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 Christmas Surprise Brought This Man To Tears1m02s

Christmas Surprise Brought This Man To Tears

These kids present their dad with adoption papers for Christmas in the heart-melting clip. His reaction will bring a tear to your eye! Crystal Gaddo and her younger brother wanted nothing more than to be accepted by the man they call father for a very long time. They knew that Christmas is about giving, but this Christmas, they asked for something in return instead. The two teenagers bought their dad a long-sleeved shirt, which they used to wrap the adoption papers with! Sound a bit unusual, but the unwrapping made the whole thing even more spectacular. The dad pops the lid from the gift box, unfolds the tissue paper and removes the short from the bottom. But with the shirt out, the two petition papers were revealed and the form caught the man’s eye. Instead of looking at his shirt, he just stares down into the box, while tears start streaming down his face! “You guys!" says the man between wipes, taken back completely by the surprise! “Of course!" he adds, agreeing to take them both as his own children. Crystal and her brother could barely hold down their tears too! A tight group hug seals the deal in a true holiday spirit. Merry Christmas!

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