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Caring Girl Comforts Fearful Dog Scared Of Thunderstorms16s

Caring Girl Comforts Fearful Dog Scared Of Thunderstorms

This is the heartwarming moment when a fearful dog is scared of the ongoing thunderstorm, so a little girl does her best to console it during the stressful times. Adorable! How does your dog feel about thunderstorms? While some dogs are ignorant of the disturbing noise atmosphere's natural electrical charges make, others are afraid of them to the bone. Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms and lightning? Thunder and lightning are scary, that’s a fact. Even many people are afraid of them, and most dogs are no different as we can see when they often tremble, shiver and try to hide during a storm . The flashing lightning, the boom of the thunder, the house shaking, dogs are highly sensitive to all this unexpected noise and movement, which can wear highly on their nerves. Dogs are very sensitive to smell and sound, especially to high-frequency sounds. In a thunderstorm, dogs can probably smell the ionizing effect in the air and they are scared from the great impact of the sound of thunder. The frequencies of the sounds are wide, and probably high-frequency sounds are produced as well, similar to fireworks, which scare many dogs as well. This adorable pooch is found lying on the kitchen floor, which it believes be a perfect place to hide when lightning strikes. Reportedly, the adult pooch hates all loud noises, so during a nasty thunderstorm it is easily comforted when its human protects its body by lying on top of it! Watch how comfortably the pooch feels when covered with its little human’s body . Hilarious! The good news is that the storm will pass, because storms always pass, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something to comfort your pet during a thunderstorm! There has been a recommendation to rub dryer sheets on your dog’s fur during thunderstorms, to help minimize the effects of the static electricity. Does this work?

Brave Toad Decides To Chill On Top Of Patient Dog's Head29s

Brave Toad Decides To Chill On Top Of Patient Dog's Head

It's not often you get to see a dog with a toad chillin' on its head! What an unusual and adorable friendship! Don’t know if it will last though, it remains to be seen. Clarita the dog has indeed found a very peculiar and shall we say dauntless friend in one scaly little frog. Clara sits super still in the grass, minding her own business, but making sure not to disturb the froggy in her moment of chill. Both animals just sit there, canine and amphibian, while the humans revel in their genuine get-together. While the mom is filming her family pet lounging on the grass with her new buddy, the kids squeal with joy, seeing how their doggy sits so serenely while an icky little frog lays on the top of her head. When will they ever see that happen again? Let’s face it; this does not look like a relationship that will last more than this video. We presume Clara was just chilling herself when the frog decided to hop on the fluffy train and take a chill of her own. Seeing how the dog couldn’t care less what is on her head, the toad probably figured this is as best a place to relax and catch some down time. Whatever it is, at that exact moment the two wildly different species decided they trust one another enough to catch a breath. If that isn’t heartwarming, we don’t know what is.

Little Girl Shares Cereal With Her Puppy33s

Little Girl Shares Cereal With Her Puppy

"Sharing is caring indeed, but how would you feel if you offer someone a piece of something, but he or she takes it all? That is what actually happens in this video! But what makes it really funny is the fact that the main protagonists are a tot girl and her little dog. This adorable baby girl is sitting in her little rocking chair with Cheerios in her hand and offers it to her fluffy pup, but much to her surprise, he takes it all and turns away! She tries to take it back, but this cute puppy has no intention to say that it has had enough of her food and let her have the rest. But, how to explain to this adorable pup that he needs to share too? And what lesson this tot girl is going to learn from this situation? Well, it's really hard to say, but we can only hope that there is one more Cheerios in the house, or the screaming is about to start!" The adorable little girl has a Cheerios in her mouth and goes over to the family dog. Surprisingly, her parents encourage her to share with her puppy. The little girl is more than willing to let the puppy have a taste of her Cheerios. This doggy is quite the gentle dog himself. He does not try to gobble down on the Cheerios or steal it from the little girl. This dog understands how to properly partake of the Cheerios. We are quite impressed by his gentleness. After the puppy gets a few bites in the little girl takes it back. Eventually, she decides that her doggy needs to have another turn. If you have a pet when you also have a young child they are more than likely to develop a strong bond. They become fast friends that share nearly every aspect of their lives. We never thought that we would argue against sharing too much! A precious moment unfolds when this little girl shares her Cheerios with her doggy . Priceless! Another adorable video where a generous toddler shares her meal with her three little hungry pooches is around. It is a heartwarming moment when three goofy pups gather around a toddler in hopes for a quick snack. Check out how this little girl has to defend her lunch from a pair of very hungry pooches, and cannot catch a break to get a bite! Such a precious clip! The loving and sweet baby girl sits on a table, rounded by her three dogs, and tries to snack on some cake slices. It is hilarious how she is urged to share her food with her dogs, as they swarm her just to get a bite to eat! When parents sliced up some cakes for this cute baby girl, she immediately did something amazing with them. This compassionate toddler takes small pieces of her own dessert and shares it with her three puppies. How precious is that? This toddler may be very young, but she clearly knows that sharing is caring . Watch her share her snack with the hungry canine companions. This baby is teaching us a very valuable lesson right here. So cute!