, the Freds were able to join a family of wild crows that lived nearby. They became completely independent and even migrated south at the end of that summer. Kristy watched for the crows when spring came and she was thrilled to hear at least two talking crows at the bird feeder. Occasionally, a crow flying overhead would land in a nearby tree and say "hello". They would not take food from her anymore, but they would let her get closer than the truly wild crows would. In 2018, Kristy's husband, Dave, put his GoPro out at the crow feeder as he occasionally does, to record the animals that come for the daily supply of peanuts. When he reviewed the footage, he was shocked to find that one of the Freds had perched beside a cheeky squirrel and spoken. Attempts at communication between animal species is extremely rare. Kristy was also thrilled to see the adorable attempt at conversation caught on video. It is reassuring each time they speak because it tells Kristy that her crows are alive and well. It also tells her that they still remember the summer of 2011 and their human family. The full story can be seen in the video: Rescued Baby Crows Return Each Spring To Greet Their Saviors

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Three Legged Sea Turtle Thrives Despite Amputated Flipper44s

Three Legged Sea Turtle Thrives Despite Amputated Flipper

This massive Green Sea Turtle lives in the waters surrounding Akumal, Mexico. Translated from Mayan, Akumal literally means 'Place of the Turtles'. It is here that an unusually large number of sea turtles come to feed, mate and nest. Despite the haven that Akumal provides, sea turtle populations worldwide are declining at a staggering rate. This turtle was found lying on the coral reef in 50 feet of water right out in front of one of the region's largest sea grass beds. The turtles feast on the vegetation and then swim out to deeper waters to rest on the bottom for as long as 30 minutes at a time. They will then surface for a few breaths of air before before returning to find a crevice on the ocean floor to rest some more. This sea turtle is missing most of her front, left flipper, an injury that will greatly affect her ability to swim and possibly her ability to crawl up on the beach during nesting season. There are many possible reasons that the turtle is missing a limb. They are often injured when struck by boat propellers. They are also commonly preyed upon by Caribbean Reef Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks. One might expect that such an injury would be fatal to the turtle, but it appears to have healed well and the turtle still appears to be thriving in spite of it. Mexico is one of many places that have started implementing crucial conservation measures to limit habitat destruction and lessen the impact of humans on their wildlife. Nesting areas are being protected and the importance of their survival is being more widely recognized. If we don't protect our reefs and the creatures that depend on them, the health of our oceans and our entire planet will suffer.

Diver Shares Magical Moment With Curious Sea Turtle41s

Diver Shares Magical Moment With Curious Sea Turtle

Serena is a young diver who loves all sea life. She has dived with fish of all sorts and sharks of various kinds, but her favorite of the sea creatures is sea turtles. In this amazing encounter, Serena is approached and circled by a large and curious Green Turtle, a species found in the Caribbean. This dive took place in the waters near Akumal, Mexico, one of the few places where Green Turtles congregate in large numbers to feed on the sea grass. Serena has dived in Belize, Cuba, Canada, and Mexico and has logged nearly 100 dives. She is no stranger to the creatures of the reef and she has learned that a slow and respectful approach will often allow close encounters with marine life, if they are comfortable. Serena has an amazing ability to put animals at ease. As she approached this turtle, it actually turned and swam towards her curiously. It circled within inches of her face, then arced gracefully to swim around her in a brief underwater ballet. It looked right at her as they turned in unison. Serena slowly spun herself around, moving cautiously. The turtle drifted back towards the reef and Serena followed, moving slightly more slowly than the turtle. In a very relaxed glide, the turtle actually began to turn back again as it looked at the reef below. This turtle is a mature female and she will eat all she can in the months coming. She will mate as the water becomes warmer in April to June, coming ashore almost two months later to lay her eggs. Akumal is a primary nesting ground for many species of turtles. It's name means Place of the Turtles in Mayan, the first settlement in this area. Tourism and habitat loss has threatened all species of sea turtle throughout the world and places such as Akumal are creating sea turtle protection programs to limit impact of human presence and protect the nesting areas during critical nesting season. A small percentage of eggs will hatch and only one in one thousand hatchlings will reach maturity. To have a curious sea turtle approach so closely is a magical experience for any diver!

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Beautiful fish is one of the world's best camouflage artists30s

Beautiful fish is one of the world's best camouflage artists

The Peacock Flounder is a wonder of nature and a master of camouflage. It is one of the most unusual fish in the ocean. Flounders begin life with an eye on each side of their head and they swim upright like other fish. But as they reach maturity, the right eye migrates to theft side of the head and the flounder swims along the bottom on its side. They are most often found on sandy bottoms but will often lie on flat rocks and coral. This Peacock Flounder was seen motionless on the sand, blending in perfectly with the color and texture beneath it. They can change their pigmentation instantly to mimic their surroundings. From above, they are almost invisible. The only thing that was visible to this diver and his camera was a pair of protruding eyes moving about like twin periscopes. The flounder can move the eyes independently, allowing it to see in all directions. It can even use one eye to view forward as it swims, all the while watching behind with the other. This gives it a terrific advantage for avoiding predators. The Peacock Flounder's color change is extremely complex and complete change can be accomplished in a mere 8 seconds. It can even mimic the pattern of a checkerboard. How it does this is still largely a mystery. It is known that the flounder requires both eyes to match its color properly and it will be unable to do this if one of its eyes is damaged or obstructed. The Peacock Flounder has gorgeous rings on its body that turn a bright blue when it is not trying to disguise itself in the sand. As the diver approaches this one, the eyes dart back and forth and it lifts off to move away. As it does so, blue rings appear over the flounder's entire body. Unless disturbed, Flounders will remain motionless throughout the day, becoming more active at night as they hunt small fish and crabs.

Giant spider causes hilarious response from young woman1m20s

Giant spider causes hilarious response from young woman

Nicole and Dan are a young couple who live with their dog Lily. They thought it was just the three of them in the house until Nicole found an intruder in the garage. It was big and hairy and terrifying. Nicole quickly went to fetch her husband, Dan. She also brought her dog and her phone to record the epic battle that would follow. Nicole can barely contain her terror and disgust at the 8 legged monster. She screams and swears and begs her dog to save her. Part of her is laughing at her own reaction and part of her is genuinely frightened. Dan, like a good husband, tries to be the hero and rid the house of the great beast. He grabs a shop towel and makes a slow and deliberate approach. You can tell he finds his wife's reaction comical but he politely holds back the laughter. Dan carefully moves in for the kill while Nicole records. But the massive spider is quicker than he is and it darts behind a radio and down the back of the work bench. Dan gives himself away when he taunts Nicole by telling her it's down his shirt. She realizes it went behind the bench and she follows with the camera as he searches for it. The spider goes back up on top of the bench and Dan pretends he's also scared, however, Dan isn't half as convincing as Nicole and she urges him to get rid of it. Spiders don't get this big without learning how to avoid being squished, plus, it's probably more terrified of Nicole and her screaming than she is of it. The spider is probably still living in their garage, but almost certainly, he's bigger than ever now. And it's even more certain that he knows to stay hidden from Nicole.