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Maine Coon1m23s

Maine Coon

Maine Coon Zorro Astuto friends with little Alice and tolerate her pranks.

Published: June 30, 2016Updated: July 4, 2016447 views
Cat wants to play1m11s

Cat wants to play

Cat wants to play and is looking for a partner. Cat in any game to beat the cat.

Published: December 23, 2015Updated: January 8, 2016648 views
Kitten safely hides from bigger cats24s

Kitten safely hides from bigger cats

All these cats want to do is play with their little kitten friend. However, this kitten isn't quite ready for such an intimidating force. Watch as he hides safely under some furniture. Funny! Credit to 'Cherno46'.

Published: April 14, 2015Updated: April 15, 2015157,840 viewsVirality: 30%
Happy Easter.9s

Happy Easter.

Cats really like flowers and colored eggs. If they hide in the grass, they are easy to find them.

Mother cat comforts kitten46s

Mother cat comforts kitten

Now this is truly a heart-warming moment. A firework display had this two week old kitten scared but her mom was right there for her. Watch as she covers the kitten's ears and puts her at ease. Amazing! Credit to 'Cherno46'.

Published: January 5, 2015Updated: January 6, 2015141,849 views
Cat knocks Christmas ornaments.28s

Cat knocks Christmas ornaments.

Cat pulled keyboard with meat, banged on the floor, which touched an ironing board and nearly broke the plasma. And then he pulled out all the keys and scattered. Christmas tree will not put (((

Published: December 25, 201411 views
Cat offended.1m13s

Cat offended.

Wanted to play, cuddle, and did not understand, did not appreciate his friendly impulse. Upset cat is experiencing.

Published: December 8, 20145 views
Lightning cats43s

Lightning cats

The less difficult and more automated movement is, the less voltage is experiencing nervous system and the shorter the response and faster movement. Practicing the technique of unarmed combat in various "standard" combination of shock and protective action, you just decide to accelerate decision-making problems. Top - cat TEAM (I love you), bottom - cat Astuto Zorro (Sly Fox). As a result of the fight, no cat was not injured.

Published: October 20, 20147 views
Cat meditating.27s

Cat meditating.

Not only people, but also cats also enjoy the sounds of nature and relaxing music.

Published: October 15, 201461 views
Where is my strainer?18s

Where is my strainer?

Cat stole from the sink strainer and wanted them to play like a ball, but the strainer under kamod departed, and the cat could not hide his disappointment.

Published: October 3, 20143 views
Get out of the frame!11s

Get out of the frame!

Cat pushes cat under the sofa. I saw that it is removed and decided to remove her rival. One example of how timely capture of competitors by surprise allowed the hero to reach the summit of fame.

Published: September 23, 2014Updated: September 25, 2014750 views
Maine Coon avenges socks.25s

Maine Coon avenges socks.

Ruffled socks cat, loved and hated them at the same time, avenged socks for something ... And suddenly, out of nowhere, fell on the head of a cat, a moment in his arms and disappeared in a cloud of mist ... Also there was a cat with socks as had happened with him nothing, as if he had a dream ...

Published: September 25, 20144,294 views