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Parrot loves her squeaky toys more than a dog. 1m13s

Parrot loves her squeaky toys more than a dog.

Charley is our blue and gold macaw. Ever since we got her she has had a love for squeaky toys. They don’t last very long with her. She usually destroys one within a weeks time. Once she rips a hole in them and they no longer squeak she is done playing with them.

Parrot Tells Owner It Will ‘Knock Her Out’12s

Parrot Tells Owner It Will ‘Knock Her Out’

Who says humans are the smartest creatures? Have you seen this parrot? In this video, you can clearly see the parrot threatens its owner by knocking her out. I guess the owner was being annoying like we all are at times. Only if the cats and dogs had speech abilities like parrots do, it would be perfect! Imagine the self-realization we would have had. Dogs are the sweetest animals no wonder. They love you more than you love yourself. They are the most loyal animals ever. They say they'll sacrifice themselves for their owner and the way we treat them sometimes isn't always the best. Imagine your pet dog coming up to you and confronting you about your behaviour. Lol. How uncomfortable would that be? Well now about cats - we think they don't really need speech to express their discomfort or irritability. They do that pretty well without speaking. Be it scratching something it shouldn't be scratching in the first place or by ruining our stuff. Again think if they had the ability to speak. We don't even want to go there. And here's this parrot, who can say “Shut up” along with “I’ll knock you out”. How amazing is that? But did you see the way the owner's partner laughed? Sometimes we wish to be like that parrot and say whatever comes to our minds without being afraid that somebody will get mad or offended, or without caring for others and see people just laugh it off without taking it seriously? How easy our life would be if people actually did that. All the mean things said by others were taken so easily by others and they would just laugh it off. Life would be so simpler. Now back to the parrot. The parrot learned what he learned with the help of its previous owners. We wonder how they taught it that either by a screaming “I’ll knock you off” at someone or at the poor parrot. Sad life. It is such a sassy parrot and we are pretty sure it likes being that way. Have you noticed its tone of speaking ? It behaves like a real boss! We wish we had a pet parrot like that who could speak and stuff. It could tell us when our hair looks really stupid and our outfit looks old-fashioned and not trendy at all. Someone who'll say “I’ll knock it off” if we are being a complete nuisance. Or say “Shut up” when we can't stop thinking about our sweethearts who we had met just two day ago. We hope over the time, this parrot will learn to speak more and more and eventually take up its owner's language so that all the language barriers among the parrot and its owners are stripped. But what's its original language anyway? Even though it has started speaking English, we wonder what was the language it used before? Any guesses? However, did you see all the colours over its body? Wonder what kind of a parrot it is. Have you seen a video like this before? Hope you have enjoyed this video and share it more if you want to say “I'll knock you out” to someone without actually saying it.

Charley Playing With Her Toy Frog 46s

Charley Playing With Her Toy Frog

Charley our blue and gold macaw having fun chewing up her toy frog . She loves toy frog and likes to tear the squeakers out of them and destroys them also.We have lost count how many frogs she has been through

Charley Asking For A Kiss 25s

Charley Asking For A Kiss

Charley our blue and gold macaw asking for a kiss. She was being such a sweetheart. I mean who could resist that face of hers. I am so happy she is a part of our flock.

Charley’s New Toy Frog 1m24s

Charley’s New Toy Frog

Charley our blue and gold got a new toy today so I thought I’d see how she liked it .I’m guessing it’s going to take a bit before she decides to play with it.

Charley The Parrot Enjoys Taking A Shower. 2m59s

Charley The Parrot Enjoys Taking A Shower.

Charley likes playing with the shower curtain while we take a shower. But she also likes to get in the shower from time to time. If I take her in the shower on my arm she is always looking for a way out. She usually climbs out to the chair outside the curtain and plays. One day we leaned the chair in and she really enjoyed playing in the water. Most birds do but she has always been scared of it since we adopted her. It’s been a year and a half and now she is starting to enjoy a shower every week. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get her to take one every few days.

Competitive Parrot Takes Up Screaming Challenge Against Human1m07s

Competitive Parrot Takes Up Screaming Challenge Against Human

This is the hilarious moment when one very competitive parrot tries to outspeak its human by loud screaming. Charley likes to scream and she likes her screaming contests. She starts off softly and as you get louder she gets louder. Charley is definitely the winner! Footage shows a parrot sitting on the leg of her human, enjoying a quiet time in the living room. Moments later, we hear a screaming noise in the distance and realize that owner is trying to tease its pet, by mimicking her screams. The overly-competitive parrot quickly takes up the challenge and tries to outspeak her human by screaming from the top of her lungs. How adorable! Family feud in the making! It is hilarious how quickly this parrot accepted the screaming challenge and engages in a long, fierce discussion with owner. Every time the owner makes a noise, the parrot uses high-pitched voice to outspeak her loving human! This might be the most adorable fight we have ever seen! There is no doubt that Charley likes to scream and always likes to win at her screaming contests. She starts off softly and as you get louder she gets louder. You won’t win a battle with this overly-competitive bird! Hilarious! Animals lovers prepare to have your heart melted as this priceless moment will warm up your hearts! In this video we are introduced to the pet parrot Charley who is captured screaming at her owner as part of a family challenge. Don't you wish that you had a pet bird like Charley at home to scream with?

Charley the blue and gold macaw asks for a kiss 43s

Charley the blue and gold macaw asks for a kiss

Our blue and gold macaw is named Charley. She is very attached to me and likes to blow kisses when my wife puts the smaller birds to bed. She also says “gimme a kiss” and makes kissing noises. I finally got a chance to get it recorded.

parrot enjoys her cookie 17s

parrot enjoys her cookie

This is how Charley eats her cookie. She usually only eats the icing in the middle. She will pull it apart and eat the icing off one side, drop it, then does the other side. This time she says “mmm” after it.